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indonesia travel help

Posted by nedlil1 on 27/6/2011 at 09:44

we are traveling to indonesia for approx 3 weeks before going to borneo for 3-4weeks flying into bali from hong kong -how much time in bali and other places-we want to go to flores and take the boat to rinca for the komoto dragons-we will fly from bali and back.we also want to go to lombok-then head west towards jakarta where will get the plane to borneo on the way, we want to stop in yogyakarta and see the borubudur and bromo volcano we also want to visit and stay in ubud and /or lovina-any ot ...

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Changes to site and note regarding PDF guides

Posted by somtam2000 on 23/4/2011 at 15:40

Hi all, Just a quick note to let you know am making a few changes to the site over the Easter weekend to try to mitigate ongoing attacks on the site (if you've noticed there is a correlation between the site going down and me not being particularly active on the messageboard for the last week or so, now you know why!) I'm hoping once these changes are through we'll have fewer problems with the site going down. Casual users shouldn't notice any difference to the site, but if you do have problem ...

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Secret places

Posted by somtam2000 on 23/3/2011 at 17:53

Hey all, As you can imagine both Sam, myself and the researchers see more than our fair share of places to see and stay. Often these places are already well known, but every now and then we find somewhere very special that nobody has ever heard of that we think is just brilliant and we get a lot of satisfaction out of writing these places up and hopefully sending them some of you lot. So, to the point of the this post, if we were to find somewhere like this and list them, then to have them get ...

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In Bangkok

Posted by somtam2000 on 19/2/2011 at 11:39

Heya, I'm off to sunny Bangkok this afternoon and will be there for 10 days. If any Travelfish readers happen to be about and want to meet up, let me know. Cheers! Stuart ...

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Keep it civil

Posted by somtam2000 on 14/1/2011 at 08:16

If you feel the need to directly attack, denigrate or ridicule other site members, don't bother posting. Keep doing it and you'll be banned. It's a big world and lots of different types of travel can be accommodated pretty well. If that's too much to ask, then it's simple, don't post, or go vent on another travel forum like Thorntree. Thanks ...

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New Travelfish destination blogs

Posted by somtam2000 on 11/1/2011 at 20:15

Hope the silly season has treated you all well - we went to Kuta-Lombok and got wet - very wet. Just wanted to let you know about a new thing we've just started on the site -- individual blogs for different locations in the region. Each of these has at least one writer assigned to it (who lives in that city) and they'll be blogging about it two or three times a week. The idea is to give you readers a more constant stream of information about places that we cover, rather than having to wait unt ...

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I'm down with dengue fever, so...

Posted by somtam2000 on 16/9/2010 at 17:15

I won't be able to keep such a close eye on the site for the next 7-10 days while I get over it. In the meantime, if you do see spam, particularly on the scale of the moron who hit the site this morning, please send me a private message alerting me to it as they're sent to my email -- which I can read on my iPod -- yes I haven't got to the point of taking my laptop to bed with me yet! Expect a feature story on dengue fever in the near future! Also this puts the redesign on hold until I'm back ...

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Missing forum messages

Posted by somtam2000 on 27/11/2010 at 06:39

In trying to keep the forum spam under control, it seems quite a few forum posts have been being miss-identified as spam. I've unflagged a lot - apols in particular to Captain_bob and wanderingcat... Am keeping a closer eye on this and if you post a message that is flagged, please send me a private message so I can check it out. Tks ...

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How's the weather where you're standing?

Posted by somtam2000 on 14/11/2010 at 14:43

I've just added a small new feature in that gives the weather today and the four-day forecast for a bunch of destinations covered on Travelfish. You'll see it in the right column when available. Has a pretty pic, the general conditions and the temperature range in Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can see some examples here: Ko Samui Chaweng Beach Mukdahan and Hanoi . The info is supplied by Google, who I think in turn grabs it from WeatherUnderground. Some popular places, notably Ko Tao, do ...

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Problem with site access? Anyone?

Posted by somtam2000 on 29/10/2010 at 06:35

Hiya, I just got a query from a Travelfish user who is having a problem where the site just stops responding. They surf through for a while and then no links will open anymore (but other sites and links/ads out from Travelfish work fine). They're using a Macbook with Safari. I can't recreate the problem (which makes it rather difficult for me to fix!) but if others are having this prob, or something similar, can you let me know please. Thanks ...

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more link weirdness

Posted by somtam2000 on 9/9/2010 at 07:14

I know the links are sometimes getting messed up -- I've fixed them in the new site, but not so easy here, so please just grin and bear it! In the meantime, if you're just posting a link -- eg http://www.travelfish.org then just paste the link in -- don't use the link button. If however you want to have a link title, like this: Travelfish then type the word (in this case Travelfish) then highlight it, click the link button, add the url and you should be set. Apols for the hassle. Should have t ...

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Travelfish site downtime Saturday October 16, 2010

Posted by somtam2000 on 13/10/2010 at 17:20

Hiya, Just a quick note that, assuming I don't contract plague or malaria, or put my back out (again) between now and Saturday, we'll be transitioning to the new Travelfish site this Saturday. This will mean the site will be unavailable for a few hours, starting around 6am GMT+8 (so yeah, I'm having a quiet Friday night). Hopefully it will all be sorted quickly and the site will be back up by the time you Sydneyites are finishing your morning brew, but, as is often the case, it may take a litt ...

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Question about new forums

Posted by somtam2000 on 8/10/2010 at 08:05

Just a quick question for you all. Am in the never-ending closing stages of the redesign and am currently setting up some new sections in the forum. Wanted to know if there was any particular area people would like a new forum section for? At the moment we're adding the following: "Getting there" for longhaul airfare and flight questions Some new regional countries to fill gaps in the current messageboard (Brunei, Timor Leste) And we're considering: "Volunteering & responsib ...

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Welcome to the new Travelfish

Posted by somtam2000 on 18/1/2009 at 19:00

The new site is here at last! What you see is the first step toward a number of changes that are on the way over the coming weeks and months. Through these we're aiming to provide a more solid base for the site to work with into 2009 and beyond. While there will be some new destinations coming online, more importantly you can expect a better depth of content on the site from now on. There are still some loose ends we're tying up, but we needed to get the new framework open before the traffic ...

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Travelfish T-shirts now available!

Posted by somtam2000 on 27/7/2009 at 19:29

First, if you won a T-shirt in the Travelfish Fifth Birthday celebration a couple of weeks ago, don't fret -- they're being mailed out at the moment -- the designer was down with dengue fever, hence the delay. But if you didn't win one, you may be interested to learn that you don't have to wait another year to win one. Yes, we're flogging Travelfish T-shirts through the site now and you can read all about it here. Cheers! ...

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You can now review destinations on Travelfish - and win prizes!

Posted by somtam2000 on 7/5/2009 at 20:32

Hi all, We've just opened a new feature to allow Travelfish members to add their own opinion on destinations, and whether they're worth a visit or not -- like the accommodation reviews, but for individual destinations. For example, if you've got something to say about Sukhothai in Thailand, you head to the Sukhothai section, scroll down a little, and fill out the form you'll see. Here are a few pointers: a) For now, all comments are moderated before they appear. b) We're hoping that ...

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Change in how Travelfish member accommodation reviews work

Posted by somtam2000 on 15/3/2010 at 09:43

I've received a few emails over the last week or so regarding this, so I thought would do a post explaining what is happening. As regulars will know, Travelfish members are able to post reviews on the pages for specific guesthouses and hotels etc. The idea was to allow others to post their experiences -- good and bad -- in order to give other Travelfish readers a broader range of opinions on a place rather than relying just on the opinion of the Travelfish researcher who wrote the place up. ...

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Update on the new Travelfish site

Posted by somtam2000 on 9/9/2010 at 09:21

I know I keep rabbitting on about this, but just to give people a heads up on where I am with things. Firstly, we've a considerable backlog of new material to go onto the site (primarily Ko Pha Ngan, Buriram, Chiang Mai, Vientiane, northwest Vietnam and a few bits of Indonesia) but they're all delayed 'cause some of the redesign has taken considerably longer to implement than I expected. So what we'll probably end up doing is launching the site sooner than later so I can get this new content on ...

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busylizzy buttons

Posted by somtam2000 on 24/8/2010 at 08:51

As you may notice, the forum screen is a little different. As requested I've added little buttons so you can link and format your text without bothering with the pesky BBCode. I haven't checked it in all browsers yet, so if you have probs getting it to work, please comment below. Enjoy Before you ask, Edit function is in new site. ...

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Ongoing site availability issues

Posted by somtam2000 on 9/7/2010 at 07:13

As regular readers will have noticed over the last couple of days, something has been amiss at Travelfish! For the last three or four days our server has been being specifically attacked and that is resulting in ongoing availability issues. While we're working to address the problems it is taking time and we've needed to turn off some parts of the site while we deal with it. Please accept our apols for the inconvenience and rest assured we're working to deal with it. Best! ...

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