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solo motorcycling in Vietnam

Posted by baminem on 7/1/2011 at 11:21

I'm trying to plan a trip from the south of Vietnam starting in Ho Chi Minh City and ending in Hanoi. Right now I'm planning on travelling solo, but that could change if I find another or others to travel with. I'll be arriving in Vietnam in mid March and I have a month to do the trip, or more if I can renew my Visa.

I'm trying to pick a route upwards and I'm having a bit of trouble picking the best route, if there is a best route. I'm considering heading from HCM to Pleiku through the Central Highlands, and then my plan was to head to the coast to HIghway one, but it sounds like I should avoid that one.

I would like to see the coast, but probably also avoid highway 1. Should I meander through the smaller roads of Central Vietnam and pop over to the coast when I can. Or is it a better idea to stay central until I get to Halong City? Can anyone recommended any great Central or Coastal places to see.

If anyone could help me pick a route I would really appreciate any help
Another question is, is it a bad idea to be motorcycling through Central Vietnam alone, other than the risks of being run over. How likely is it to get a motorcycle confiscated. I have a Canadian motorcycle license which doesn't sound like it's valid there. Maybe that should have been the first question.


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Posted by baminem on 8/1/2011 at 04:52

Thanks for the advice. I'll check out the website.

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Posted by jackdsilva12 on 2/2/2011 at 14:24

Motorcycle Vietnam tour, i like this tour too much last time i had also gone to Vietnam with my friends by motorcycle we have enjoyed so much i will not forget that trip in my life..... icon_e_smile.gif

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Posted by Randy on 4/2/2011 at 01:47

The best way to travel vn is motorcycling, where most of beautiful sceneries buses couldn't reach. That was what I did with my wife in 2006 and before that-self travelling by motorcycle-Under Vietnamese laws, Communist system, illegal possession of firearms is BIG, BIG TROUBLE, let alone with committing crimes with weapons..It's very safe to travel within vn. There were A LOT of solo travellers which came from all walks of life in the world, males or females I bumped into b/t nowhere, I mean jungles, dirt roads, countryside. Due to the friendly, safe environment, I reccommend people should travel by themselves, cheaper and get the most of your satisfaction on your trip. Remember to INSTALL A MIRROR ON LEFT SIDE OF YOUR HANDLE BAR. That's way you are safe on highways in case of big trucks coming up from behind...During my self motorcycling trips of VN, I mean all over vn, I got pulled over once by Vietnamese cops for...over-speeding. Without insurance(not mandatory in vn), no Viet licence, only ownership with...somebody's name, vn cops let me and my wife go within 15 minutes of soliciation and "donation" of a bill enough for breakfast for 2 cops! Aaahahahhahahahaa! I love vn, man. But to commit crime in vn or serious violation is a big NO-NO. Bribery will not work, Buddy-Keep in mind that-..Make sure you have good quality camera for beautiful landscapes of vn. Trouble along the road? Big deal, 10US dollar is THE MOST for a flat tire and change engine oil while you lying down a hammock, sipping vn coffee beside the road, enjoy fresh air of vn countryside....Wish you have all good things and enjoy your best trip ever to EXPLORE Vietnam before it becomes another Thailand, more enjoy exploration and things will become expensive-Cheer-

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Posted by Randy on 4/2/2011 at 02:06

...One more thing to reply the first post...about central VN. In my opinion, Danang alone would satisfy you with all kinds of joys. Within 10km around Danang, you'd have Bana mountain, "monkey" mountain-name of Sontra island, Marble island, Hoian ancient town(30km from Danang), then...Haivan Pass with beautiful scenery..I even motorcycling up top of the Pass, then go back to Danang side, keep my bike at villager house for a few bucks a night then walk through the first train tunnel(904m in length I believe, it was written right at front of tunnel), came out tunnel, walk down the ocean below, choosing a big, flat rock and...camping over night there, swimming, jumping from cliff like...little kid..Aahahahhahaa! Fisnishing the pass toward Hue, you'd bump into one fishing village name LANGCO, another beautiful beach where railroad starts seperating off highway...and along mountain besides highway, there are plenty of streams falling down..Oh. man, I want to go back there, anytime I could. Beauti.....beautiful sceneries....One more thing, during my motorcycling, I only got a 100cc bike, that's enough, a little slow up Haivan pass due to 2 people on a bike. That's all...Wish all of you have good trip in vn...

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Posted by baminem on 4/2/2011 at 03:31

Thanks so much Jackdsilva12 and Randy, that's very reassuring to hear. I'am very excited about this part of my trip. I've allotted up to 2 months within Vietnam to allow myself to stop and relax along the way rather than having to keep moving everyday. I bought a new camera for the trip so I plan to take many photos.

I have a stop in Danang planned, I'll have to spend some good time there. Thanks for the advice around there.

Where exactly is the Haivan Pass. If I'm coming from Central Vietnam towards Danang will I hit it?

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Posted by Randy on 4/2/2011 at 04:06

...If you come from central vn toward Danang, you will not meet Haivan Pass. It is located b/t Danang and Hue. If you travel from Danang to Hue, you have to go through HaiVan Pass(unless you want to travel on ACTUAL HochiMinh trail, this time, ON LAO TERRITORY). They do have tunnel for hw now, HW1, but you could choose to go up HaiVan Pass, around 20km up and down moutains and...beautiful, at the end of the Pass towards Hue, it is LangCo fishing village. Haivan Pass is around 17km AWAY from Danang City toward Hue, before that, you could visit Nam-O hill, full tree to the top and beautiful beach too, just off 2km from hw1 out to ocean.(5km before reaching HaiVan pass) One of my motorcycling trip in the past was from BinhDuong, 30km from Saigon, hit HochiMinh trails all the way to Danang ouskirt, off hw1 and it was named hw14 under French colonial era I believe, paralell with hw1, along tri-border Cambodia, Lao, vn. Wish you have a nice trip there. Bring basic kit for your bike, anyway. As long as you stay on road(not in the bushes like mine, sometimes) there are little huts now and then for bike repair, so not much to worry...Cheer!

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