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Bus from Nanning to Hanoi

Posted by dave07 on 10/4/2007 at 12:54

I have heard that it is possible to get the bus from nanning to Hanoi, quick and relatively cheap. Ideally this is what I would like to do. I ve booked a night in a hotel in Nanning, and I have this information for the bus:

Departure: NanNing Nang Fang Hotel, 76 Chao Yang Lu, NanNing: Check-in Time: 07.00H Departure Time:07.30H AND Departure: NanNing Langdong Bus Station: Check-in Time: 07.30H Departure Time:08.00H

Can anyone possibly explain a little further? Do I simply go to the hotel in time for the bus to depart?


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Posted by CatBa on 10/4/2007 at 13:50

Posted from within Vietnam.

You are nearly right.

There are two pick-up points, as you said, but don't expect the bus before 07.30H at the NanFang Hotel - the booking office is just around the corner (left-side of the hotel) on a unsigned road on the opposite side.

You MUST PRE-BOOK TICKETS a day or two before travel as it is very popular with not only Foreigners but also Chinese workers employed in VietNam. You have to purchase insurance.

You MUST have a Vietnamese visa before leaving NanNing.

If you miss the bus you can get a taxi to take you to the nearby bus station - a 10 minute drive at most - where the bus is usually parked immediately behind the main walk-in entrance. It leaves here at 08.00H.

Water and a can of tasty vegetarian rice 'juke' (porridge) is handed out en route and there are two toilet / food stops. The highway is modern and fast.

Exitting China is easier than entering but the Vietnamese immigration/customs/health process is very bureaucratic, time consuming and you will need a couple of dollars to pay for the pointless health check.

The trip to Ha Noi is totally different (in a different bus) where the toilet stop is a grass field and the obligatory food stop is somewhat rural and limited.

The bus trip terminates at the Kim Lien Hotel, which is not very central in Ha Noi.

The bottom line is that it offers a far better service than the rail; it is daily and reliable; and bi-directional.

If you want full info I have a fact sheet with bus routes to the NanFang Hotel, telephone numbers, etc. E-mail:

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Posted by dave07 on 10/4/2007 at 14:02

Thats great help, thanks. I would definately like the fact sheet if possible.

Do you know of any possible way I can prebook the tickets without being in Nanning, a long shot I know. Only I live in China at the moment, near Beijing. As for the insurance that is needed, do you purchase this when buying the ticket?

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Posted by dave07 on 10/4/2007 at 14:25

Just as a backup plan, if being able to get a bus ticket was to be a problem, I was wondering whether the following would work (found on another website):

* Take the train from Nanning to Pinxiang (7:58am or 10:56 am, 4 hours, RMB 52)
* Take one of the small taxis to the border (about RMB 30, try to share with other travelers). Arrive at customs and immigration before it closes at 4:30pm. The process takes about 20-30 minutes. You may have to pay US$2 for a quarantine ‘medical check’ – which they’ll give you a slip for won’t actually do! You can use a black market tout to change money immediately after immigration – there are no ATMs so just get 100,000 Vietnam Dong, which will cover you until Hanoi – and use a currency converter (see above).
* Put your watch back an hour.
* Now take a taxi to Langson bus station. If there is no meter, negotiate a price (about US$4, I think) and expect to be taken not to the bus station but to somewhere like a random petrol station in Langson where they will try and transfer you directly to a minibus to Hanoi. There is very much a culture of backhanders, taking cuts etc… and you’ll pay more unless you go to the bus station. Don’t buy any lies about it being shut down, or closed for a holiday – apparently everyone who came overland through the border had this trouble.
* From Langson, take a bus to Hanoi. It’s not an entirely comfortable ride, but takes about 3 hours and 50,000 Vietnam Dong is the standard price. Try and keep your backpacks with you.

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Posted by dave07 on 10/4/2007 at 14:30

This was taken from, would this maybe also work as a backup if I could not get the bus tickets?

Take a morning train from Nanning to Pinxiang, leaving Nanning at 07:58 and arriving Pinxiang at 12:07.

Take a taxi from Pinxiang to the frontier at the Friendship Pass. This will cost about 80-100RMB. Allow 2 hours or so to pass through both Chinese and Vietnamese border formalities. Then take a taxi the next 3km into Dong Dang town. This taxi will cost around $3, payable in US Dollars.

There are several trains a day from Dong Dang to Hanoi. There are trains from Dong Dang at 06:00 (arriving Hanoi at 11:30) or at 13:35 (arriving Hanoi at 19:50). Frequent buses are also available. Dong Dang to Hanoi is 161 km (100 miles).

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Posted by CatBa on 10/4/2007 at 15:39

Posted from within Vietnam.

PingXiang should be avoided at all costs - den of thieves. It is a typical dumpy little frontier town and there are numerous reports of deals having been struck only to be reneged upon part way between the points with a demand for increased payments.

Buses, either tourist or local, are preferable to rail on this journey.

There is a one hour time shift at the border - VietNam is one hour behind China.

Will locate link for detailed trip info before tomorrow morning (VN time).

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Posted by CatBa on 11/4/2007 at 23:52

Posted from within Vietnam.

Crossing Borders: the Chinese / VietNam border by bus
For many years some citizens of PingXiang, GuangXi Province, China have been making a killing from cross-border Travellers needing transportation between their city - with the rail head (or terminus) and the border but the Wild West times in China are over.

NanNing, the capital city of GuangXi Province, now has a daily bi-directional bus link with Ha Noi, VietNam thanks to Yunde Bus NanNing < > and a Chinese invested Vietnamese company - Lang Son Auto Transportation using modern buses. The only drawback is that passengers are required to change buses when crossing the border.

This is a very easy journey for Westerners.

Make a reservation with KIM LIEN TRAVEL by calling +84-(0)-4-577-0434; FAXing +84-(0)-4-577-0346; hand/cell +84-913-525-389. You MUST attend their office located in the Kim Lien Hotel < >, 07 Dao Duy Anh Street, Ha Noi; Tel: +84-(0)-4-852-2522; FAX / Fax: 84-(0)-4-852-1209 NO LATER THAN 07.30H on the day of departure to claim and pay for your seat. Seating is reserved.

The bus departs promptly at 08.00H. During the approximate 4-hour journey to the border you are given water and a snack and there is one scheduled toilet stop.

At the border you must recover your baggage and carry it about 100 yards to the Immigration and Customs office where you have to lift it up 19 steps. As this border post is manned by junior staff they do their job very diligently and s-l-o-w-l-y. But don't worry, the bus drivers will wait for you.

After having your passport minutely inspected, and stamped, you then load your baggage into an X-ray machine where no one is looking at the screens.

You then exit the border post by climbing down another 11 steps, hauling your baggage about 100 metres across the unmarked physical border nd walking into the Chinese Immigration and Customs post. No steps!

Here you are required to complete some forms so have a pen handy. One of them is a Departure Card, take one, which is handy to complete at your leisure before leaving China. After form-filling you have to line up behind a yellow line to wait for immigration waiting for the totally humourless officers.

If you thought you had seen bureaucracy on the Vietnamese side, you are about to witness even more. I had a staple in my passport which had held a Vietnamese form and the Chinese immigration officer spent about two minutes trying to learn what the staple was for! The minute inspection is repeated - as if anyone wants to escape into China - edges of passport pages, passport page stitching, etc. They also subject passports disctretely to an ultra-violet light and a chemical sniffer.

Caution: Your activities, body language, etc. are closely observed by separate immigration officers and on TV cameras.

Following immigration procedures you have to load your baggage into another X-ray machine. Seemingly this machine is unmanned as the writer was carrying a small satellite dish, electronics equipment and tools that caused no excitement.

After leaving the Immigration and Customs another walk, up a small hill past the old Friendship Gate (the border has been realigned to the south) to the Chinese bus. Toilets and snack dispensers are inside the old Gate on the Chinese side.

After boarding the Chinese bus, and occupying the seat number used in the Vietnamese bus, you are presented with a bottle of water and a can of tasty vegetarian rice juk (rice porridge) and after about 2 hours of uneventful highway travel the bus arrives at crowded NanNing < >,stopping first at the Rail Station and then the NanNing LangDong Bus Station,186 Minzu Dadao Avenue, NanNing (BUS ROUTES 6, 25, 42, 45,52, 206 and 213)(note carefully - there are at least 6 bus stations in NanNing < >). Map: < >)

Since the NanNing LangDong Bus Station is *always* very crowded the best option is to board the bus to the VietNam border at the NAN FANG HOTEL < >, 76 ChaoYang Road, NanNing, GuangXi Province, 530011 where it is the ONLY bus at 07.00H each day!

The hotel is about 300 metres from the railway station. BUS #8 (for routes see < >), from downtown (MinZu DaDao Avenue and ChaoYang Road)(Walmart), stops outside the Nan Fang Hotel. Map: < >.

You must be in posession of a Vietnamese visa. These can be obtained from: The Consul of VietNam, GuangXi Investment Building/Floor 3, 109 Minzu Dadao, NanNing, GuangXi Zhuang Auto Region 530000. Tel: +86-(0)-138-7710-0849 (Call first). The office is on Bus route #6.

Ticket purchase is neccesary BEFORE the day of travel. The reservation office is easy to find after you have located the Nan Fang Hotel. It is located on the far side of the road that intersects with ChaoYang Road to the LEFT of the hotel. It is signed with Ticket office of the Lang Dong Bus Station (on a red background). It opens at 08.00H (after the bus departs) and is the ONLY office that sells tickets for the bus at the hotel. Only Chinese is spoken.

The bus departs promptly and picks up other passengers at NanNing LangDong Bus Station after which it departs for the border with refreshments provided.

The tedious border procedures are repeated and the Vietnamese bus awaits in the south car park and following a 130-kilometre, 3-4 hour journey you are delivered to the Kim Lien Hotel.

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Posted by dave07 on 15/4/2007 at 10:46

Thanks for that! One last thing, do you happen to know how late the ticket office in Nanning stays open?

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Posted by mikeinconejo on 15/10/2009 at 10:37

I arrived in Nanning last night and can report the following:

DOES NOT WORK - Hotel. Map: < >

I'm going out today to find a bus to Hanoi and will report back.


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Posted by Pablot on 17/10/2009 at 04:22

Crossing the Friendship border between China & Vietnam there is now a shuttle service by small open van to take tourists the 100m distance between VN & China. I remember about US$1/ passenger.

There is a daily train from Nanning into Hanoi staying on the same train throughout. Immigration & Customs is a short walk.

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Posted by colintanlk on 1/11/2009 at 11:13

Posted from within Vietnam.

The main bus station has several buses going to Vietnam. The bus company arranges for a golf cart to cross the border. Several buses await the other side and they will leave every half hour or so

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Posted by mundovagabunda on 1/11/2010 at 17:58

Hi there,

I realize that the previous posts may have been posted prior to the new and supposedly improved rail from Nanning to Hanoi , so I thought I would ask again:

1. Is it still easier to go by bus from Nanning to Hanoi or is rail preferrable?

2. If bus is easier/quicker, is the schedule still the same?

We plan to take a train from Guilin to Nanning and then either bus or train it to Hanoi from there in a couple of weeks.

Please help! This is our first time in Asia =)

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Posted by tf_geckozy on 2/11/2010 at 18:25

Posted from within Vietnam.

Hello! OP & others

I think all other posters' comments are very useful for OP's travelling so i 'll add to them a bit more, but only about bus from Nanning to Ha Noi.

Recently(last year & early this year & this time) i crossed Ping Xiang(CN)/Huu Nghi Quan(VN) border several times for travelling Viet Nam & Laos & Yunnang province in China, and next week i have to cross this border one more time for going(=returning) to Shanghai before going back to my country Japan by ferry(=ship)--now i'm in Hue (Viet Nam) almost finished my 2 month's travelling, and after staying at Hue a few more days i'll go up north to Ha Noi (& Shanghai) by bus & railway - slowly slowly-stopping at Nanning & Yang Shuo(near Guilin).

Well, as for bus from Nanning to Ha Noi, everytime i used a bus going to CN/VN border that departs from "Nanning International Travel Distributing Center"(=NITDC*) near Nanning Railway station-about 5 minuites by walk from there and this bus terminal has 6 buses a day going to Ha Noi --- 07:30am/ 08:00am/ 08:20am/08:40am/ 09:40am/ 13:40pm (bus fare is 148 yuan from Nanning to Ha Noi and booking your ticket one day before is better if you want to choose a bus just fitting with your schedule.

This bus service is everytime used by many Vietnamese who return to Ha Noi, and buses are mainly running on "Nan-Huu highway" to the CN border(PingXiang), and we passefgers all have to change another bus at Huu Nghi Quan in Viet Nam and at that time we all surely are handed "a neck-hanging card" of bus company so never be left at the border by bus while passport controll & visa formalities.

As far as i crossed this border 6 times in all, i've never paid any other fees including health check and bus ticket everytime includes "lunch fee" at a restaurant before PjngXiang border, so it's cost is ticket fare 148 yuan only from Nanning to Ha Noi..

This time(Nov.6) i left NIDTC* in Nanning at 7:40am(07:30am) and arrived "Kim Lien Travel"office in Ha Noi that locates at "Cau Giay"area at 16:40pm, and Kim Lien Trvel office is near Dae Woo Hotel--big Korean hotel--slightly far from Old Quater area if you will stay there, and it's cost is about 40,000VND by motobike-taxi (i'm not sure by taxi). Many taxis & motorbike-taxis will be waiting for bus-passengers at each time of buses' arriving.

*Between "Lang Dong bus station" along the highway and "Nanning Railway station" is very far and about 28-30 yuan by taxi and public bus No.6 is also avalable with 1 yuan without changing another bus.
*If you(OP or others) are budgt tourists---"Lotus Land Hostel" (=Youth Hostel, Internet free & wifi OK and room & bed, toilet, shower are all very clean) is close to "Nanning Railway station & NITDC*—it’s very convenient for taking bus at NITDC or train (original map avalable) ---(adress: "Shanghai Road" (small & short road) that crosses with Cho Yang Road)

Have a nice trip to Viet Nam, Bye!

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Posted by Michaelv on 26/12/2011 at 06:49

I am a bit confused now, are there 2 bus companies which go to Hanoi from Nanning? I thought and read everywhere the busses leave from Lang Dong bus station, now I read that they leave from the center of nanning? What is the current situation?

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Posted by fartandbelch on 26/12/2011 at 23:13

Can someone please clarify the situation re Hanoi to Nanning, bus travel vs rail travel. I like rail travel but don't want too much hassle at the border. Which is the most user friendly?

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Posted by tf_geckozy on 8/1/2012 at 03:23

to Michaelv # 9 post

Sorry, i've just read your post today(8th Jau.2012).

Bus going to VN depart from both of NIIDC bus station and Lan dong bus staion and a part of buses that depart from NIIDC bus station stops at Lang dong bus station before heading to CN PingXiang border for picking up passengers who booked at Lang Dong bus station as below.

And as for the number of bus companies that orerate buses going to VN, i'm not sure precisely now--one or two or more-- because every time i took bus to VN at NITDC bus station and i've never taken a bus going to VN at Lang Dong bus station though my bus from Yangshuo arrived Lang Dong bus station first and also went to Land Dong bus station several times for checking bus operation to VN.

Bus from Nanning to Ha Noi

(Buses depart from NITDC bus station)
07:30am(this bus stops at Jiang Nan bus station before going to border)
07:50am*(this bus stops at Lang Dong bus station before going to border)
08:00am(this bus directly heads to border)
08:20am**(this bus stops at Lang Dong bus station before going to border)
08:40am***(this bus stops at Lang Dong bus station before going to border)
09:40am****(this bus stops at Lang Dong bus station before going to border)

Above 4 buses(*mark) stop at Lang Dong bus station before going to PingXiang CN border picking up pasengers who booked at Laong Dong bus station(or booked it as their departure point).

(we can buy ticket itself at the booking office near the railway station that is remote from Lang Dong bus station(very small ticket booths in the town)

(Buses depart from Lang Dong bus station)
08:40am(this bus departs from NITDC at 07:50am*)
09:00am(this bus departs from NITDC at 08:20am**)
09:30am(this bus departs from NITDC at 08:40am***)
10:30am(this bus departs from NITDC at 09:40am****)
13:00pm(this bus departs from Lang Dong bus station and directly heads to the border)

PS) Nanning has 5 big bus stations for long distance buses including buses to VN (change another bus at the border) as below.
*Lang Dong bus station(along Haighway)---for all directions in CN and "Ha Noi" & Hai Phong VN
*Nanning International Tourism Distribution Center=NITDC in my post(near the railway station) ---mainly direction: VN
*Jiang Nan bus station---mainly direction: south
*Be Dai bus station---mainly direction: north & west including "Hekou"
*Jing Qiao bus station---mainly direction: north

Mr. Michaelv, it's OK now?


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Posted by Sherald on 9/1/2012 at 23:33

thanks tf_geckozy for the info,
i will travel from Nanning to Hanoi in this coming CNY weeks, i hope i can get a bus to Hanoi.
is there only one bus company operate this route?

im a little bit worried here~

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Posted by tf_geckozy on 12/1/2012 at 19:29

Hello! #17 --sorry to be late replying

You seem to be still worried about how many bus companies--, so my writing is too long but i’ll write in detail.

Honestly speaking, i'm not sure “How many bus companies are operating bus to Ha Noi ” but as far as i used it from NITDC for several years, main booking offices are only two -NITDC and Lang Dong bus station even if we can book in other places of the town and buses(=all seats) are well controlled on line with computer(PC) so i think you don't need to worry so much and it’s possible for you to enjoy travelling to Ha Noi free from troubles except the problem of CNY time whether you can book successfully.

As for bus going to Ha Noi, every time i took the 1st bus 07:30am from NITDC(this bus ends up at CN border and we have to change to another bus at VN side) and i saw other buses going to Ha Noi stopping at departure gate of NITDC were all the same companiy's buses(3-4 buses) and buses waiting at the car paking area at VN side were all one bus company's buses(3-4 buses) having same yellow colour and design with their bodies but i'm not sure buses depart at other time zone(after 08:00am---) precisely because i haven’t minded how many bus companies operates busse to Ha Noi except timetable.

Chinese bus servive and it’s opertion are different from the ones in SEA countreis , especially in Viet Nam where i very often had many kind of troubles --departute time was rough and never punctaual,-- arriving place was not sure, missing luggage from trunk room(bottom) of bus&#65292;being left at somewhere on the way my destination while i was in a tiolet for "pee"(bus started without counting the number of passengers!), ,over crowded with so many passengers, unreasonable overcharging with rude attitude if i hadn’t ticket=bus station didn’t sell ticket !)---but in CN , those kind of troubles are nothing., at least till today.

If i were you and i were in VN, maybe i'll have the same worrying and actually will do for it something.

Bus services and operations in CN are really good so don’t worry about them except the problem of getting ticket at the time CNY and if you buy ticket successfully , there will remain nothing problem.

PS) You go to Ha Noi by bus soon so i’ll add a bit more.
*1 mineral water will be suplyed in the bus
*you will have lunch time before PingXiang CN border at a restaurant and lunch fee is included in the bus fare(free charge), and you will have one more rest time at a restaurant between Lang Son and Ha Noi.
*at PingXiang(CN)/Huu nghi Quan(VN) border, you can use carts(like golf cart) for transporting your big or heavy luggage with no paying--between bus parking area in CN side to CN immigration office/between CN immigration office to VN immigration office/VN immigration office to car parking area at VN side, so as for transports for your luggage is nothing problem and you can pass through the border very smoothly.

And one more better thing--when you get off your bus from Nanning at bus parking area of CN border, you will be handed “a neck hanging plastic card" of bus company for confirming the number of passengers when your bus starts toHa Noi at VN side so you will never be left at the border by bus even if you take much time for passing thorugh the border.

*as for money exchanging, maybe you will need some small VND for eating noodle soup, coffee, something eat--- etc and you can exchange at a restaurant where we take lunch with no paying before CN border and private money exchangers are waiting for us there but rate is not so good so i recommend you to exchange small amount of money you need in minimum and after arriving Ha Noi, exchange or get big currency(VND) at bank or ATM.

Good Luck, bye!

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Posted by sbeova on 13/9/2014 at 08:09

hi, i just wrote you some minutes ago on another page of the same forum (, but i'm not sure if that is the right one.
I will copy below the message I wrote in that page, my apologies if this create confusion.

hi, i am trying to book a ticket from Pingxiang to Hanoi (if not possible even from Nanning), but i start from the beginning. I am in Japan now. I am applying at the Chinese embassy in Japan for the touristic visa in order to enter in China. I already bought the flight ticket. The departure date is 2 weeks from now. So i don't have much time left. Of course in order to get the visa, I also need to show something that can prove that I will leave the country in time. And my plan is to travel in Vietnam after China, and I would like to move from Nanning or Pingxiang to Hanoi by using bus or train. I am planning to enter Vietnam around 15th to 20th of november (that is almost 50 days from now).

It seems that I need to book it through an agency, but I don't know any chinese, and I still don't understand to which agency i could ask.
It would be of great help if you would give me suggestions of how to book a ticket from Pingxiang/Nanning to Hanoi.
You can also answer to my mail:

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