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Posted by Cluskey221 on 7/6/2012 at 14:19

Hi i was wondering I am flying into bangkok stayin for a few days then travelling through cambodia for a little over a week then onto vietnam was wondering if anyone knew any places to get a visa for vietnam in pheom penh or sihanoukville as these are the last places we visit.
I read there is a place in sihanoukville which is 30usd but it was from another website not sure whether to trust or not

Will be looking for around 2-3 week im vietnam so a visa that fits that


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Posted by XxSMIL3xX on 12/6/2012 at 08:11

hi my friend.
i ve just learn from another site than from cambodia you can take a 3 month visa if you go alone.if you give it to your hotel they can make it 6 months and sometimes 1 year.
message me if you want to give you the link.they have and the name of the hotel in PP.
the office is in shiha.

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Posted by oasisbarhatien on 16/6/2012 at 02:53

It sounds like you need a 30day single entry tourist visa,which you can get from the Vietnamese Consulate in Sihanoukville .It's on Ekareach Street,halfway between the town centre and Victory Hill.Open Mon-Fir and Sat morning,it's the easiest place to get a visa I have ever seen.It takes about 5 minutes and costs 45USD.You need one passport size photo,and there's one form to fill out.Strangely though,if you use an agent(such as Lucky Lucky) in Phnom Penh,the exact same visa costs less (I think 38USD) but will take a couple of days to get your passport back.If you are going to be in Sihanoukville anyway it's probably easier to go to the Consulate there and do it yourself.

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Posted by oasisbarhatien on 19/7/2012 at 01:18

Ignore the last post-it's absolute nonsense.The Vietnamese Consulate in Sihanoukville is the fastest visa issuer I have ever seen.It takes literally 5 minutes,all you need is a photograph (standard passport size),your passport,and one form which takes 2 minutes to fill out.It costs 45 USD.The above mentioned online visa is a pre-approved visa-which is only valid for arrival by air at Saigon or Hanoi airports on an international flight.It CANNOT be used at a land border.In addition,some people who have used this pre-approved visa when entering Vietnam by air report lengthy delays when arriving at the airport,as you still have to present the approval letter and have your passport stamped.If you are going to be in Sihanoukville any way,just get the visa there,it's far easier

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Posted by LaraHelen on 19/7/2012 at 21:18

I accept that Vietnam visa on arrival is used for travelling by air, not by land. However, visa on arrival is accept in Hanoi, HCM, Danang airport. Visa on arrival that mean getting Approval Letter and then get stamp visa at the airport. It is suitable for tourists. For example, they are travelling in some coountries which have not Vietnam Embassy, how can they do? They have to ask for Vietnam visa on arrival. Or in some case, some foreigner do not know they have to own Vietnam visa to enter this country, their flight will be fly within hours, how can they do? they can not go Embassy. They will ask for Vietnam visa on arrival.

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Posted by oasisbarhatien on 19/7/2012 at 22:54

The OP stated they would be in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville.Therefore,for them,the easiest way to get a visa for Vietnam is to go to the Consulate in Sihanoukville.That's why,when replying to their question I advised them to do exactly that.It might be that for some people,a pre-arranged visa is the only/best way to go.However-please note-it is correctly described as that-it is NOT a visa on arrival-there is no such thing in Vietnam.It has to be pre-arranged,and is only valid for entry at an International airport,as stated before.I have personally witnessed people who have been mistakenly under the impression they can simply get a visa on arrival being refused boarding on the plane departing for Vietnam,and also turning up at the land border with this approval letter,thinking they can enter with it.And,as I said before,on some occasions,people face lengthy waits at the arrival airport to get their passport stamped,if there are many people applying for the pre-approved visa.This doesn't happen with a visa obtained in advance.

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