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Reputable Tailor in Hoi An

Posted by Travel2008 on 27/1/2009 at 18:36

Posted from within Vietnam.

I am looking for a reputable tailor in Hoi An.
I want to get a suit and some dresses made, but obviously need the suit to be good quality as I want to wear it to work in the UK. Does anyone know of a good tailor (definitely doesn't have to be the cheapest), that they would recommend.
Thank you

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Posted by chrispyrolls on 27/1/2009 at 19:24

I think everyone has their favourite on this one ... we got some great stuff (shirts for me and dresses for the good lady wife) at Impressions on the corner of Phan Dinh Phung & Hai Ba Trung (they have a few shops) and were very happy with them... others slate them!

Yaly also gets a good rep ... a guy i work with wears one of their suits everyday ... so they seem to last

it's quite surreal going to Hoi An to be confronted by the lastest Next catalogue as well ...

have fun

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Posted by hansyen on 30/1/2009 at 06:19

I was recently in Hoi An and I was very pleased with the work and services of a tailor shop called FUTURE on 586 CUA DAI ROAD. For sure the one with the most quality tailor work for a good price. The service was the best and I know that this is not always the case in other shops.

To choose a good shop is important but even more important is the tailors, who are working for a shop. The tailor who makes the suits for FUTURE is one of the best in Hoi An. Also for the other pieces of clothes they work together with tailors who have years of experience in making clothes.

FUTURE is run by 2 sisters and the price they charge is all depending on the number of pieces you order. The more you order the lower the price. A suit starts at $50 but if you choose the better fabric like cashmere wool you pay just $70 at least that was what I was paying.

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Posted by brucemoon on 30/1/2009 at 20:10


I found that every shop is merely an agent for the 'backroom' sweatshop factory located down some back alley employing girls for long hours at a pittance.

Before starting, know what you want. The Vietnamese are so adept in making a sows ear assume silk purse 'standing'.

Check around for fabrics (are they fashionable in your home town? - most will be not) and compare prices to what you'd secure at a fashion shop in HaNoi / Saigon, Bangkok, or similar.

I found that the fashion in Kuala Lumpur is equal to the best in the non-US fashion world (ie. US is so grunge) and the 'very ordinary' product from Hoi An was more expensive.

And, I consider the garments to be about the same price as at a discount store here in Australia.

The sad fact is that Hoi An is now overpriced and under 'qualitied', and the shopkeepers are ripping off tourists who have to have what someone else raved about.

All this, and the girls doing the work get next to nothing.

Sorry to be so bleak about it, but facts are facts!


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Posted by hansyen on 31/1/2009 at 07:25

I think that brucemoon is absolutely right. Most of the shops underpay their tailors who are working under bad conditions. I also agree that workmanship in most shops is poor but I disagree with the fact that all shops are bad. Mr. Xe for example is getting great reviews and despite the fact that Yaly is much more expensive than most of the shops they have happy customers as well.
A real review of the way a shop is working I can only give you on FUTURE. I know the shop for many years and I’m a regular customer since they started on 22 Le Loi in 2001. Half year ago they moved to 586 CUA DAI ROAD (that is on the way to the beach 200metre away from the post office). It is a real family business. Two sisters are running the shop and both husbands are tailor specialized in making suits.
The shop is choosing their tailors carefully. They don’t work together with sweatshops because they know that the quality will be poor. There are still a couple of tailors that are working for themselves with just a few assistance. Usually these are the better tailors. FUTURE is working together with those tailors.

If you decide to visit their shop don’t forget to say hello from Hans, Yen and Kimberly from Holland and I’m sure they will give you the highest possible services.

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Posted by amazon_blonde on 31/1/2009 at 10:30

I've been to Vietnam (including Hoi An ) before, and I will be going back to Vietnam in March but not going to Hoi An -- just Saigon/HCMH and Hanoi. I'd like to get a few pieces made while I'm there, primarily because I'm a strange size (very tall) and getting ready-to-wear off the rack in Canada can be very difficult.

Can anyone recommend a good, reputable tailor that does not use sweatshops and pays their staff well, in either Saigon or Hanoi? Thanks in advance.

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Posted by wynnk on 28/3/2010 at 11:03

Posted from within Vietnam.

I thought I'd add onto this thread instead of creating another.

We're leaving Hoi An today and have bought clothes from 4 tailors. Some reviews:

1. Mr Xe - bought 3 suits here (mens and womens). The staff are sometimes abrupt but really very friendly. We had many many fittings here - 5 or 6, possibly more, but we had the time and were happy for the improvements. The suits are well-priced. Mr Xe found many things about the suits he wasn't happy with that we had missed, so we were impressed with his perfectionism. We think the finished suits look great (and we've had stuff tailored at great expense in Australia). However, Mr Xe said he was only 90% happy with one of the suits, so insisted we pick out another fabric and leave a mailing address, and he will send another suit to us for free.
- overall, great value and quality IF you have the time. I wouldn't recommend it if you're in a real hurry.

Yaly - bought a suit and two dresses here. Required fewer fittings than Mr Xe and quality also excellent. However, we had to be more proactive about getting things fixed or changed - we got the feeling they'll let you leave if you're happy with it. Overall, this is a better option if you're pressed for time and you are able to assess the quality of the tailoring.

Nguyen - bought one casual men's jacket and four shirts here. Everything needed some amendment, and it took a while to get across a design I had in mind, but eventually it all turned out fine. Not sure how they'd be with more complicated stuff.

Dong Duong - bought two casual women's jackets and one men's smoking jacket here. The casual jackets were very similar to ones they had on site, so needed no changes to them and the range of fabrics was great. They had a bit more trouble with the smoking jacket and didn't quite have the range of accessories we needed (braiding etc). So the smoking jacket is finished, but not accessorised. Overall, service was pretty good but there was some waiting around for items to be delivered for fittings.

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Posted by Sarah23 on 2/4/2010 at 13:16

Posted from within Vietnam.

We went to a place called 'Lucky Numbers' and weren't overly impressed. The suit we had made was ok but the dresses were just badly made unfortunately. Would avoid this one.

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Posted by newyorktraveler on 25/2/2011 at 22:28

Posted from within Vietnam.

Beware of Su's sisters tailor shop. I just had a horrible experience. I have curves, but have been able to find pants that fit in regular shops like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor etc. I had 3 suits made and they all turned out to be horrible! The jackets were fine but the pants were a disaster. I had creases in all the wrong places, it was baggy in other places..I have never worn pants that made my body look so bad. They promised that they would fix them until I was happy, but they gave up after 2 tries and claimed that it was my body's fault. Anyway, I feel like I have thrown away 400 dollars. I would strongly advise not to use their service.

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Posted by QWE on 25/5/2013 at 01:39

Posted from within Vietnam.

I had a 3 piece woman suit made at Bebe Tailor. Jacket, skirt, pants for $140. The pants and the skirts were perfect after a few fittings but I couldn't lift my arms, not even to my head, in the jacket. They kept saying that it's because it's fitted jacket and it was cut made to copy my body. Also, that it can either be comfortable to move in or look nice, not both which I think is ridiculous. After all it is a custom-made jacket! The only thing they kept trying was loosening and tightening the sleeves which didn't help.I understand that one's movement will be restricted a little when wearing a suit jacket but I'm sure one should not feel as if wearing a straight jacket....After they exhausted all their ideas to improve my jacket, I paid for it and left. I will not come to this shop to have a suit made again. The jacket looks ok on me but it is really hard to move in it.
On the other hand, I saw a guy who had 5 shirts and a pair of pants made there and they all looked good but his winter jacket seemed to have the same problem as mine-too tight in the armpits.So, I think this shop is ok for a lot of things but I wouldn't trust them with jackets of any kind.
I think they made a big mistake the first fitting when they presented me with a finished jacket, not just temporarily stitched together but actually sewn together, if u know what I mean, so there was not much room for greater changes. I think their jacket cut is wrong but they don't see it or don't want to admit it.
The staff was very helpful though

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