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2 Honda Wins 110cc are looking for new owners, $289,- each

Posted by Fritske on 5/7/2012 at 00:08

Hi, We are two Honda Win 110cc bikes and looking for new owners. We drove al the way from Hanoi to HCMC with two Dutchies on our back who took very good care of us. This couple bought us with our registration card at Vietnam Motorbikes at the 21 of May 2012. During our trip we visit some mechanices to check our health and repaired us if necessary. This means we have some new stuff. One of us for example has a brand new gas cable, chain, cogwheel (front and back) and a brand new clutch plate. ...

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Honda Win 100cc in Cambodia

Posted by alex2908 on 14/7/2012 at 10:14

Hello, After ending our trip in Cambodia, we are selling our motorbike bought in Vietnam. It's a Honda Win 100cc, manual, in good state, very good to travel South East Asia for 1 or 2 people with backpacks. We sell the motorbike with Vietnamese documents (indispensable to go there), a luggage rack big enough for two backpacks and ropes, two helmets and a spare tool kit. We had no major problems with it, and it's always been easy and very cheap to service it, mechanicals are used to deal with ...

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Win 110 cc For Sale In Hanoi

Posted by henryhiep8888 on 12/7/2012 at 00:27

hello i want to sale my Win 110cc in Hanoi very good condition if any one like it please contact for me 01672613160 ...

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Honlei Win 110cc for sale

Posted by danielfm123 on 10/7/2012 at 08:27

Selling motorbike for the most amazing adventure in Vietnam!! price: 250usd or 5200000vnd Its a motorbike with a clash and 4 speeds, works great! never had a problem, and just learned to drive in this motorbike. I changed oil each 600km it includes -Helmet -Lonely Planet Vietnam -Map of vietnam hi ways -Cool Box -Modification to transport backpack (verry important, see picture) -Straps -Water Proof Clothes -The motorbike Documentation -Chain Lock (for security) -Lot of FUN! pictures in http: ...

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Honda Win (Ho Chi Minh)

Posted by rrockwell on 7/7/2012 at 03:08

I've been working in Saigon for just over a month now. Next week I leave for the Mekong where a host family has a bike I can use. Unfortunately this means I need to get rid of my current bike. I bought it for $315 USD, and recently added a new back tire, battery, and automatic starter. I'm located on Bui Vien, D1. I'm willing to negotiate a selling price but please let me know what you're thinking beforehand. Cell: 01643592330 Name: Riley ...

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Honda Win 100cc for sale

Posted by Rkalis on 1/7/2012 at 01:55

After a beautiful 2,5 weeks of driving through vietnam from Saigon to Ha Noi, it is time to say goodbye to my motorbike and let someone else enjoy her. I did not have any major problems while driving this bike. ' Biggest' problem was one flat tire after a few days. Modifications made in the last 2,5 weeks: - Had the dashboard working again. Speedometer andgear-meter is working again - Changed the dashboards light and got a new frontand backlight, as it didnt work before - ...

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Honda win for sale in Ha Noi

Posted by kalinho on 1/7/2012 at 00:17

This is NO Spam. After travelling for 2,5 weeks from Saigon to Ha Noi, it'stime to say goodbye to my bike. It brought me all the way from Saigon to HaNoi, and I didn't have any major problems with it. What i've been doing to itthe last weeks: - Had the dashboard working again. Speedometer andgear-meter is working again - Changed the dashboards light and got a new frontand backlight, as it didnt work before - Got a new front tire - Changed oil every 750Km - ...

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Minsk 125cc for sale 300$ or best offer

Posted by mattliefanderso on 29/6/2012 at 22:48

In Hanoi. Good condition. It has a luggage rack on the side and back. It was able to hold two backpacks and two people on long trips. I didn't have any problems with it for the month I owned it other than a popped tire. It now has new tires as well. If you are unable to drive a manual bike, I would be happy to teach you. Call or email me 01203569072 ...

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3 Honda Wins for sale in Saigon

Posted by sher90 on 17/6/2012 at 10:42

hey guys, we are arriving tomorrow in hcmc and want to sell our 3 honda wins. we came all the way down from hanoi and didnt have any major problems. just some broken lights and stuff but nothing you cant fix quick and easy.the honda wins come with official papers so you can resell them easily everywhere in vietnam and we can give you some informations about must-see places. the tour took us about 3 weeks and we had a great time driving the all the way down to saigon. we want to sell them betwee ...

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Number of Minsks + Honda Win (Saigon)

Posted by porcorosso on 19/6/2012 at 06:30

After completing northern loop and north to south, we have Minsks and a Win for sale in Saigon. We are here until Sunday at the earliest. All in good condition, happy to sit down and have a beer to pass on our travel and bike tips to what will be one of the best adventures of your life! If you dont have a great knowledge of motorbikes and are thinking about taking a Minsk then do not fear, we can explain the workings of the bikes and how to maintain them. Price for the Minsks $300 Negotiable ...

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2 Honda Wins for sale in Dalat or Saigon

Posted by Evie on 19/6/2012 at 05:18

Hi We sell our two motorbikes (Honda Wins) in Dalat or Saigon. We drove with them from Hanoi in 2 weeks. Price: 350$ for one or 600$ for two (but negotiable) Including: helmets, roadbooks, bungeecords, official papers, racks Contact: Evie and Kris ...

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Honda Win for Sale in Saigon HCMC

Posted by namrider13 on 17/6/2012 at 09:05

Want to avoid the crowds and see the real Vietnam at your own pace? My Girlfriend and I are really sad to see our Honda Win go, but it's time for someone else to have the adventure of a lifetime with it We bought it about two months ago in Hanoi and drove it around North Vietnam and all the way down to HCMC. I am a biker back home I made sure I bought one in good condition and have kept it that way with day to day maintenance plus visits to a mechanic when required for services. I turned ...

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Honda win 110cc for sell 300$ Hanoi

Posted by stefano61285 on 16/6/2012 at 03:57

Hi I'm selling my 110cc Honda. Currently riding up from Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), the bike is in great condition and has not let me down on the trip at all. It's been an amazing ride so far, without question the best way to see Vietnam. 110cc may not sound like much but it's more than enough for this ride and has not had any problems navigating mountain passes laden with backpacks. Bike was bought from a mechanic in Hanoi 6 weeks ago and the whole bike was fully refurbished, so the engine ...

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Honda Win 100cc for sale - Vang Vieng or Vientiane, Laos

Posted by Epikz on 4/6/2012 at 04:25

Hey guys, I'll sell my Honda Win 100cc between 04.06 and 11.06 either in Vang Vieng or Vientiane. The bike has a Vietnamese registration with all necessary papers to cross the border to Cambodia and Vietnam. The bike was built in 2006 and served my during the last 6 weeks without any problems. The bike comes with a big luggage rack on which you can easily carry 2 bagbacks. Furthermore the price includes 3 rubber straps and 2 helmets. I recently changed the rear wheel, the chain, the front ...

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Two Honda Wins for sale - Saigon

Posted by saigonchildren on 19/5/2012 at 12:25

As above title says. Both bikes serviced recently and in good working order. Money raised from sale will all go to Saigon Children's Charity to help their education programmes. If interested please call: Scott +84 1693 682299 Thanks. ...

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Want to buy 2 motorbikes in Saigon

Posted by andrewblyth on 27/5/2012 at 22:00

We are looking to buy 2 motorbikes in Saigon to carryout the trip north. If anyone is selling can you please email and we can arrange viewing them. We are staying in a guesthouse in district 1 and will be here until we find suitable bikes. Preferably looking to buy honda wins, not wanting minsks. If you are selling please let me know. I check emails regularly and will reply within a few hours. Will update this with a mobile number when I buy a sim card today. Cheers Andy ...

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2x Honda Win Motorbikes in Cambodia for sale!

Posted by blako on 1/6/2012 at 07:10

Hello all! My name is Mike and I have two Honda Win 100cc bikes that I bought in Vietnam for sale in Cambodia. I bought these from a western mechanic and owner who showed me that he had bought and replaced all the internal parts with new parts and then would resell them to people who wanted a different view of the country. My girlfriend and I have ridden many days on them and love them. We have seen places that I doubt 1 in 100 thousand tourists have seen. The locals and countryside are where ...

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For Sale: Honda Win Motorbike (100CC)

Posted by paul2401 on 2/6/2012 at 23:01

We are selling one Honda Win motorbike (100CC, not automatic) - it is currently completing the route from Saigon to Hanoi , and will be in Hanoi on Saturday 9 June 2012 at the latest. The bike was given a full re-tune by a trusted mechanic in Saigon before the start of the trip 2 weeks ago and has had minor problems fixed on the road. The bike handles all types of terrian and has been well looked after. It would be perfect for someone looking to travel south through Vietnam from Hanoi to Saigon ...

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Honda Win with extra side-rack

Posted by yamoda1986 on 31/5/2012 at 08:49

Hey guys! Me and my girlfriend are selling our Honda Win (100 ccm). We bought it in Hanoi and drove all the way down to HCMC. We will arrive there on the 3rd june. We decided to buy this one, because it's a good choice for 2 people AND their luggage. It comes with an extended rack at both sides (see pict.), whereby it's possible to carry more; plus: it's more comfortable for the person, who sits in the back. The enginge is quite strong enough for 2 people (we could overtake most of the other ...

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110cc Honda Win - Saigon - $275 ono

Posted by travelling_jim on 1/6/2012 at 21:39

Relieable Honda Win 110cc available in Saigon from now. I travelled from North to South on it with over the last 2 months, and had very few issues - Dirt in Carb Puncture Chain snapped I've had oil changes done every 800km, and the engine is running well, other maintenance when required. Pictures can be seen here - email me on ...

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