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eating snake in vietnam

Posted by moxy43 on 21/8/2007 at 03:13

My son and I are going to Vietnam in the spring, and has this thing in his head about eating snake hearts and drinking the blood to increase his sex life. dose anybody now whare you can do this?

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Posted by feralBoy on 29/9/2007 at 23:44

You can probably do it in a bunch of different cities, you just have to ask the moto drivers. But I guess the easiest place to do it would be in hanoi. There is a town outide hanoi, called le mat. They breed the snakes for restaurants. I am sure you will not have a problem doing it there.

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Posted by feralBoy on 30/9/2007 at 15:03

I'm just going to update this because I did this today. I was in hanoi, and got a moto to le mat. the driver took me to a place called O Sin. They took me in the back to the snake cage, and showed me a snake. I asked how much and they said $65. I told them no way. After some bargaining, I got them down to $27. My guess is you can probably pay less then this, but i'm not the best bargainer.

When I picked the snake, he took me upstairs, swung the snakes head into the floor. Then he slit the snakes throat and drained the blood into a glass of hanoi vodka. The beating snake heart he put into another glass. it beats for a LONG time. it was atleast 5 minutes before I ate it, and it was still beating.

Then they serve you a six course (or something like that) meal. It's enough for 2, so me and my moto driver ate. snake soup, fried snake skin, grilled snake, snake and lemon grass, and some other snake dishes.

I also drank snake wine, which was extra. The man who owns the place, Hoa, is a pretty nice guy. doesn't speak a word of english though.

Where is it? well I took a card, and it's tough to read, but it seems like, if you are on Qouc Lo 1A, you turn down Lang Le Mat. Not sure. The card says Nha Hang O - Sin.

Anyway, i'm sure there are tons of places like this. Supposedly Putin, went to this one, and Hoa will show you the picture if you go there.

Definitely worth it for the experience.

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Posted by mattocmd on 30/10/2007 at 13:32

After reading this post I also went to O-Sin...

I paid $40! I guess I forgot the part about feralBoy only paying $27. Anyway, it was definately a good experience. I was a big fan of the snake spring rolls.

They also had this wine made out of penises of an animal (I forget which animal).

I would suggest this place to anyone who visits Hanoi. The husband and wife owners are very nice people. My only advice is just to be a better bargainer than I was.

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Posted by manooe on 31/10/2007 at 08:40

It sounds so delicious ^^
Could U show me the address and the telephone number of Osin restaurant ?
Many thanks in adv

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Posted by Unknownsu on 13/11/2007 at 01:49

If you're going to Le Mat, bring a local with you to do the talking. I paid 100,000d ($7.50) for a snake. You can eat snake in HCMC as well. We paid 50,000d for the one in Saigon. Your best bet would be to befriend a local or as someone mentioned above, ask your moto driver.

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Posted by ourman on 11/4/2011 at 15:35

Please don't do this - it is part of a industry that is hugely damaging to Vietnam wildlife.

More information here.

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Posted by MADMAC on 11/4/2011 at 16:32

I would say don't do it because it's disgusting. The "locals" engaged in all kinds of moronic behavior that need not be imitated. Ever watch them drive? "Local" is not a synonym for good.

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Posted by JasonB on 11/4/2011 at 16:36

Easy to find in the Mekong Delta.

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Posted by jackscreative on 30/5/2011 at 18:27

If you find Hanoi Backpackers hostel in Hanoi they run a tour to 'Snake Village' and this is quite an experience. I did it through them and it was cheap and also a great night out. The link below is what I did there.

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Posted by somsai on 31/5/2011 at 04:41

I seem to remember a warning from the admins to not make nasty personal disparaging comments on this board, so it's best that I not say anything about this post and a few of the replies.

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Posted by goonistik on 31/5/2011 at 09:36

There are health risks associated with eating raw reptiles.

You also have to include possible infection from bacteria and viruses.

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Posted by MADMAC on 31/5/2011 at 09:38

Eating saw meat of any sort is NEVER a good idea.

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Posted by Rita00 on 31/5/2011 at 20:09

That sounds like a terrifying meal to me!! I guess it would make for an interesting and unique experience but the idea that eating certain animals or parts of them to increase sex life sounds like urban legend.

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Posted by caseyprich on 31/5/2011 at 21:05

It's called TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine . . . considering what the Eastern Seaboard looks like these days I guess you could call it an urban legend. In the southern provinces of China they'll blend up the bile into a shot of local home-brewed ricewine and they usually pound the heart into a paste and do the same. I wouldn't say that it is something you do for the taste. As for wild life concerns - usually the snakes are farm raised for the purpose in China, don't know about countries in SE Asia.

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Posted by Nixxypie on 1/6/2011 at 02:55

Firstly, I hope you actually realising that eating a still beating snake heart has no impact at all on sex life. It actually scares me that anyone with any information regarding health could actually believe this.

Secondly, not all snakes are purpose bred. As with everything there is an illegal black market of wild caught snakes. Here is an article from sky news from just yesterday

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Posted by karibakid on 1/6/2011 at 03:23

i have eaten snake python shot in error by a African soldier during my time in the Rhodesian army very tasty .Baked in mud and also have eaten elephant trunk with a pepper sauce was on the menu at wankie safari lodge Rhodesia in 1977 so try it don't knock it.

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Posted by Thomas922 on 1/6/2011 at 08:12

Just another way to make money off of some dumb azz youngsters so they can say they did it. They have the snake round ups in the states every year and people are really into eating them but they are not endangered. If these fools think they are doing something special they are not. Tell people in the Southwest US that you ate a snake and many will look at you like.....and? If you really like snake, OK. But in Vietnam what may have been a small local thing now is another way to get backpacker "street" cred. "Did you "DO" Vietnam? Yeah! I "DID" the snake too.....

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Posted by MADMAC on 1/6/2011 at 14:06

"Firstly, I hope you actually realising that eating a still beating snake heart has no impact at all on sex life. It actually scares me that anyone with any information regarding health could actually believe this."

Possible placebo effect cant' be ruled out though. If you think eating a beating snake heart will improve your sex life, then it very well might. But otherwise, yep, pretty funny (not sure what's scary about it).

I note you guys did cook the python first. There is nothing inherently wrong with snake meat (tastes like chicken so they say) but you got cook it.

As usual Thomas hits the nail on the head.

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