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Posted by ChrisJenko on 21/1/2011 at 18:06

Posted from within Vietnam.

Ok so heres the story...not sure what sort of information i will get on this forum but i thought i'd place my predicament on a few sites i trust for helpful information.

I have been travelling in vietnam now for 3 weeks and i'm currently in Hanoi for the next 10 days awaiting a visa extension. I have fallen in love with the country and a local vietnamese woman ( feeling are mutual...before any jokes) after spending 10 days in Hue .....Now here is the predicament.

I want to move here for a while and see if this relationship goes anywhere.. but i dont know where to start. I'm a small town Aussie boy who has no experience with the world outside of my home town. What do i need to do to get a long term visa for Vietnam? Where do i go to find work in Hue ( cant be anywhere else) , How hard is it going to be to achieve what i need from an employment / visa standpoint?

Even advice on bringing her back to Australia ( i know its pretty early to know if thisis even a choice)

Any advice appreciated guys, I have fallen pretty hard for the country and the young lady in particular and would at least like a chance to see where it goes. This is a serious post so would definately appreciate serious answers.....Be Gentle

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Posted by svendj on 21/1/2011 at 19:38

you can extend your visa for 6 months already so that gives you a 7 month start to go for.
after the 7 months, just do a visa run, get a new vietnam visa en extend it again for 6 months, works fine.

don't know anything about working but it's not that easy as you might think! possible side jobs are always available for free food and accommodation.

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Posted by ChrisJenko on 21/1/2011 at 19:56

Posted from within Vietnam.

Thanks Svendj, Didnt know you could extend till 6 mths without a job or a business in Vietnam or a sponsor. Do you have a link about that? I am extending for another 30 Days now on a tourist visa.

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Posted by vietnamrum on 22/1/2011 at 01:27

Posted from within Vietnam.

I have spent the last 3 years floating around SE Asia.

Visa's can be a bit complicated in Vietnam.

The had a year of restricting visa's to 1 months extensions but have went back to normal.

This time i came across from Laos having paid for a 1 month tourist visa. I then changed to a 3 month Business visa. This week i just got a 3 month business Visa extension. I can get one more if i wanted it but wont be. Basically visa + 2 extensions then can you can convert to 1 month extensions a max of 4 of them.

there are single entry / visa multi entry / tourist visas and business visas.

i think they are doing 6 month visas at the moment. At different times they did 1 year but not now.

Tip always go to several agents for advice. Where you maybe get a good price the first time not necessary good the next time. My current 3 month cost me $40 US.You can then skip across to Cambodia or Laos. PP in Cambodia is 6 hours from Saigon by bus. Easy.

Have a look at :

Great site about traveling around SE Asia. Logistics and scams.

Most people either teach English or are scuba divers. The other option is handing out leaflets for bars and getting paid to sit in the bars talking to the westerners.

Another option is to volunteer - you can teach and get free accommodation and food. If you have a different skill
you can go to a university and say you will teach computers skills(what ever your skill is ) free and then if they like you after a couple of weeks ask them to sort a work permit for you.

There is a business visa but then there is work permit to work properly in Vietnam. If you teach at a school they should organise for you but some want you to do it. They prefer Uni degrees but some times people work on their own.

It is possible to start a business and register a company. There are some companies that do most of the work and charge you for it.

Dont want to put a dampener on it but i would suggest you look at the situation of having an amount of money
that you can afford to loose.

There are some counties that Oz allows to visit easily. With Vietnam a sponser is required. Basically stating if the other gets sick you will pay for them. If down the line you want to get married to them take loads of photos everywhere you go. document it. Have a bank account shared.
Stat decs from friends stating you have been together etc.

Suggest you do a bit of research on the hard luck stories of people marrying in Asia and it not working out. This is just a statement stating don't jump in and be a bit street wise.
On your fist overseas trip everything is exciting and new, just step back a bit and be careful.

Good luck

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Posted by travellingsarah on 22/1/2011 at 08:18 TF writer

Posted from within Vietnam.

I'm British so things might be a bit different for me in terms of a Visa. We came in on a 1 month visa then got a new 3 month business visa which we extended twice. Loads of people here say they have to leave the country every 3 months, so I don't know if we just got lucky or if it's a British passport thing. Anyway, we had to leave the country after those 10 months but were able to get a 6 month visa in Vientiene. This is not common - I'd only found 3 month options elsewhere but managed to arrange this through an agent in Hanoi.

As Vietnamrum says, the business visa doesn't actually give us the right to work here, we need a work permit for that which actually is really time consuming and quite expensive to organise. As far as I know you also need a University degree to get one though that might have changed.

As for setting up a business, we looked into it but it was going to cost $3 - 4k to do it through a lawyer (as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise) so we've put that on hold for the time-being.

I don't know about job opportunities in Hue but I'm guessing, as previously suggested, that your best bet is to find a bar / guesthouse to work in or look for teaching work.

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