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Posted by somtam2000 on 11/7/2010 at 05:41 admin

About a week ago I received a very nice email from a couple of travelfishers who had just finished their trip in the region. It read in part:

"Myself and my girlfriend have recently returned from a 4 month trip around Thailand, Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia. We just wanted to thank your team for all the great advice and information - it's been our bible during our trip!

I have made a three part video of the trip which you may want to post somewhere on your website.

Go to http://www.vimeo.com/greenbag to watch the videos."

It really makes our day when we get emails like this, but what made our day even more were the videos themselves. They're exceptional.

So, we thought why not start a dedicated bit of the forum for showcasing various travel videos we find, and there's no better vids to start with than these three.

At the moment the forum software doesn't allow direct embedding of the vids, but I can do it on the backend, so if you'd like to add a video, please post it in a new thread with a link to where the video is, and I'll embed it. Vimeo and Youtube can be embedded - not sure about other providers.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the new section and thanks again to Ro & Suz for the kind note and the great vids.

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Posted by vietnamandmore on 5/8/2010 at 15:28


I am Joachim from Germany. I created a website with a numerous videos of the most common travel destinations of Vietnam. My website is a start up, unaffected of any travel agencies and a project of mine. The idea of the site is to make the planning of a Vietnam trip a bit easier and to get a feel of the vietnamese culture. Please check it out. I look forward to your suggestion and would be glad about your reference.

With best regards from Munich


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Posted by StefanG on 21/8/2010 at 02:16

Awesome videos

I was wondering what kind of camera you were using and how you stored all the video you shot along the way? Did you carry your laptop?

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Posted by vietnamandmore on 24/8/2010 at 16:32

Hi Stefan,

thank´s, not a big thing, but cool that you enjoyed the videos. I use a Sony Z1 HDV and a consumer tripod, that is small enough to carry it around by motorbike. The videos are recorded on Mini DV tapes, so I can log them at home.

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Posted by vietnamandmore on 24/8/2010 at 19:45

Hi Stefan,

may be you like a new video of mine, that shows various impressions of the north of Vietnam. Go to [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4dkmBdSYdu]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4dkmBdSYdu[/url] and enjoy it.

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Posted by vietnamandmore on 24/8/2010 at 19:56

Hi Stefan, there is a problem about the link right now. I made a new upload some minutes ago, so may be it needs some time to be published.

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Posted by vietnamandmore on 25/8/2010 at 15:16

Sorry Stefan, the link was wrong. Here is the right one.

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Posted by MyDestiny on 12/11/2010 at 09:14

@ somtam2000 Ro & Suz little green bag is wonderful!! If you go back and check out the 1/3 video at time 02:55 look to the right side in the video at the mountains shadow of a man with wild eye bows, a bit hairy nose, mustache & goatee with a bit of hair under his lower lip. Looks like someone I know .. really.

I know ... too much time on my hands, but you got to admit ... it's there.

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Posted by akonsouth on 16/12/2011 at 06:27

oh nice it is good tto travel from one one place to another i like the country Thailand so much it is good to see the this country i love too visit that country can you help me there please..............

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Posted by garruihf on 18/8/2015 at 21:40

Meaningful video for environmental protection

DI Persimpangan Jalan - Malaysia
alam semulajadi sedang dihapuskan
melindungi malaysia


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Posted by cambodian on 19/10/2015 at 13:34

Hey guys I made a youtube channel with some amazing footage from budget backpacking locations like: Nepal, Cambodia, Bali, Zambia, Peru, etc. The channel isnt made for the fancy panzy stuff with 5 star hotels. Im only posting videos with that backpacking, exploring feeling. Hope the vids will motivate and inspire you to exlplore the world!

Channel: [url=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC7IAunUEungnIZR2Txpvjw]https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC7IAunUEungnIZR2Txpvjw[/url]

Let the adventure begin!

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Posted by creatifartiste on 17/11/2015 at 15:23

Hey Guys,

I have just released part II of a three part series of my journeys through India. Amazing place, amazing people. See India through my eyes and experience the wonders.

INDIA The Journey part I


INDIA - The Journey part II

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Posted by aamirayasin on 27/7/2021 at 07:17

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