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Can US citizens get a Vietnam visa in Rangoon?

Posted by banhmiandyou on 2/2/2013 at 06:03

Planning a trip to Burma in a few weeks and would like to head directly to Vietnam after that. Anyone know if it is possible for US citizens to get a Vietnam tourist visa (one month, single entry) in Rangoon at the Vietnamese Embassy? If it's possible, would love to know about process, fees, required documents etc. Thanks in advance! ...

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Thoughts on 2 week itinerary?

Posted by janzak on 29/1/2013 at 05:10

Hey guys! Going to Burma tomorrow, making a rough itinerary for movements across the country. What do you think? 1. Arrive Yangon 2. Arrive Mandalay 3. Arrive Bagan 4. Bagan 5. Bagan 6. Arrive Kalaw 7. Kalaw 8. Kalaw 9. Leave trek to Inle 10. Arrive trek to Inle 11. Inle 12. Inle 13. Arrive Yangon 14. Leave for BKK Overall skipping Yangon and Mandalay since I'm more interested in indigenous areas and I can see painted rocks and royal palaces elsewhere ...

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Possible to enter by air and leave by bus?

Posted by OTL on 21/1/2013 at 04:46

I plan to fly into Yangon from Bangkok, but on exit I plan to cross the border at Tachileik/Mae Sai and from there take the bus to Chiang Mai. Will I have any problems doing this? I can't really see why I would but you never know. Thanks! ...

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Myanmar, Im coming to ya!

Posted by wheretonext on 25/11/2012 at 06:58

Hey everyone, Will be traveling alone to Myanmar this March 25 - April 9. Flying in and out of Yangon from Bangkok (Air asia). Help with the itinerary, transport and all? I wanna see Inle Lake, Bagan & Mandalay mostly. Anything else I could go to or see for 15 days of travel? Mrauk U looks very nice but I don't think I have enough time. Myanmar seems to be quite harder to get around with its dodgy public transport and stuff, can anyone help me with a rough guide on how to get from one plac ...

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Spirit Festivals in August

Posted by reublim on 20/1/2013 at 03:25

Hi, I plan to visit Mandalay and Bagan in early August. I just found out that there are three festivals near Mandalay around that time: 1. Taung Byone Nat Pwe (Madayar, Mandalay) 2. Yadana Gu Nat festival (Amapura, Mandalay) 3. Shwe Kyun Pin Nat Pwe (Mingun) and would like to know when exactly this year they are. It would be helpful if some locals could confirm the dates. Also, any information such as time of day to visit and guides, accommodation or any other relevant info is much appreciate ...

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2 Week Itinerary

Posted by lifeisadream on 11/1/2013 at 05:19

Hi there, I am trying to plan a 14 day trip to Burma and need help to work out if I am tyring to squeeze too much into a short amount of time. We will be flying from London to Bangkok in which we lose a day and technically land in Bangkok on day two. So our itinerary would look like this... Day 1 - Flight to Bangkok Day 2- Explore Bangkok Day 3- Fly Bangkok to Yangon Day 4- Yangon Day 5- Bagan Day 6- Bagan Day 7- Bagan Day 8- Mandalay Day 9- Mandalay Day 10- Inle Lake Day 11- Inle Lake Day 12 ...

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Transport for Mandalay-Bagan in August

Posted by reublim on 5/1/2013 at 23:23

Hello, I'm planning a 9 or 10 day trip to Mandalay and Bagan via Yangon. I intend to go to these places as these would be the driest during August. I have some questions. 1. From Mandalay to Bagan, I hope to take a river boat. I'm partial to the slow ferry, but wouldn't like it's uncertainty and likelihood of breaking down. What are the options available in July, and which would you recommend? 2. Depending on what is my exit strategy, I will either travel from Bagan to: a) Yangon by bus? ...

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Air Bagan crash

Posted by daawgon on 26/12/2012 at 03:23

Air Bagan has had a Fokker 100 fatal crash near Heho, Myanmar (one died on the plane + one on the ground) ( reports) ...

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No room at the Inn?

Posted by JohnnyM on 9/10/2012 at 02:03

Along with seemingly half the travelling world - I was intending going to Burma in November - but haven't booked any accommodation. From what I can gather, all the web bookable hotels are booked up. I understand that Burma has a very limited infrastructure which will take a few years to catch up with current demand. So, does anyone have an educated view on whether there is much lower range accommodation that just doesn't take advance/internet bookings, or whether Burma really is full up? So f ...

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11 Day Itinerary

Posted by PaulJB on 12/9/2012 at 15:29

Hi Guys, Any advice would be great!, my itinerary is different than other ones I have seen as I want to fly into Yangon and out of Mandalay(meaning that I dont do the usual route Yangon-Bago-Mandalay-Isle-Yangon). I am looking to go, Yangon-Bagan-Inle-Mandalay. Queries I have already are, 1) the flight between Bagan and Inle is with Bagan Air, are they reliable and have people heard of this flight before? 2) Does the time breakup for the locations look right? 3) I am leaving Myanmar on the 1 ...

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Myanmar Trip Report

Posted by loral on 8/12/2012 at 14:02

I visited Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Thazi, Kalaw, Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake), and the Taung Gyi Balloons during November. For anyone interested my first trip report is here: Yangon, Myanmar aka Rangoon, Burma The post before that may assist people flying in or out on AirAsia from Bangkok. I hope to post the remaining reports before Christmas. ...

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Up to date guidebook?

Posted by Sampan on 3/9/2012 at 03:25

Hi people, I'm having some thoughts about visiting Burma later this year and was wondering if there is such a thing as a up to date guidebook? From what I'm reading, due to all the recent changes, LP's latest edition (2011?) isn't very accurate when it comes to prices. Is there any better one out? Or a good blog or web-page perhaps? Any input is highly appreciated! Happy trails! ...

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Myanmar Embassy in Australia

Posted by loral on 22/10/2012 at 00:45

For Aussies, I am posting again because I finally made contact. It exists! The long story as to why that is great news for me follows. After months of searching and finding many different visa sites, all with a degree of uncertainty and high charges, I finally discovered the official web-site for the Australian Embassy. It included downloadable application forms for visa and details for the procedure. I discovered only today that the reason I had not found it before is that it only operates sp ...

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Yangon> South Thailand

Posted by JohnnyM on 2/9/2012 at 10:53

I'm thinking of spending some time in Burma this autumn/winter followed by a week on a thai beach. Is there any (relatively) straightforward way to get to south Thailand from Yangon or South Burma, other than flying back to Bangkok and then onwards from there - seems a lot of doubling back - especially as I was thinking of one of the islands near Ranong. ...

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Visa On Arrival

Posted by dbaroncelli on 18/10/2012 at 01:15

So, anyone can clarify if the tourist (not business) Visa On Arrival is currently available at the Yangoon International Airport for the famous 26 countries? (runei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam, Australia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States of America.) In that case, do you need to apply online before? Many thanks for any clar ...

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Myanmar Currency

Posted by loral on 28/10/2012 at 19:08

I am in the final stages of planning for my Myanmar trip in November; just waiting on the passport and, hopefully, visa to arrive from the Australian Embassy. I am aware that I need pristine $US notes for travelling there. Many posts mention $100 notes, but I am wondering if I will also need other denominations to minimise the need for change and for tips. For a specific example, I need to pre-pay a hotel $216. I am guessing it will be better to have exact money rather than take the chance of g ...

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Posted by loral on 22/10/2012 at 01:28

My present itinerary looks like this: Date Sleep transport Tue 13/Nov 12 Bangkok Wed 14/Nov 12 Yangon Air Thu 15/Nov 12 Yangon Fri 16/Nov 12 Mandalay rail or air Sat 17/Nov 12 Mandalay Sun 18/Nov 12 Mandalay Mon 19/Nov 12 Mandalay Tue 20/Nov 12 Bagan boat Wed 21/Nov 12 Bagan Thu 22/Nov 12 Bagan Fri 23/Nov 12 Pindaya car Sat 24/Nov 12 Kalaw car Sun 25/Nov 12 Inle Lake car Mon 26/Nov 12 Inle Lake Tue 27/Nov 12 Inle Lake Wed 28/Nov 12 Yangon Air Thu 29/Nov 12 Yangon ...

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currency update

Posted by gup on 27/9/2012 at 02:43

HI, We will travel in Myanmar in November. I have just read on a travel-agencywebsite that EURO-banknotes (in the usual pristine condition ...) can be exchanged in Yangon/Mandalay and Bagan and that the rate you get is better than what you get for the US$. EURO-notes seem not to be accepted as payment for hotels etc..., for this you would still need US$. Can anyone - recent traveller - confirm this ? (... and confirm how much the exchange rate EUR-kyat and or US$-kyat was ??) Tnx for yr feed ...

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Getting mint-condition US dollars

Posted by dbaroncelli on 18/10/2012 at 01:21

I am currently travelling around South East and I am planning to go to Burma (flying to Yangoon from Bangkok), but I don't have mint-condition dollars with me. Where is the best place to get them using credit card? ...

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travel to thandwe

Posted by imbrian943 on 17/10/2012 at 08:20

i have a flight booked on the 1st december heho to thandwe but the uk foreign office is still issuing travel warnings to rhakine state has anyone travelled to thandwe recently ...

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