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Travel buddy

Posted by vinespino03 on 26/5/2013 at 05:47

Hi there. I'm looking for buddy (indo-china tours) and loking for any advice.Liested below are my itenerary for 15 days Day 1 Thailand ( Phuket ) · Elephant Show · Old Phuket Town Travel to Bangkok (4 to 6 hours) Second Class Train Day 2 (Bangkok) · Ancient Tour · Pod Fai Market · Night â€" Vertigo and Moon Bar Day 3 · Floating Market ( · River Kwai · Park Society (tentative) BURMA Day 4 · Yanghon o Swedagon ...

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Want a few free nights in Mandalay?

Posted by somtam2000 on 23/5/2013 at 23:43

So for the second time running I've arrived in Bangkok planning to get a visa running only to find the embassy closed. Yes, I'm an idiot. However, there is an upside. If you're already in Burma, specifically Mandalay and would like to use my pre-booked hotel stay which I can't change the dates on, let me know and I'll send you the voucher. The stay is at the Smart Hotel, 167 28th Street, between 76th and 77 and is for checkin on May 25, checkout May 28. It cost me around $120 but if you can u ...

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Myanmar in August Itinerary

Posted by reublim on 16/3/2013 at 06:07

Hi, I will be in Myanmar for 14 days. Here is a tentative itinerary. What do you think? Also, which between Kyaukme or Hsipaw be worth spending some time at? 31 July-depart to Yangon 1 Aug-Yangon 2 Aug-depart by bus to Bagan 3, 4, 5, Aug-Bagan, Mt Popa 6 Aug-depart by boat to Mandalay 7 Aug-Mandalay 8 Aug-Ancient capitals around Mandalay 9 Aug-depart to Pyin Oo Lwin 10 Aug-Pyin Oo Lwin 11, 12 Aug-Spirit Festival?, Kyaukme/Hsipaw 13 Aug-departure to Bangkok. Thanks! ...

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good travel agents

Posted by aussiejohn on 7/10/2012 at 21:50

I know there are a scattering of travel agent recommendations through out these threads but Im hoping to get an up to date list of recommended travel agents who can book and advise through emails. Especially booking flights. In Yangon would be good so I can check up on the bookings when I arrive. thanks ...

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traveling with my daughters

Posted by broome on 21/3/2013 at 02:32

i'm 49 and my daughters are 16 and 17. i want to take them on a backpacking trip to show them how it is done, as i would like them to see the world when they get abit older. only trouble is i'v never done it myself. so i need help aswell would you more seasoned travelers do Myanmar as your first trip or a little easyer country for our first atempt. we would be away for 2 weeks and doing it during school holidays. i was thinking 50 australian dollars a day each plus spending money would that be o ...

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Train timings and pricings

Posted by ktjl on 1/5/2013 at 02:23

Hi, New guy here going to Myanmar in about 2 weeks time, on May 12th. Taking a flight from Singapore to Yangon, reaching at around 10:30 am (anyone happens to be going to Yangon on the same time an day? maybe we can arrange to share a taxi or something ) Anyways, I was planning my trip to Inle Lake from Yangon. My plan is to take the train to Thazi, change to the slow scenic train to Kalaw and then hike up to Inle Lake from Kalaw. Came across this awesome page (, with the most ...

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Myanmar visa - Washington DC processing time

Posted by mattocmd on 1/5/2013 at 11:04

I sent my visa application on Friday, April 26th via Fed EX and received my passport with visa today (May 1). To my surprise it took only 5 days total! ...

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American money and internet

Posted by mattocmd on 28/4/2013 at 11:01

Two small details that I want to clarify: For those of you who've been to Myanmar recently, how restricted is the internet? Were you able to access Gmail and Facebook? I'd like to be able to keep in contact with my family while I'm gone if possible. So just double checking that these two websites aren't currently blocked. I keep reading how US dollars must be in perfect condition...Are we talking mint condition? Or just in overall good shape with no tears, writing or major creases? I'm tr ...

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Booking for my trip in Late June/July

Posted by Donman1990 on 21/2/2013 at 02:30

I realise that this is a topic that seems to get discussed across a number of threads and forums, and I have done quite a bit of reading into it. But I still have a few more questions that I was hoping people with experience around the topic could help me answer. I'm planning on heading into Burma during late June/July which will be the end of roughly 5 months of travelling around south east asia. I'm still a bit unsure about the booking situation. I do intend to book my first few nights in Yan ...

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Prices, cash, points of entry

Posted by bananas4baba on 26/2/2013 at 10:22

Apart from hotels (which are over priced by South East Asian standards) Myanmar is a cheap country to travel in. We budgeted, and tied up, way too many dollars in cash - in part due to some of the scaremongering on these here pages. Travel is pretty cheap, though perhaps not as cheap as some countries. As for food you can pay as little or as much as you like. We had one thali in Mandalay that cost us 300 kyats (under 25p in UK money). If you have a big appetite you might need to order a second o ...

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Visa for Burma

Posted by Donman1990 on 15/3/2013 at 05:25

I'm currently in Hanoi, I want to apply for my Burmese Visa either here or in Bangkok in a month. To receive the Visa do I need to show my flights in and out of the country? Or is that something I can book after I get my Visa? ...

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cooking lesson in Burma

Posted by olodum on 26/9/2012 at 05:55

Hi, could anybody recommend some cooking classes in Yangon??? I was searching internet but I found only offer in Yangoon at Monsoon Restaurant but it's rather expensive... 60USD per person. Marta ...

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Visa to Myanmar

Posted by bman88 on 28/2/2013 at 22:07

I've been told that I can apply for. Myanmar visa at their embassy in Phnom Penh, and it takes about one week to get it. Can someone confirm this, and/or inform me of,what the process is. Also, when flying to Myanmar are you limited to Mandalay and Rangoon? ...

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Can US citizens get a Vietnam visa in Rangoon?

Posted by banhmiandyou on 2/2/2013 at 06:03

Planning a trip to Burma in a few weeks and would like to head directly to Vietnam after that. Anyone know if it is possible for US citizens to get a Vietnam tourist visa (one month, single entry) in Rangoon at the Vietnamese Embassy? If it's possible, would love to know about process, fees, required documents etc. Thanks in advance! ...

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Thoughts on 2 week itinerary?

Posted by janzak on 29/1/2013 at 05:10

Hey guys! Going to Burma tomorrow, making a rough itinerary for movements across the country. What do you think? 1. Arrive Yangon 2. Arrive Mandalay 3. Arrive Bagan 4. Bagan 5. Bagan 6. Arrive Kalaw 7. Kalaw 8. Kalaw 9. Leave trek to Inle 10. Arrive trek to Inle 11. Inle 12. Inle 13. Arrive Yangon 14. Leave for BKK Overall skipping Yangon and Mandalay since I'm more interested in indigenous areas and I can see painted rocks and royal palaces elsewhere ...

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Possible to enter by air and leave by bus?

Posted by OTL on 21/1/2013 at 04:46

I plan to fly into Yangon from Bangkok, but on exit I plan to cross the border at Tachileik/Mae Sai and from there take the bus to Chiang Mai. Will I have any problems doing this? I can't really see why I would but you never know. Thanks! ...

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Myanmar, Im coming to ya!

Posted by wheretonext on 25/11/2012 at 06:58

Hey everyone, Will be traveling alone to Myanmar this March 25 - April 9. Flying in and out of Yangon from Bangkok (Air asia). Help with the itinerary, transport and all? I wanna see Inle Lake, Bagan & Mandalay mostly. Anything else I could go to or see for 15 days of travel? Mrauk U looks very nice but I don't think I have enough time. Myanmar seems to be quite harder to get around with its dodgy public transport and stuff, can anyone help me with a rough guide on how to get from one plac ...

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Spirit Festivals in August

Posted by reublim on 20/1/2013 at 03:25

Hi, I plan to visit Mandalay and Bagan in early August. I just found out that there are three festivals near Mandalay around that time: 1. Taung Byone Nat Pwe (Madayar, Mandalay) 2. Yadana Gu Nat festival (Amapura, Mandalay) 3. Shwe Kyun Pin Nat Pwe (Mingun) and would like to know when exactly this year they are. It would be helpful if some locals could confirm the dates. Also, any information such as time of day to visit and guides, accommodation or any other relevant info is much appreciate ...

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2 Week Itinerary

Posted by lifeisadream on 11/1/2013 at 05:19

Hi there, I am trying to plan a 14 day trip to Burma and need help to work out if I am tyring to squeeze too much into a short amount of time. We will be flying from London to Bangkok in which we lose a day and technically land in Bangkok on day two. So our itinerary would look like this... Day 1 - Flight to Bangkok Day 2- Explore Bangkok Day 3- Fly Bangkok to Yangon Day 4- Yangon Day 5- Bagan Day 6- Bagan Day 7- Bagan Day 8- Mandalay Day 9- Mandalay Day 10- Inle Lake Day 11- Inle Lake Day 12 ...

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Transport for Mandalay-Bagan in August

Posted by reublim on 5/1/2013 at 23:23

Hello, I'm planning a 9 or 10 day trip to Mandalay and Bagan via Yangon. I intend to go to these places as these would be the driest during August. I have some questions. 1. From Mandalay to Bagan, I hope to take a river boat. I'm partial to the slow ferry, but wouldn't like it's uncertainty and likelihood of breaking down. What are the options available in July, and which would you recommend? 2. Depending on what is my exit strategy, I will either travel from Bagan to: a) Yangon by bus? ...

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