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Posted by beemeers on 1/4/2010 at 13:43

We landed in thailand and made our way to cambodia via the koh kong border. Everything went very smoothly, no hassle, some of us had our visa's already, 2 of our group got it on arrival, no problems, no scams.
We exchanged a bit of our money because the cab driver insisted none of the places took american,baht, etc. Do not listen to them, all of the places we went to in cambodia take US dollars, the menus and guesthouse prices are all in american. the machines spit out US dollars. Get the taxi to drop you off in the central area by the water or else they will drive you around for hours, bring you to the places you want to go to, and they are magically all full. After an hour of this we took our bags and went to Otto's, very basic, just a bed with a bug net, the people who worked there were so amazing to us and they had awesome food. We spent some time in sihanoukville, but clearly stayed on the wrong beach, serendipity. You get hassled ALL day by children and women, it's not relaxing at all.The beach isn't really anything to write home about either. Do a boat tour to other islands for a day, you get to snorkel, hang out on beautiful beaches with hardly any tourists, and have a BBQ lunch. Getting around cambodia by bus was very beautiful and cheap. In Phnom Pehn we stayed at the Number 9 Guesthouse, and it was the worst time for our group. Our room had bed bugs, there were rats all over the place. Was a meeting place for prostitutes and drug dealers, the music was techno and loud until 4:30 am and then the party continued on until about 6am. So unless you really like to party, probably isn't the best choice.
Siem reap was awesome, great atmosphere, great food. Angkor wat was amazing, thankyou SOOOO much travelfish for creating the app, we used it the whole day.

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Posted by sayadian on 25/2/2012 at 07:16

Interesting reply to a review that was posted 2 years ago. Of course the number 9 has long gone along with the lake and many peoples' homes.The only tnings still thriving there are the rats and the drug dealers.
As far as eco-tourism goes.Firstly, I don't really know what it means since if you encourage a lot of people to visit an area it soon loses its pristine condition. I remember the Thais promising to keep Koh Chang in this condition and look at it now.
Cambodia is selling off its heritage at a rapid rate and Chinese and other Asian countries are taking advantage of its generous incentives to grab what is there.Most of the money is going into the hands of the few and far from seeing a growing economy I see poverty getting worse whilst those with influence ride importantly around in their big 4*4s withe the air-conditioning on full blast.
I can't see eco-tourism grabbing the attention of the government here because a more insensitive, uncaring 'elite' I have yet to meet.

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Posted by MADMAC on 25/2/2012 at 11:00

I can't speak for Cambodia, but in Thailand poverty most certainly is not getting worse. The quality of life for your average Thai is FAR, FAR, FAR superior to what it was 40 years ago in every measurable. I suspect that Cambodians are much better of now than they were in 1990.

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Posted by busylizzy on 25/2/2012 at 12:58

Sayadian - that post you refer to was spam. They 'cut and paste' generic text from some other site to make it look like a legit reply - and include a link to their own site.(in this case, hotels in Orlando - exactly relevant on TF!). He actually made a half dozen of these posts that I have see so far.

I reported it Somtam.. (click the red 'x' to report a post).

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Posted by sayadian on 25/2/2012 at 18:43

I would agree with you 100 percent.thailand has made huge peogress and nt only economically but in social benefits e.g. An old age pension.I have a Thai staying with me mow and she was telling me about the fantastic response to the recent floods,the provision of free rice to the hard hit farmers and apparently every affected family is to receive 500m baht to get them back on their feet.Thailand got all the news coverage but Cambodia was devestated too.the government has done nothimg to help and hence you have fsmilies who have lost this years harvest turning up in Phnom Penh in dedperation lookig for work.the policy of land grabbing from people who have no land deeds because of the destruction of all records by the KR continues.people who have made an honest living on the land they were promised are suddenly thrown out becsuse some rich company or individual can .buy' lad deeds and so the poor farmer loses his that context people are gettig poorer.

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Posted by sayadian on 25/2/2012 at 18:46

the above sum should read 5000 baht.

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