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Nanning - Hanoi - Nanning

Posted by fiedlerc on 27/12/2007 at 16:15

I have read some of threads regarding buses to/from hanoi. My question is where in Hanoi does the bus stop that leaves at 7.30am from Nanning? I need to go to the Tay Ho district and need to know how far this is from where we will get off the us. Also, can someone tell me how much in RMB it is for the ticket?

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Posted by somtam2000 on 28/12/2007 at 12:32 admin

I don't know the answer to this, but have put it across to our man in Hanoi -- will report pack when I hear from him.

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Posted by somtam2000 on 29/12/2007 at 18:48 admin

My best info is that the bus in question comes in from the northeast along Nguyen Van Cu in Long Bien district, but does not stop at the Gai Lam Bus Station along the way.

It crosses the Chuong Duong bridge and then heads south a few kilometres to the Hong Ha Hotel on Tran Quang Khai.

All along that road there are bus stops for buses headed north to Tay Son district which is just a few kilometres away. Buses 31, 41 and 55 go up the main road, Au Co, and cost 5,000 VND, but a xe om or taxi shouldn't be expensive.

The Nanning Bus is 270,000 VND from Hanoi, probably about US$17 coming the other way.

Hope that helps!

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Posted by CatBa on 7/1/2008 at 23:27

Posted from within Vietnam.

Crossing Borders: the Chinese / VietNam border by bus
For many years some citizens of PingXiang, GuangXi Province, China have been making a killing from cross-border Travellers needing transportation between their city - with the rail head (or terminus) and the border but the Wild West times in China are over.

NanNing, the capital city of GuangXi Province, now has a daily bi-directional bus link with Ha Noi, VietNam thanks to Yunde Bus NanNing < > and a Chinese invested Vietnamese company - Lang Son Auto Transportation using modern buses. The only drawback is that passengers are required to change buses when crossing the border.

This is a very easy journey for Westerners.

Make a reservation with KIM LIEN TRAVEL by calling +84-(0)-4-577-0434; FAXing +84-(0)-4-577-0346; hand/cell +84-913-525-389. You MUST attend their office located in the Kim Lien Hotel < >, 07 Dao Duy Anh Street, Ha Noi; Tel: +84-(0)-4-852-2522; FAX / Fax: 84-(0)-4-852-1209 NO LATER THAN 07.30H on the day of departure to claim and pay for your seat. Seating is reserved.

The bus departs promptly at 08.00H. During the approximate 4-hour journey to the border you are given water and a snack and there is one scheduled toilet stop.

At the border you must recover your baggage and carry it about 100 yards to the Immigration and Customs office where you have to lift it up 19 steps. As this border post is manned by junior staff they do their job very diligently and s-l-o-w-l-y. But don't worry, the bus drivers will wait for you.

After having your passport minutely inspected, and stamped, you then load your baggage into an X-ray machine where no one is looking at the screens.

You then exit the border post by climbing down another 11 steps, hauling your baggage about 100 metres across the unmarked physical border nd walking into the Chinese Immigration and Customs post. No steps!

Here you are required to complete some forms so have a pen handy. One of them is a Departure Card, take one, which is handy to complete at your leisure before leaving China. After form-filling you have to line up behind a yellow line to wait for immigration waiting for the totally humourless officers.

If you thought you had seen bureaucracy on the Vietnamese side, you are about to witness even more. The writer had a staple in his passport which had held a Vietnamese form and the Chinese immigration officer spent about two minutes trying to learn what the staple was for! The minute inspection is repeated - as if anyone wants to escape into China - edges of passport pages, passport page stitching, etc. They also subject passports disctretely to an ultra-violet light and a chemical sniffer.

Caution: Your activities, body language, etc. are closely observed by separate immigration officers and on TV cameras.

Following immigration procedures you have to load your baggage into another X-ray machine. Seemingly this machine is unmanned as the writer was carrying a small satellite dish, electronics equipment and tools that caused no excitement.

After leaving the Immigration and Customs another walk, up a small hill past the old Friendship Gate (the border has been realigned to the south) to the Chinese bus. Toilets and snack dispensers are inside the old Gate on the Chinese side.

After boarding the Chinese bus, and occupying the seat number used in the Vietnamese bus, you are presented with a bottle of water and a can of tasty vegetarian rice juk (rice porridge) and after about 2 hours of uneventful highway travel the bus arrives at crowded NanNing < >,stopping first at the Rail Station and then the NanNing LangDong Bus Station,186 Minzu Dadao Avenue, NanNing (BUS ROUTES 6, 25, 42, 45,52, 206 and 213)(note carefully - there are at least 6 bus stations in NanNing < >). Map: < >)

Since the NanNing LangDong Bus Station is *always* very crowded the best option is to board the bus to the VietNam border at the NAN FANG HOTEL < >, 76 ChaoYang Road, NanNing, GuangXi Province, 530011 where it is the ONLY bus at 07.00H each day!

The hotel is about 300 metres from the railway station. BUS #8 (for routes see < >), from downtown (MinZu DaDao Avenue and ChaoYang Road)(Walmart), stops outside the Nan Fang Hotel. Map: < >.

You must be in possession of a Vietnamese visa. These can be obtained from: The Consul of VietNam, GuangXi Investment Building/Floor 3, 109 Minzu Dadao, NanNing, GuangXi Zhuang Auto Region 530000. Tel: +86-(0)-138-7710-0849 (Call first). The office is on Bus route #6.

Ticket purchase is necessary BEFORE the day of travel. The reservation office is easy to find after you have located the Nan Fang Hotel. It is located on the far side of the road that intersects with ChaoYang Road to the LEFT of the hotel. It is signed with Ticket office of the Lang Dong Bus Station (on a red background). It opens at 08.00H (after the bus departs) and is the ONLY office that sells tickets for the bus at the hotel. Only Chinese is spoken.

The bus departs promptly and picks up other passengers at NanNing LangDong Bus Station after which it departs for the border with refreshments provided.

The tedious border procedures are repeated and the Vietnamese bus awaits in the south car park and following a 130-kilometre, 3-4 hour journey you are delivered to the Kim Lien Hotel.

BE AWARE of the hotel sales scam running on the bus INTO Ha Noi - they try to sell Ha Noi Blue Sky Hotel - a high priced, filthy hotel on Hang Ma. Tell the woman (who gets on the bus) you hear her hotel is no good - she will quit bugging you then.

BUS is DEFINITELY better than slow rail with dubious customs / immigration into China.

Note that China is ONE HOUR AHEAD of VN time.

Repost if you need more info about NanNing hotel / connections.

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Posted by fiedlerc on 14/1/2008 at 18:32

thanks for the very informative and entertaining description of the chinese/vietnamese border crossing. One more thing, can I book the bus from nanning on the day i arrive or do i need to book in advance? I get to nanning about 6PM on the 13th and need to get the 7am bus on the 14th of feb.

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Posted by CatBa on 15/1/2008 at 00:31

Posted from within Vietnam.

Thanks for your compliments.

Unfortunately, the ticket office is very bureaucratic and shuts around 17.30H YET YOU MUST PRE-PURCHASE YOUR TICKET to board the bus!

The GuangXi Yunde Transportation Company, this bus route operator, also has offices in ChongZuo,GuiYang, MaCau, Hong Kong and GuangDong. It has a (Chinese language) web site < >.

If you can try to get some Chinese/English speaking person to translate. Maybe you can book the ticket through another Yunde office.

STIPULATE you want to board at the Nanfung Hotel - it is the only bus that leaves the hotel and you can't get lost! The bus station is way different - even the drivers get confused!

BTW, you might be asked for a couple of extra Yuan - this is for passenger insurance, something you don't get on VN buses.

Finally, if you use a taxi, please remember to pay the driver ONE EXTRA YUAN ON TOP OF METERED FARE, which compensates him for increased gas prices. Even the Chinese pat this additional Yuan, you should too.

Good luck with your travels.

P.S. 2008 FEB 07 is Chinese New Lunar Year and Vietnamese Tet Festival. THE BUSES WILL BE VERY, VERY BUSY between Ha Noi and NanNing - BOOK EARLY. The bus company simply adds buses until almost all passengers are accommodated.

Accommodation will be extremely tight in Ha Noi - have you booked yet?

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Posted by fiedlerc on 15/1/2008 at 09:20

catba,where r u located? china or vietnam? I live in Beijing and may get down to nanning a day earlier to make sure i get a bus ticket for the 14th. I got to be in hanoi on the 14th.dont need hotel res, its all been done.just have to get from whereever the bus drops me off in hanoi to the sheraton hanoi. how long will this take?

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Posted by CatBa on 15/1/2008 at 17:26

Posted from within Vietnam.

I've been based in VietNam for the last 16 years. Still learning new things as much now as when I first arrived.

The is at K5 Nghi Tam, 11 Xuan Dieu Road Tay Ho District whereas the bus drop off point is at Kim Lien Hotel which is, naturally, in the Kim Lien District.

Given the state of the roads, the massive city-wide road redevelopement scheme it shouldn't take more than an hour. (The bus usually arrives in the middle of the afternoon commuter rush!)

The booking office NEAR Nanfung Hotel is a 10 minute ride from the RR station. Miss the office hours and you miss the bus as the office only opens at 08.00H - 30 minutes after the bus leaves.

I presume you also know you MUST have a VN visa to board the bus.

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Posted by fiedlerc on 15/1/2008 at 22:01

hi catba,
picking up my visa tomorrow.;-)))want to meet 4 vietnamese cafe in hanoi? either on the 14th or before i go back on the 23rd. Would be nice to hear some vietnam stories and info as this is going to be my next destination after finishing work in china. My email is

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Posted by sbeova on 13/9/2014 at 08:00

hi, i am trying to book a ticket from Pingxiang to Hanoi (if not possible even from Nanning), but i start from the beginning. I am in Japan now. I am applying at the Chinese embassy in Japan for the touristic visa in order to enter in China. I already bought the flight ticket. The departure date is 2 weeks from now. So i don't have much time left. Of course in order to get the visa, I also need to show something that can prove that I will leave the country in time. And my plan is to travel in Vietnam after China, and I would like to move from Nanning or Pingxiang to Hanoi by using bus or train. I am planning to enter Vietnam around 15th to 20th of november (that is almost 50 days from now).

It seems that I need to book it through an agency, but I don't know any chinese, and I still don't understand to which agency i could ask.
It would be of great help if you would give me suggestions of how to book a ticket from Pingxiang/Nanning to Hanoi.
You can also answer to my mail:

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Posted by emotioncruise on 14/9/2014 at 22:28

Posted from within Vietnam.

Dear sbeova,
From Pingxiang you can take a taxi to Huu Nghi Quan, about 20p and 50CNY.
After check in Vietnam, you can pay 10,000VND for electric car tranfer to Huu Nghi Quan station in Vietnam.

Hu Nghi Quan station => Hanoi Old Quarter, you can Pay: about 130,000 - 150,000VND Mini Bus (Merc/ Ford 16 seats)
1. Hoa Them Transport
2. Viet Trung Transport

- Mini bus drop at Hotel in Hanoi.
- Time: about 3,5 - 4h for 190km.

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