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Pharmaceuticals in Burma

Posted by pete61 on 15/12/2013 at 19:59

We're travelling in Burma in Jan. In Cambodia,Vietnam and Laos I have bought anti malaria and antibiotics at pharmacies for a fraction of the cost compared to Australia. No script needed either. Are these basic drugs available in Burma (heading out from Yangon), if so are they cheap and will I need a prescription? Thanks, Pete ...

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A post on Nebule Beach one of Myanmar's best keep secrets

Posted by relaxedTrev on 19/12/2013 at 19:11

The following is a facebook place profile for Nebule Beach, a pristine beach with deep clear water and soft sand broken into bays by large granite formations. The page also has a slider post profiling 3 other southern beaches and 1 Myeik Island which is open to those on tourist visa's its well worth a look ...

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Looking for travel buddies...

Posted by yeahno on 3/12/2013 at 11:05

I wanted to start this thread for single travelers looking to team up with others to split the costs of accommodations and transportation. Anyone going to be in Yangon Dec. 4th to the 6th? I already have a double room booked on the 4th at Motherland Inn 2 for just myself. ...

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Extra day in Yangon and overnight trip from Mandalay

Posted by pete61 on 23/9/2013 at 18:26

My partner and our older 4 teenage kids will be in Myanmar from Jan 11th to Jan 26th. we have organised to travel from Yangon to be in Bagan for the Festival and thought we could break the journey (day bus) by staying somewhere in between. I'm not sure which route the bus takes so checked Agoda for both Pyay and Nay Pyi Taw for accom but came up with nothing available. We decided we could stay an extra night in Yangon and do a day trip somewhere. It will give us 3 nights there (need to be in Ba ...

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Buying airline tickets online

Posted by stef25 on 13/11/2013 at 14:58

I'm arriving in Yangon on 30 DEC and am trying to book a flight out to Heho to leave on the 31st. Do any airlines offer online booking? Most I've tried just have a contact form. Air Bagan has online booking but you have to create a user account first and my UK passport number is "invalid" (so their website thinks ...), so I can't create the required account. Which airline would be the most reliable for either online booking, or answering quickly to their contact form requests? Ma ...

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Night by the Golden Rock - how to get the luggage on the mountain top

Posted by RadeKatka on 13/11/2013 at 01:59

Hello, I would appreciate some help from someone who's spent a night on the Mt. Kyiaktiyo as I am considering the trip but I am still somehow uncertain it is worth it. If I go I am sure I definitely want to stay overnight on the top. My main concern is how to get my luggage there. It will be just a some 15 kg backpack but still... I've read some stories about the truck ride... Is it doable with such a bacpack or is there a luggage storage in Kinpun or any other possibility? I'd be really gratefu ...

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Visa runs in relation to Myanmar tourist visa

Posted by jackymoon on 10/11/2013 at 05:16

I'm in Chiang Mai and want to make a visa run to Mae Sai. My only concern is whether making said visa run will have any bearing on an application for a Myanmar tourist visa in the next few months. Does anyone have any experience with this? My Thai friend says it's no problem but I want to be sure. Thanks ...

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Woman with shaved (bald) head - visa problems?

Posted by anneirene on 6/11/2013 at 01:00

I am planning on shaving my head before I set off - yes Mr. Clean shaved. However, I know that Myanmar can be stricter with visas and I am wondering whether this might cause a problem in my visa approval? I plan on getting it in Bangkok. Any experience or tips appreciated. ...

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Random thoughts about Burma

Posted by mattocmd on 8/8/2013 at 22:01

Hello everyone! I spent about 28 days in Burma from mid-June until mid-July and I just wanted to share some random thoughts. - Chaung Tha Beach is lovely and rooms are cheaper than you've been led to believe. It's only about 5-6 hours from Yangon by bus and I consider it to be a 'must see' Burma destination, especially for beach lovers. The seafood is amazing and so cheap. - Book your room in advance for Yangon and when you do, choose one with free airport pickup. However, outside of Yango ...

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Travel agent experience in Myanmar

Posted by Rahulh on 3/11/2013 at 03:00

Grand lotus travel Agent. be careful Avoid using Grand lotus Travel in Yangon as they are prone to misrepresenting itinerary descriptions and commitments. We were shortchanged on hotels description's, had to negotiate very hard to get our choice of accomodations. Since we prepaid it was stressful and challenging. They made an offer to give a balloon ride in Bagan then denied it completely. We have six written quotes which they stated meant nothing as the last email attachment did not includ ...

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Myanmar Help

Posted by EliCharlie on 26/10/2013 at 01:58

Little help needed. Heading in to Mandalay on the 29th October... flying from Bangkok. Firstly.. I keep hearing conflicting reports as to getting visa on arrival or visa beforehand... has anyone done it recently? Or know the answer... I thought it was fine now to pay on arrival for 30 day tourist visa? Secondly... with the recent banning of Homestays in Mandalay and Yangon and possibly now all over the touristy areas of Myanmar. what are budget travellers doing for accomodation? Because I kn ...

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From Inle Lake to Yangon, stop in Bago?

Posted by apeiron75 on 30/10/2013 at 17:39

Hi all I am planning my upcoming trip to Burma and I was wondering if anyone did travel from Inle Lake to Bago by bus? Is there any connection? I would like to stop in Bago on the way to Yangoon, rather than going to Yangon and take a day trip to Bago. I have checked the web but could not find much.. Thanks for any hints! ...

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One day in Lashio?

Posted by Harry05 on 24/10/2013 at 14:29

Will arrive in december in Lashio with an afternoon flight (scheduled arrival time 13.55 PM). What would you recommend, or maybe you have recent experiences about: Spending one night and maybe the next morning in Lashio? What is there to see? Which place you recommend to stay? Just after arrival leave for Hsipaw (my main next destination). Is arrival time reliable? Will I be able to get transport from Lashio to Hsipaw, are there regular busses at that time? Thanks answering, Harry ...

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Cheap flights on newly launched Myanma Air (14-31 Oct)

Posted by busylizzy on 17/10/2013 at 09:00

If you're in Burma at the moment (or about to arrive), this might be of interest. There was an article in today's local Yangon paper talking about a maiden flight that was just launched by Myanma Airways for the Yangon - Nyaung U ( Bagan ) route. They also mentioned a special promo fares that will be available from 14-31 October to celebrate the launch, as follows: Yangon - Nyaung U (Bagan) : US$55 (A huge savings compared to Air Bagan at $245) Nyaung U - Mandalay: US$29 ($115 with Bag ...

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Traveling by land - intermediate stops?

Posted by apeiron75 on 17/10/2013 at 05:51

Hi all I will be flying to Burma at the beginning of November and I will have around 15 days available to travel around the country. I will start from Mandalay, boat trip to Bagan, then Inle Lake and finally Yangoon. I know that traveling by bus might take a long time, but I'd still prefer this way for Bagan-Inle Lake, and Inle Lake-Yangon. Now, do you suggest any intermediate stop during these two long trips? Thanks!! ...

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Burma Visia in Chian Mai info

Posted by jackymoon on 16/10/2013 at 09:11

Has anyone arranged a Burmese visa through a Chiang Mai travel agency recently? I just spoke to a traveler who said it was possible. If so how much did it cost? Also, if anyone has any tips from experiences with the new overland border crossings for tourists to Burma I would love to hear them. Thanks! ...

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Getting Burma visa in KL - return ticket required? And other qns!

Posted by busylizzy on 12/10/2013 at 05:36

I will be heading to KL early next week to get my visa for Burma. I've got 2.5 days there - one day to get paperwork sorted/printed and to get USD, one day to drop off application, and one day to pick it up (although I am hopeful that I may be able to pick it up same day). I understand that I will need some or all of the following: - A passport with six months of validity - A photocopy of your passport - Two passport-sized photos - A completed visa application form - A completed employment hi ...

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I'm buggered! Any poss of getting same-day visa in KL?

Posted by busylizzy on 15/10/2013 at 03:03

OK - I thought I had done my research, but somewhere along the way I lost sight of the fact that today is a public holiday in Malaysia - which means that I couldn't get to the Myanmar visa today as planned. I now only have tomorrow (Wed) to drop off the application and pickup up the visa (ie same day) before my early morning flight on Thursday. Has anyone ever had experience getting a same day visa in KL recently? I've read that Bkk is the only place where you can do this. I am hoping that is o ...

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Transport and activities on New Years Day?

Posted by Harry05 on 13/10/2013 at 11:54

Will be in North Eastern Myanmar in the period around New Year. Will there be regular transport on january 1st on the leg Hsipaw - Pyin Oo Lwin? also the trainride from Kyaukme to Pyin Oo Lwin (Gokteik viaduct)? What about activities like trekking will there be oppertunities on this day? Will there be markets? Thanks answering, Harry ...

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myanmar travel blog October 2013

Posted by mjschrum on 10/10/2013 at 19:33

Hi I'm traveling in myanmar this month. Highly recommend it to anyone considering it. Please check out my travel blog, which is updated almost daily for photos and more information / toc / ...

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