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Vietnam Visa advice? - purchase in Cambodia?

Posted by mpmcintosh94 on 12/3/2013 at 08:30

Hey there.

I begin travelling on 20th April 2013. I'm going to
- Thailand for around 2 weeks
- Cambodia for around 1 week
- Vietnam for around 4 weeks (maybe under or over 30 days)

I'm happy with how the Thai and Cambodian visas work and im not really worried about them.

But I need some advice on When/Where/How to buy my Vietnam visa. Is it easy and cheaper to buy in Cambodia? or Thailand? Or in England?
I've heard that it can begin to expire from the day you buy it? And also how do you go about adding a month on if you think you might go over 30 days? What happens if it does expire while you're in the country?

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Posted by captainbkk on 14/3/2013 at 03:06

You did not tell the most imptt piece of info: HOW you think to arrive in VN.
-IF by air, then by all means do the advance arranged online- its the cheapest- 45US$%+service fee-mostly 15/20.
BKK -VN embassy are money-wiggling crooks and even more so in UK. Find tons of info on VN branch on it.
IF by land and If you go via Camb just before-then do it there- just an overnight needed-can be done in ANy touristy Khmer town and cost barely more-pay US$- as option online. The date srats when you tell them to- if holding airtix, then sow them and they will use that.
IF you during your stay not change minds (many do- VNam tends to get the most of revolting escapes of bekpekkers of whole SEA), then you can extend in SOME places-notably the touristy ones, by going via a local agent- NEVER deal with VNese burocrats yourself- I think this cost a whopping 5 US$/day or so and I do not know for how long it is allowed.
If you do not extend before xpiry-nothing will happen untill you hit any border and they will fine you grossly.

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Posted by sayadian on 21/3/2013 at 04:19

You're going to Cambodia first, right? If you are going to the beach Sihanoukville Consulate (near Victory Hill) does the visa while you wait in half hour.It's different prices for different nationalities.
It doesn't start when you get it, it starts from the date of entry you put on your visa request form. So if you arrive later than that you lose those days.
Sorry, I don't know about renewals but I'm sure the Consulate can fill you in.

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Posted by travellingsarah on 1/7/2013 at 10:20 TF writer

Easy to get in Phnom Penh too - not sure about 1/2 hour but 24 option is available.

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Posted by jackycarl123 on 25/11/2013 at 23:18

very informative post..........thanks for this post.

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Posted by jorowa on 19/12/2013 at 11:09

Has anyone picked up a visa for Vietnam in Phnom Penh recently?

This blog post is quite interesting and informative but it's more than 2 years old:


I'm just wondering if the information is still accurate these days and if anyone has any updates or recent experience or information.

I'm in Vientiane, Laos and am getting quoted $75 - $82 for a 30-day VN visa, which of course sounds a bit crazy to me.

I'm planning on passing through Phnom Penh on the way to HCMC so I'm thinking I should get it there. At the same time, if the cost has gone in Cambodia as well I might as well get it in Laos.

Any thoughts or comments?

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Posted by Jenn23le on 28/7/2014 at 06:23

It is quite easy to get vietnam visa in Phnom Penh. Hotel or any travel agency can process. They send it to the Vietnamese consulate in sihanoukville and will have it back to you within a few days. Unless you travel to sihanoukville you can make your way to the consulate and do it yourself. We just did it. Very easy process. Dropped off at 9am and got it same day 3pm.

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Posted by Jenn23le on 28/7/2014 at 06:27

I'm wondering if anyone has done the boarder crossing out of Kratie into Vietnam. Which is the easy boarder crossing to go through to get to HCMC. What is the process? My boyfriend and I did not want to travel back to Phnom Penh so if there is an alternative.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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Posted by bicycleme on 30/7/2014 at 06:04

If you travel by land, you have contact Vietnamese embassy in your country to get vietnam visa.
If you travel by air, the best is to get vietnam visa through an online visa agency.
One month single entry: 19$
1 month multiple entry: 24$
3 month single entry: 29$
3 month multiple entry: 60$
You can go and ask for the bargin.
You can contact support@evietnamvisa.org or access evietnamvisa.org/fees/ to have more inf

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