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Air asia flight changes

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Posted by Fattymac on 9/11/2009 at 09:13

Recently I had huge problems with Air Asia but actually got the outcome I wanted. I booked flights for my father in law with a couple of hours in transit before the connecting flight (both flights with air asia). Air Asia changed the flights so that he was going to miss his connecting flight. Now I know the fine print says Air Asia is a point to point airline and has no responsibility for connecting flights but I pleaded to their professionalism and after a week of calls backwards and forwards (actually all calls originated from me!) they agreed to change the flights for no charge. Then a month later, my (similar) flight times were changed and I rang them. Straight away they changed my flights without charge. Maybe their policy has changed??

Just thought I'd let you know because their customer service seems to be getting better. (PS: I was actually never notified about these flight changes, I just observed the changes when I looked at my itinerary online. So that part of their service still sucks!)

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