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Da Nang Airport to Hoi An by bus

Posted by AGRO on 19/8/2011 at 20:31

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We will be landing in Da Nang around 11 30am and would like to take the bus straight to Hoi An as it's a much cheaper option than a taxi.

Wikitravel says that there are frequent buses for 15 000 or so from the inter-city bus station but I was wondering how to get to the station from the airport?


I heard there may be a cheap shuttle bus from the airport?

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Posted by chinarocks on 19/8/2011 at 21:43

I am speaking purely from memory here (and it was a few years ago), but I seem to recall that the bus was pretty complicated to get to and cost a bit more than 15,000 dong. If you can club together with three others, you should be able to get a taxi for $15 (with firm haggling!), which would be $3.75 each (75,000 dong). I think our view was, based on a difference of maybe $2.50 and the hassle associated with getting to the bus, the taxi was just easier all round. They will obviously bring you direct to accomodation in Hoi An as well. If you don't have anywhere in mind they will bring you to their friends' places, which they did for us and it was perfect and cheap.

I also assume if you are flying in to Danang that you could stretch to the price of a taxi!!!!!

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Posted by travellingsarah on 20/8/2011 at 08:46 TF writer

When I last went, in May, I came to the same conclusion - that to get to the bus station (by taxi I think) then pay for the bus from there (if that even existed) was a lot of hassle versus the saving. If you're on your own, in no rush and really can't stretch to a taxi then give it a go - please post your experience as it'd be useful.

Or look out for a motorbike taxi at the airport - that'll be cheaper but I can't remember if they hang around there or not.

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Posted by AGRO on 27/8/2011 at 19:36

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It was pretty easy....

Here's how

1. After arriving to the airport, take a Xe OM (Motorbike) to the Intercity bus station a few kms away. I paid 40 000, he wanted 50 000 and to be honest I probably paid double the real rate as it's not so far away.

2. At the bus station, there's a yellow bus that says HOI AN, that leaves frequently.
It's a very local bus, there was another foreigner on the bus and I asked him how much he paid, he said 30 000 but they are being difficult. The driver said SIT DOWN, SIT DOWN!!!! Not wanting me to talk to the foreigner.

3. He asked for 50 000.....I said no...30 000, just like him. He said 50 000 again.
I only had a 100 000 note, I said change first....he gave me 50 000....I said 20 000 more, come on come on!!, he gave me 10 000 more....about 2 minutes after bothering me finally he let me pay 30 000 haha

It really wasn't so bad, the bus ride was fun full of rude Vietnamese bus employees, sacks of rice, a bicycle, and a chicken. The ride took about an hour, he drove like a maniac.

Great experience, and much cheaper than a taxi, even if your negotiating skills aren't so great, 50 000 isn't so bad.

They drop you off at the Hoi An bus station. It's 10 000 into the old city by motorbike or you can be like me and walk for 10 minutes. There's a giant map at the bus station and the moto drivers are friendly and will tell u how to walk

Lovely town Hoi An is.... =)

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Posted by MotHaiBa on 28/8/2011 at 06:13

If you are flying into Da Nang, surely you can afford a taxi ride to Hoi An. Its 320,000 VND (ie $15) and organised at a desk at the terminal exit. Simple, no catching buses to another connection, straight to wherever you need to go to in Hoi An.

Sorry AGRO, you guys that quibble over 20,000VND (a measly dollar) do my head in.

It is a lovely town..

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Posted by travellingsarah on 28/8/2011 at 09:34 TF writer

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When you're backpacking on a budget a dollar is a dollar - and 70,000 versus 320,000 is a big deal. Also it's not always about being tight it's about getting a fair price for something. If I didn't quibble over 10,000 every time I bought a bunch of bananas or took a motorbike taxi I'd be spending a lot of extra dollars.

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Posted by AGRO on 28/8/2011 at 12:10

Posted from within Vietnam.

Actually MotHaiBai, my flights were booked well in advance and since then I have lost $35 000 and now have $0 in the bank.... Correction.... I have minus $2000 at the moment in the bank.

Living in my tropical paradise island of Boracay, Philippines is expensive and the monthly rent at even a basic place is more expensive than paying $5 to $10 per night backpacking around SE Asia. Furthermore living off all the wonderful street food in thailand/Vietnam is much cheaper than Philippines where there aren't much options and if they are it's not ao good.

I am also supporting 100% my girl, and we are doing this together. The fact is we must cohabitate for a year so that we can go back to Canada together and there's a few months left. Backpacking I feel is cheaper and more rewarding than staying home in Boracay

So in conclusion, yes... Taking a bus instead of a taxi to save a few dollars is a very big deal.

To ensure this all works I must to my best to live like a local. Haha luckily everyone here thinks my Filipino parter is Vietnamese or Thai, Laos, etc so sometimes we get the good rates without her speaking.

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