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Cambodia: Dengue warning

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Posted by travelfishnews on 27/4/2009 at 10:53

[]The PP Post reportsthat the Ministry of Health has warned people to be extra cautious of dengue fever in light of an early rainy season this year. The PP Post says that the ministry plans to distribute more than 100 tonnes of preventative medicine in rural areas this month in a bid to curb infection rates.

While it's good to know that dengue is around and travellers should take all the precautions against getting bitten that they can, we're a bit baffled by this preventative medicine business. As far as we're aware, you can't take anything to stop getting dengue.

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Posted by sayadian on 21/4/2010 at 19:51

I'm assuming The preventative medicine bit is probably a glitch in translation.
In Thai, medicine(yah) can denote all sorts of things including toothpaste.Yah gan young normally refers to a smoke coil to kill mosquitos rather than something you ingest but is still referred to as a medicine.I think Khmer is similar in this respect and 't'nam.' i.e. medicine has the same broad meaning
The report probably refers to distribution of DEET as you are correct there is no medicine you can take to prevent it.

Dengue is a nasty illness which will lay you out with a fever and bodily aches for up to a week but it shouldn't kill a healthy, well-fed Westerner.
I caught it once on Koh Samui and I always believed I then had immunity, not so apparently, there are three types so I try to avoid getting bitten by the day mosquito that carries it.
Once bitten, twice shy you might say.

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Posted by Dylan on 21/4/2010 at 21:59

Ugh, dengue was rough. Holed up in Hanoi for 5 days while I got over it. Remember that repellent, even if it seems extraneous!

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Posted by jackdsilva12 on 20/1/2011 at 13:36

Dengue is usually transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti, and rarely Aedes albopictus. The virus has four different serotypes, and an infection with one usually gives lifelong immunity to it, but only short-term immunity to the others.

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