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Electricity Converters?

Posted by urbal on 27/2/2008 at 01:49

What type of electricity/plug converters do I need in Thailand coming from the USA? I have seen a variety of products on Amazon and elsewhere and it looks like I will need a voltage converter from 220v (thai) to 220v (usa) and also a plug adapter. Can anyone recommend a good product and confirm that I will need both the converter and adapter....?

If it matters, I'll be charging Digital Cameras, a Nintendo DS, and that's about it. Thanks in advance!

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Posted by cubedweller on 1/3/2008 at 01:44

I've never had a problem charging any of my devices in Thailand. Most hotels/guest houses (and even cheap hostels) have the normal 220v (USA) plugs. I wouldn't worry too much about it or spend any money in the states buying an adapter.

However, if you're planning on leaving Thailand (say for Cambodia) I would recommend purchasing an adapter before you leave as it is more likely that you will need it.

Have fun!


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Posted by poodle on 1/3/2008 at 14:29

I'm almost certain if your gadget is less than 1500 watts all you MAY need is an adapter. Many places have sockets that take both flat and round. You can buy the adapters all over the place here, or you can go to the luggage dept. at Wal-Mart and buy a set of adapters(global) for 10 bucks; if you want the converter plus the adaters it's $20. I bought both. Since I have them I've been using them together; figure there is no reason to take a chance with my $850 lap-top, just to find out if i need them or not.

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Posted by rewein on 28/6/2008 at 08:55

for the converter vs. adapter question, it depends on the device. You need to look at the charger and it will say what the input should be. A camera charger, phone charger, laptop, etc. will have a small box on the power cord that will say what the input is, my Macbook cord says Input AC 100-240V, so you're good with just an adapter in that case. For me it's the same for my camera too, so if you don't need the converter, that's one less thing to weigh down your bag.

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Posted by sirhalberd on 21/8/2008 at 10:51

In case someone wants some additional information:

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Posted by Donaldmbs on 7/12/2009 at 13:25

Hi, I would suggest you visit LiteFuzeVoltageConverters.com as they offer several voltage converters that can be used in all countries. For Thailand you will need a 220 volts transformer and a Type A, C, or D plug adapter.

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