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From Hanoi to Vientiane

Posted by rzrz on 11/1/2012 at 01:47

After reading several post I decided to break up the trip, however I need advice on how to go around doing this. This is what I've gathered so far:

① HN - Vinh
Train : 300K VND (soft sleeper)
SE1 -- 1900~0049
SE3 -- 23:00~0415

② Vinh - (Lak Sao?) - Vientiane
I am not sure how to do this route ② (or if there are any alternatives) appreciate if anybody has inputs?

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Posted by tf_geckozy on 11/1/2012 at 05:03

You should avoid train no.SE1 because Vinh has almost no Gh that we normally use in other cities and towns in VN so after arriving Vinh, maybe you will have no rest place till morning except railway station or bus station(Vinh has 2 bus stations)

As far as accommodation for us=freign travellers, Vinh is still a special city in VN comparing with other cities in VN, maybe with the reason that whole of Vinh city was entirely destroyed by bomberdment from warships of US naval at the time of Viet Nam war and all of today's Vinh city is a newly re-constructed city after the war so there are very few atractive palaces worth to visit for us except the birth place of HCM (Kim Lien village that locates at west of the city) and also accommodation for us(travellers) are very few in the city center except big hotels.

Well, as for train in your writing
>HN - Vinh
SE1 -- 1900~0049 ---is no good with the reason as above!

>break up the trip
I wrote that Vinh has 2 bus stations as above and those locations are as below.
*Vinh bus station ---about 1.5km from the railway station along big road "Duong Le Loi"=Le Loi street

*Vinh "cho" bus station --"cho" is "market" in Vietnamewse lunguage and it locates about 1.5-2km south of Vinh bus station.
"Duong Le Loi" changes it's name to "Duong Quang Trung"=Quang Trung street after crossing a rotary and "Vinh cho bus station" is near the south end of Quang Trung street and "Cua Tien river".

Bus from/to Ha Noi (long distance buses from/to north and south) and direct bus from/to LPB and Phonsavan(Laos) arrive/depart at "Vinh bus station" but if you want to take local bus that has direction west of Vinh city--Trung Tam, border, Lak Sao, Vientiane (Laos), you have to go to "Vinh cho bus station" and your bus departs here and before crossing CauTreo/Nam Phao border bus your bus stop(=finish) at "Trung Tam" (a town named "center" or "central" in English) and change bus here to another one going to Lak Sao.

You can go to Lak Sao and Vientiane by local bus only but it's maybe slightly complex and difficult for you if you are a first time traveler to this route but if you have enough time for it, it's worth to try as "not a copy" that has been practised by so many tourists, with full of local atomospheres very fun.

Local bus from "Vinh cho bus station" to "Trung Tam"---from 06:00am--/100,000VND
Local bus from "Vinh cho bus station" to "Lak Sao"(Laos) --150,000VND/required changing bus at "Trung Tam".

Accommodation at Lak sao---many

Money exchange--at Nam Phao Lao border, there is a Lao Development Bank(no bank at Viet Nam side) and if you cross border on Sat or Sun, private money exchangers at rest points at Lao side maybe will do it to you.

VOA is avalable for entering into Laos.

and when you cross border, you should pay 1 usd at VN side and about 2 usd(17,000kip) at Lao side and please don't strugge for them with immigration offcers because you can get official receipt if you need.

Good luck, bye!

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Posted by rzrz on 11/1/2012 at 19:49

Hey mate u rocks!

Actually I'm not looking to walk around Vinh, just get down from the bus to get some fresh air. I can speak some vietnamese if that helps so it won't be too difficult for me just that when in Laos I'm unsure.

Somebody suggested me Na Hin instead of Lak Sao, do you know if I can easliy get a bus from Na Hin into Vientiane?

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Posted by tf_geckozy on 12/1/2012 at 10:45

Hello! rzrz

Sorry, i've never been(stopped) to Na Hin .
You say you can speak Vietnamese . it's good because you can go anywhere in VN with no hesitation and your adventurous spilit will surely make it possible anywhere.

I also can speak & read Vietnamese so i could travel whole in VN from north to south without any hesutations even if it's far remote place in mountain area, to the contrary, i cannot speak Lao lunguage at all but i also could travel whole of Laos from north to south till today. The most important factor for our travellings is "spirit" of surely doing something and trying it.

Well, just after reading your post #3, i checked Na Hin with web site as below and others.
and i know it's very close to Lak Sao and locates on the way to Pakxan before Vientiane and very atractive place worth to visit and maybe it will become one of next my destinations near future(i've continuosly travelled VN & Laos twice a year in recent years) so surely i will practise it but now i have no information about Na Hin.

Thank you, bye!

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Posted by tf_geckozy on 12/1/2012 at 18:12

in #4 post
(not correct)


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