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2 Months in SE Asia

Posted by tdk197 on 19/6/2015 at 13:06

1lnQybWJ.png Hey guys I'm wondering if you can take a look at my plan and give me any helpful feedback. This is my first time backpacking and I'll be going with a friend. We are going from late October to late December. All of my plans are in the attached picture. I mostly want to know if it's doable or if I'm rushing. None of the days are set in stone, I just wanted a general idea of how long to stay in each place. I will gladly stay at a place that I like longer and shorter at one that I'm not fond of. Is there any good cities that I skipped over? Also is it possible to get by on 700 baht a day per person? I'm also wondering which visa's I will need and where and when to get them. Any extra information is great!
Thank so much for any input you give.

P.S Here is a link to the picture in case the picture doesn't work properly.

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Posted by laurora on 29/6/2015 at 12:37

Hey Tyler,

I've never personally been to Laos, so I can't answer all of your questions, but I may be able to help a bit.

I think your overall itinerary looks swift but doable. The most I stayed in one location on my last backpacking trip was 4 nights. I'm not sure what the bus times are like, but you may find that some days are completely taken up by travel, so budget that into your visits.

It also looks like you have quite a bit of time in Bangkok. You'll easily be able to entertain yourself there, but if you want to stay other places longer I might subtract a day or 2 from your longer Bangkok stay. It's great that you are doing so much overland travel because that will allow you to be super flexible.

Have you considered visiting the Andaman coast at all? It looks like you have a fair amount of time in the islands, so I might consider condensing your time on the gulf side and checking out Railay Beach and some of the nearby islands. It's an easy bus/ferry ride from the Samui islands to Krabi Town.

Does your 700 baht/day budget include transportation and lodging? If you're trying to keep transportation, food, lodging, and activities under 700 baht I think it might be a little bit tight, at least in some destinations. Make sure you budget for entrance fees at the main sights and some activities you may want to do. For example Angkor Wat is $40 USD for the 3 day pass, Grand Palace is 500 baht, and to visit Angthong Marine Park you'll probably have to take a boat/tour if you want to stop and explore. I found it the most difficult to stay on budget when I was in the islands. We stayed on Ko Samui, and it seemed like food and activities were just more expensive. I also had to buy sunscreen, and the cheapest I could find was about 300 baht.

This may vary a bit depending on where you are from, but I think you'll need a visa to all the countries. I'm from the US, and this is how I secured my visas.

Thailand: There's no fee and they just stamp you in at the airport or border crossing. Keep in mind that if you fly into Thailand you get a 30 day visa but if you arrive overland you only get a 15 day visa. This might impact you since it looks like you're traveling overland from Laos to Thailand.

Cambodia: I did the e-visa for Cambodia it only took a few days to process and cost $37 USD. You just upload a photo online and then print 2 copies of the e-visa out when they email it to you. You can also get your visa at the border/airport and it might be slightly cheaper. I believe you need to have 2 passport photos and a filled out visa application to do that but I'm not 100% sure on that. It looks like you're planning on taking the train to the Thai border, but if you decided to take the government bus they can also help you with the visas. We took the bus from MoChit Station to Siem Reap and they basically did all the visa processing for everyone who didn't have the e-visa. Everyone just filled out the application then the bus staff collected all the passports, fees, and applications and took them all at once to be processed while they dropped us all off at a rest stop. After we got back on the bus everyone got their passports with visas back and then we went to the border to cross.

Laos: never been so unfortunately I'm no help here.

Hope this helps a bit! Safe travels!

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Posted by tdk197 on 7/7/2015 at 07:37

Thank you so much for you input I really appretiate it!

I'm Canadian and I think that I need to apply for the 60 day Thailand visa since I will be there for longer than 30 days.

It's good to know that I'm able to visit the other islands as well I just wasn't sure if my time allowed me to. It's also good to know that I am going to need to budget more towards the trip.

I'm also wondering what travel insure I should get. Everyone seems to like world nomad's but my one concern is that since I'm doing the Mae Hong Son Loop on a motorcycle I want to make sure that I'm covered for that.

Thanks again everyone!

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Posted by MADMAC on 7/7/2015 at 10:02

Money is also what caught my eye right away. For the amount you were talking about lodging, we're talking very low end here. The cheapest place where I live is about 200 a night, and it's a dive. 300 for something reasonable, and I live in provincial Thailand with almost no western tourists at all. It ain't 1980 anymore.

You can eat for about 100 baht a meal, cheaper if you go without a beer with it. But you'll be eating low end every time. That's OK, but eventually gets old. There are fees to enter almost any "attraction", so all in all, I would plan on at least 1,000 baht a day for food and whatever, plus lodging.

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Posted by tdk197 on 7/7/2015 at 11:55

Okay, looks like I'll start budgeting more and saving up more money!
A different website I was looking at said about $50/day/couple or $35/day/single. This is what gave me the idea that it would be cheap since I would be splitting lodging and certain transportation costs.

Thanks for the input!

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Posted by Gogomobile on 13/7/2015 at 08:45

US$50 a day single and $70 couple is more reasonable. I wouldnt try to do it on much less as you miss out on too much.

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Posted by EpikHig on 21/9/2015 at 07:40

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