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Warning! Violence against tourists on PHU QUOC ISLAND Vietnam

Posted by fairall on 13/12/2019 at 07:31

Last month, November 2019, I visited Phu Quoc Island Vietnam, and was driving slowly through the night market around 11.15 pm one night. I had only just come out and was totally sober and driving on the right side, correct side of the road when two Vietnamese men blocked me driving on the wrong side of the road. The driver looked angry, as if I had blocked him, not him me. Then shockingly, he punched me on the side of the head! I asked some taxi drivers at the end of the road 'What was wrong with him?' They answered 'Oh he is drunk!' THAT IS NO EXCUSE.

Then, straightaway I drove away to meet some friends in a bar a couple of miles away and was passing The Roo Club on the main road when I witnessed a massive fight between two groups of young Vietnamese men outside the club. The level of violence they were using against each other was incredible, it was deadly. One man broke away and ran away as if he was running for his life, chased by three other men at top speed. Myself and several Vietnamese people had stopped on the other side of the road to watch this spectacle. Then one of the gang squared up on the opposite pavement and pointed directly at me. The message was clear, go away or will attack you next! I quickly drove off as this was basically a death threat.

Why did this man pick on me and not the other Vietnamese people? I am a man in my sixties an innocent bystander and had been punched in the head 10 minutes earlier by another Vietnamese man. What if a couple of tourists had just unknowingly walked into this scene on the other side of the road? They could have been killed. Then probably reported as having an accident, or were causing trouble. You know, I had been there three weeks and had not seen a single policeman there on Phu Quoc. What is going on? Are they trying to run a billion dollar industry with no policing? In my country I treat tourists as honoured guests. But people there on Phu Quoc Island just used casual, gratuitous violence against me. I hate being treated like that. I will never return there and recommend other tourists to never visit there. Least while, the Vietnamese authorities guarantee my safety and treat me with respect and politeness of any other human being!

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