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Wonderful farm near Hua Hin to experience living close to nature

Posted by Invia on 20/9/2008 at 20:52

Hi there,
it must have been some kind of great luck, that I found this really non-touristic place while travelling south through Thailand. It’s a little farm in the middle of beautiful green hills, 50 km west of Hua Hin, where the holidays I spent here gave me such a very different experience that I ever had at any other place I’ve been travelling to before.
A young Thai couple, Wat and Chabaa, is caring about this place with all their heart, turning this land into something like paradise: growing fruits and vegetables, totally organic, serving amazing, mostly vegetarian, healthy food as in a class restaurant (without MSG and all the artificial food supplements commonly used here), taking me as a part of their family, open heated and minded and trying to preserve ancient wisdoms about how to live close to nature. The absence of television, radio and almost any type of consumerism let me take a deep breath and a real rest from whatever just kept me busy and absentminded.
I stayed in a simple, but clean and nice bamboo hut (aerated only by the fresh air of the night), where I felt asleep every night with the sounds of the pure nature around, waked up by the sunlight and the cockcrows of the nearby farms. I could learn how to plant trees and so much about natural farming, gathered plants, vegetables and fruits for the meals I was also free to help to prepare and thereby learned how to cock real good Thai food. I could do various kinds of work here, but not for the sake of work, but for the sake of personal enriching experience far away from the common, mostly brain based tasks of my daily modern western life at home.
From there it’s easy to get guided tours with a local guide into the near jungle, watching animals like elephants or birds and beautiful flowers as well as visiting waterfalls like the nearby at Pala-U.
After taking a bath in a pictorial stream every night, while having a wonderful dinner with them on the wooden floor of their lovely bamboo house, I got a deep insight into the Thai culture, but not only by talking, also by getting in touch with the local culture and daily life by visiting neighbors and other local people, treated in the presence of Wat and Chabaa not as a tourist, but as a guest there. The basic and simple their life, they shared with me, the heart touching happy and friendly they are. No wonder, that they call this place Baan Poh Rak, place of growing love. They also have a website presenting their project:
So long, Alex (

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Posted by riverspot on 6/12/2008 at 15:42


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Posted by Invia on 8/12/2008 at 15:21

No, it's no spam. I really spent wonderful days on this farm, but without writing a bit more about it, I doubted that anyone would ever make the effort to go there, because it's not on any travel route.
So I guess, I was a little to pathetic or sounded to much like if I wanted to make an advert.
But a look on the website I posted will clear any doubts about my post beeing spam ;-)


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Posted by MADMAC on 23/6/2009 at 14:04

It sounds like hell... no dancing, no nightlife, no women, no western food... getting bit by insects all the time (just like I do when I stay in my wife's village), watching out for snakes and scorpions and those nasty red fire ants, no hot water for a shower. Thanks for the warning, I'll make sure I steer clear.

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Posted by brendap on 29/10/2009 at 13:20

It sounds like heaven! Thank you for the time to post this information - I've lived in Thailand a long time, and it sounds like a great opportunity. Thanks.

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Posted by MADMAC on 12/12/2009 at 19:03

I've lived in Thailand just over 2 1/2 years now, and spent a lot of time (about three months) in my wife's village living with my in-laws, working on the farm... there was nothing heavenly about it. Nature was trying to cause you discomfort constantly. Leave a piece of food on a table for five minutes - sometimes less, and an Army of ants is marauding it - wrestling for possession with the flies of course. Walk through a field and wait to see what's trying to assail you - ticks, fleas, fire ants... at night mosquitos are flying formation seeking a target. The weather can get brutally hot in the fields (and I am not at all heat sensitive), the only salve being an ice cold beer - which this place doesn't allow! You can live without AC (although my wife squawks constantly about the heat in the summer when we're there at night), but no fan? So now sleeping is going to suck too - hot dead air, not moving... Then of course there are the damned dogs. One starts to bark, it's a dog symphony. This occurs every ten minutes or so until about three in the morning. Of course you do learn to ignore it and sleep through it. The same way you learn to sleep through the damn cocks crowing starting about four.

There's a reason young people get out of these environments as fast as they can!

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Posted by neosho on 13/12/2009 at 10:49

I couldn't write a better description MadMac. LOL Same as the village I stay in about 3 to 4 days every week. After a while I have to come into town. You did forget to mention those peaceful locals expecting you to buy the beer, whiskey, or cigarettes, be it 7am or 7pm.

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Posted by MADMAC on 13/12/2009 at 15:13

"You did forget to mention those peaceful locals expecting you to buy the beer, whiskey, or cigarettes, be it 7am or 7pm."

I'm assuming this "resort" doesn't have much of those, since alcohol is not allowed. But yes, we've got those in our village too.

There is a reason we chose to live in the city - maybe a bunch of reasons.

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