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Email notifications of replies on threads

Posted by KirstyB on 10/9/2011 at 05:42

I've just realised that I haven't been receiving email notifications of replies on threads for the past 2 or 3 days ......... Has anyone else had this problem? I double checked my email address (altho it was working previously and I haven't changed it) and other emails are receiving fine. And, yes I do remember to check the box! ...

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Travelfish newsletter

Posted by somtam2000 on 6/10/2007 at 16:12

You may have noticed the sign-up blurb on the top right of most pages for the Travelfish newsletter. Yes, that's right, we're bringing our newsletter -- the fondly named Burp! -- back to life. Travelfish old-hands probably recall the old newsletter, and the new Burp! will be a similar product. Travel news, gossip, special deals and lots more. What this means is if you're signed up via the Member Centre to receive the newsletter, you need to re-sign-up via the box up top. Sorry for the inco ...

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Region itineraries

Posted by Clarkfamily on 2/9/2011 at 19:40

Any suggestions for an extended regional itinerary (6 months) including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos? We are an adventurous family of five planning a trip without time limits at each destination, but would like to leave with a directional itinerary in mind. We hope to do mostly overland travel once in the region, but will probably fly a few long legs. Also open to boat travel. Any suggestions would be great so we avoid backtracking. Mother planner ...

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Link to Blogs?

Posted by swampgum on 24/8/2011 at 17:24

Hi there Somtam & crew, Love the site, of course – you've been invaluable... and a little bit addictive... After a few months of hanging around here, I just have one question/comment about getting to the blog section: To me, the blog section is one of the best parts of the site - and it's the area I visit most regularly. I think it's also one of the things that sets you apart from the similar sites, so I'm surprised that there isn't a direct link to the top-level blog page (www.travelfis ...

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Travelfish in French

Posted by somtam2000 on 31/8/2011 at 22:57

Heya, Just a quick note to let you all know we've opened the first part of something new we're doing -- Travelfish.org in other languages. For now it is just a partial translation in French -- of the top level information for Thailand -- but we'll expand it over time. Just thought it would be useful for native French speakers to read all this stuff in their own language -- and it has been lovingly translated to a a French speaker who has lived in Thailand a long, long time! You can see the s ...

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Posted by tezza on 16/8/2011 at 17:42

Stone the crows Stewy! I just spent the best part of an hour typing in a report on Kapas Island, but the Travelfish automatic log-out meant that when I tried to post it, I lost it all. How 'bout you extend the auto-log out so that long winded slow typing bastards like me get enough time to do the job? Or develop an auto-save function. ...

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Jobs at Travelfish.org

Posted by somtam2000 on 16/8/2011 at 06:06

Yup, just in order to make sure we have no free time at all, we're looking for three more researcher/bloggers to contribute to the Travelfish.org site. The positions are all based in southern Thailand and we're looking for applicants who are either living in Thailand, or at least looking to spending a prolonged period in the country. The role is part research, part blogging. You'll be required to research specific areas and blog for us once a week. There is also scope for feature writing and t ...

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A bit of a change accommodation wise

Posted by somtam2000 on 11/8/2011 at 17:11

There was a discussion going somewhere else on the site regarding this, but with all the confusion on the forum at the moment I can't actually find it. As it is very pertinent to what I'm working on/revising at the moment (Phuket), I though I'd do a quick note about it. In the past, we've endeavoured to cover (and list) as many places to stay as feasible in order to give you the widest possible choice of places to stick onto a shortlist. We're now actively working to move away from that, instea ...

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Changes to the Motorcycle forums

Posted by somtam2000 on 11/8/2011 at 12:39

I have made a change to the motorcycle forum, splitting it into two. Motorcycling Southeast Asia is for general touring/planning and logistics questions -- it is not for buy/sell posts http://www.travelfish.org/board/topic/motorbikeasia Buy/Sell Motorbikes is for posts about buying and selling motorbikes. Posts on this forum will not appear on the front page of Travelfish.org, nor on the top 100 posts section (when I reinstate it). http://www.travelfish.org/board/topic/buymotorbikes A lot of ...

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Mass account banning

Posted by somtam2000 on 7/8/2011 at 09:30

I've just banned a lot (over 1,000) pretty suspicious looking user accounts from Travelfish. The majority of these are either originated from mainland China or using a Chinese email address, among other things. I realise that there are some real people (rather than spamming morons) who I've probably caught up in this. For that I apologise in advance. If you're suddenly getting a "You're banned" message when you try and login, please post in this thread (obviously you'll need to start ...

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Recent spam

Posted by somtam2000 on 6/8/2011 at 17:31

Pls don't keep reporting. Am aware if it and will clear tonight when get home. Tks all ...

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Interview with Travelfish on IndieTravelPodcast

Posted by somtam2000 on 23/10/2009 at 13:58

So you've seen my mugshot, read interviews with me, and now, for those who just can't get enough, you can listen to my interview with Craig at IndieTravelPodcast -- a Podcast website for independent travellers. It's a general interview talking about how we ended up stuck in Asia, how Travelfish was put together over time and also just a general discussion about travelling in Southeast Asia. You can listen to the interview here or, if you're an iTunes fan, you can subscribe to their feed he ...

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Phnom Penh Travelfish Guide released

Posted by somtam2000 on 3/6/2007 at 15:58

Just a quick announcement that we've added the Phnom Penh Travelfish Guide to our collection of ebooks for sale. With 18 A4 pages, four maps and over 27,000 words of condensed travel intelligence, the guide should be a handy addition to your travel planning. All this for just US$3.95 -- less than the cost of a cab to the airport! The next one to be added will be Ko Tao and should be online in a week or so... ...

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Ko Tao Travelfish Guide released

Posted by somtam2000 on 20/7/2007 at 09:55

Just a quick announcement that we've added the Ko Tao Travelfish Guide to our collection of ebooks for sale. With 14 A4 pages, four maps and over 20,000 words of condensed travel intelligence, the guide should be a handy addition to your travel planning. All this for just US$3.95 -- less than the cost of day of snorkel hire! The next one to be added will be Vietnam's Central Highlands and should be online in by the end of July... ...

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Angkor Wat or Borobudur?

Posted by dellacassi on 1/7/2008 at 02:05

My husband and I (45+ yrs) are spending 6 weeks this July and August, in SEA. We had planned to see Angkor Wat, but I was somewhat daunted by its sheer size as I do have a somewhat of a 'bum' foot. A traveling friend told us that between the two sites, he actually preferred Borobudur. He found it highly comparable in quality and liked that it was not so overrun with tourists. We would be flying in to Cambodia only to see Angkor Wat. Has anyone else seen both 'temples'? Would we be crazy ...

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Minor site meltdown July 4, 2008

Posted by somtam2000 on 4/7/2008 at 17:55

Hi all. As some have noticed (thanks for those who emailed me about this), Friday afternoon July 4 has seen some major interruptions to service. We're working on fixing the problems, but in the meantime have had to suspend the creation of new eFish (the free guides) and a couple of other parts of the site. We plan to have it all up and running again as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience & have a good weekend. Somtam ...

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Travelfish birthday sale, five days only!

Posted by somtam2000 on 12/7/2008 at 15:16

Five long years ago today Travelfish.org went live. To celebrate five years online, we're running a Buy One Get One sale over at the Travelfish Guide store. For each Travelfish Guide you buy, you can get another one for free. There's no small print, there's no catch -- all you need to do is buy one through the Travelfish Guides section of the site, then send us an email to travelfishguides@travelfish.org telling us the following: a) Your Travelfish member name; b) The name of the guides ...

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Posted by Kejsaren on 12/5/2008 at 14:50

Great site! Can anyone perhaps provide me with some extent information regarding who can use the maps and what one may do with them? Thanks! ...

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Any Travelfishers in Sydney?

Posted by somtam2000 on 26/9/2008 at 01:48

We're finishing up our weeklong Fiji holiday today and have a week in Sydney before returning to Asia. If there are any Travelfishers interested in meeting up for a yarn, please drop me a line. I'll be based in the northern suburbs but will be travelling around town a bit. Cheers ...

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Manage your subscriptions

Posted by somtam2000 on 18/11/2008 at 09:27

We've just added a new section within the Member Centre that allows you to manage your forum subscriptions (the email notification when there has been a reply to a post you have made on the messageboard). It allows you to both subscribe and unsubscribe to any thread you have posted on. You'll see a link to the Manage Subscriptions page towards the top of the member Centre main page. ...

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