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Useful stuff to take on a USB memory stick

Posted by bd7391 on 7/1/2013 at 08:37

So 4 months of not preparing has finally come to its end... I leave for my first ever travelling experience in 7 days; a slow jaunt around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali.

I'm not taking any technology except a basic mobile phone so that I can keep in contact with others I may meet on the road, and so will use internet cafes on the odd occasion no doubt. Firstly, my concern is internet security... would I be safe logging into my online banking using these computers? I'm guessing it's a bit hit and miss, and so is there a way of minimising the chances of being stung by a virus? I'm thinking maybe a portable browser and if there is such a thing, like a portable firewall for my memory stick? So that's the priority question really... what security measures can be taken to minimise the chances of internet fraud due to unsafe computers?

As an aside, are there any programs, documents etc that you take with you on a memory pen when you go travelling that come in handy when using internet cafes?

Thanks :)

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Posted by freiburger on 7/1/2013 at 09:00

First of all it is not safe to do online banking of a computer in an internet cafe. You could install the mobile suite of firefox and thunderbird to your stick, so that the encryption is made between your firefox and the bank site, but still there could be keyloggers active.

Second, it is getting harder and harder to find internet cafes, at some places there are just not existend anymore because almost everybody is carrying laptop, pad or smartphone. You might consider that if you plan just to bring a USB stick.

When I used a memory stick, which was 5 years ago in cambodia and vietnam I had the mobile suite of firefox and thunderbird. This way I had a german browser and all my email with attachment with me. But that is almost all I can think of. If you like to write, you can also add something like mobile open office.

But keep in mind, it is really easy to find places with wifi these days but very hard to find places which offer computer to get access.

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Posted by busylizzy on 7/1/2013 at 12:58

Good points by freiburger. Also, in terms of useful things to keep on your memory stick:
- a scanned copy of your passport
- PDF versions of tickets, insurance policy, etc

Having said that, I would use TrueCrypt on the stick - essentially an encrypted, hidden drive on your stick which keeps your documents hidden. If you lose the stick, you don't necessarily want anyone having your passport details. I actually just email them to myself - but if you're not bringing a laptop or smartphone, having them on a stick could be useful.

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Posted by AddyH on 23/1/2013 at 00:56

I use a gmail account and have scanned and mailed all important docs like passports to myself. This means that, as long as I can log on somewhere, I always have access to the info.
Have fun !

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