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Who is a good tuk tuk driver or guide in Siem Reap? Sticky!

Posted by somtam2000 on 13/1/2010 at 12:38

Hi all, Myself and my husband had a wicked day in Angkor and had a lovely, reliable tuk tuk driver. He was at our beck and call all day and even drove us to the airport at the end of the day too as part of the price. We paid $15 and he picked us up at 7.30am and took us to the airport at 7.30pm. If you want to pre-book him, his name is Saron and his email address is Enjoy! ...

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Border crossing Laos to Stung Treng. Safety?

Posted by lajoy9 on 20/2/2017 at 10:01

Hi , I am in Laos right now and planning to cross to Cambodia early March. Having read through Travelfish newsletter just now the article regarding Laotian military invading Cambodia around Stung Treng; I am questioning if I should just change my itinerary and not go there. I had planned to spend 4 days at the Mekong Bird resort near Stung Treng. Having never been there, it worries me. Can anyone knowledgeable in this area help? ...

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First Time in Asia

Posted by mrsb1803 on 15/2/2017 at 06:51

Hi All Husband and I (late 50's) are planning our trip for November. We travel quite often but just Europe and the US so this year we're heading further east. Want to see all the usual tourist sites and some of the real Cambodia, learn about the people and history. We are not beach lovers but would like to wind down for the last few days. Work dictates only 2 weeks so any comments & suggestions to the itinerary below would be very welcome. Leaving from Heathrow 4 nights Siem Reap -Golde ...

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Elephant Garden at Otres 2 burnt down

Posted by stek on 10/2/2017 at 06:26

Just a heads up that at the start of the year Elephant Garden at Otres 2 burnt down and will not be reopening. Enjoy your travels Stek Otres Marina ...

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Is exploring Cambodia (Sihanoukville) by motorbike safe?

Posted by imm3344 on 21/10/2016 at 06:49

Hello all, How dangerous is it for 2 people to drive on a single motorbike around Sihanoukville during the day and night time? And take a day trip from Sihanoukville to Kampot and back? We have some experience with driving in Asia. We planned to spend about 20 days in December exploring Cambodia by motorbike with Sihanoukville as our base, but are having second thoughts about visiting Cambodia after reading about murders, beatings and ambushes of foreigners that happen in Cambodia ...

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Prasat Preah Vihear in a few days

Posted by Surikata on 5/2/2017 at 07:54

Hi guys! I am a solo traveller from Slovenia and am planning to head to Prasat Preah Vihear in a few days (probably around 10th of February). I'll be coming from the North East as I am currently in Mondulkiri province, going to Stung Treng through Ban Lung. Is anyone on the same route? I would love to pair with a fellow low budget traveller, especially to visit the temple let me know if anyone's interested! Take care, Kata ...

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SR-PP-Sihanoukville-Kampot-Koh Rong S

Posted by jacquelineira on 28/1/2017 at 21:55

Hi! I'll be traveling to Cambodia on July 3 to July 15. I'm planning my itinerary from Siem Reap to PP to Sihanoukville and to Kampot (to find the best peppers!) and to koh rong samloem? From Siem Reap to PP I have it all figured it out. I just need your recommendations on things to do and see around SR and PP. However, from Sihanoukville and going to Kampot and to Koh Rong I haven't figured it out yet. can I go back from Sihanouk to Kampot (vise versa) within the day? I'm plan ...

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Fellow Travellers?

Posted by SophiaD1992 on 10/1/2017 at 09:47

Hi guys I will be heading to Cambodia on the 5th February for around 10-12 days. Anyone about as I will be travelling solo? ...

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Viewed 358 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by Jocelynmariajacobs on 19/1/2017 at 14:28

Motorbike rental in Siem Reap

Posted by lucasan on 18/1/2017 at 20:00

Motorbikes to rent are now available in Siem Reap . Next to the Mekong Express Bus stop (Sivatha Boulevard) there are 2 places, one rents also e-bikes. I rented a Yahama Fino 125 cc for 10 USD a day, 250 cc bigger bikes are 15 USD a day, in my opinion a bigger bike is not necessary to visit the temple areas. Bikes seem in good conditions, very happy with the one I rented. Now it' s a legal business, they give you a receipt and as usual keep your passport until you give back the bike. No i ...

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first time traveller to cambodia

Posted by glennfleur on 12/1/2017 at 03:57

Hi all My husband and i are travelling to Cambodia for the first time in March for approx 2 weeks. My vision (may be dillusional ) is to travel from Siem Reap to Kampong Thom to Steung Treng to Kratie to Sen Monorom to Kampong Charm (sorry still going) possibly Phom Penh then Kampot to finish off. argh i know so how to i get from place to place what is the best accommodation - we are open to anything my husband is capable on a motorbike what are the recommendations any advice is grea ...

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Lost second cop you if e-visa while in cambodia

Posted by Logienufc on 6/1/2017 at 06:16

Hi, We got a travel company to arrange our Vietnam visas. We left the second printed copy of our Cambodian e-visa in the passport and when we got them back they weren't there anymore. Does anyone know if this will be a problem when leaving Cambodia or will printing another copy be ok. I think that there was a stamp on it but all it said was 'used'. Any help greatly appreciated. Mark ...

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Viewed 308 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by amnicoll on 9/1/2017 at 02:47

Angkor Wat during Tet

Posted by Vintagetraveler on 6/1/2017 at 06:25

Anyone know if we'll have problems getting services during Tet if we are in Angkor Wat? ...

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Angkor Wat entrance fees to go up

Posted by Captain_Bob on 6/8/2016 at 04:16

As of February 2017 the Angkor Wat entrance fee is set to increase as follows: 1 day ticket from $20 up to $37 3 day ticket from $40 up to $62 7 day ticket from $60 up to $72 Numerous news sources reporting this today - Google it ...

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Seeking hiking companions for Virachey nat park Veal Thom walk (Banlung)

Posted by Mattmccabe on 3/1/2017 at 03:28

I'm looking for hiking companions to share the cost of the 7 day Veal Thom trek in Virachey National Park some time around mid January - I am flexible with dates. Trek details here: It's run by the Virachey National Park Ecotourism Office (banlung) and camping gear, as well as a park ranger and indigenous guide are provided in the cost. Ranger will help you buy food before. I've read it's an i ...

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SE asia newbie

Posted by Susanh on 23/12/2016 at 22:49

Hi planning a trip to include Vietnam and Cambodia, only have 2/12 wks or so. I thought Ankgor would be the place to see, but it's off my path. I really want to enjoy the whole of Vietnam and Cambodia. If I have limited time is it well spent to go to Ankgor Wat? This will likely be my only trip to SE asia... ...

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Sihanoukville jellifish

Posted by imm3344 on 6/10/2016 at 05:58

Hello everyone! Does anyone know what is the situation with jellyfishes in and around Sihanoukville in November and December? ...

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Which beach in Cambodia with tight timeframe and baby?

Posted by sarah0701 on 21/12/2016 at 06:37

hi there We're travelling to Cambodia in mid Feb and trying to decide where to go to get some beach time, taking into consideration the following: *travelling with 11mth old *husband has dietary requirements (gluten and dairy intolerant) *itinerary - 2 nights Siem reap, taxi to PP as visiting a friend there for 2 nights, 3 nights at beach. Wondering where we'll get a good experience as want to relax at beach but concerned about how long the travelling will be if we go to somewhere like Koh Rong ...

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A must-seen to visit in Kampong Cham

Posted by Marine on 21/12/2016 at 04:35

Hi there ! Travelling in Cambodia, I went to Kampong Cham to visit the area. I would like to share with you an amazing place to spend time for 2 or 3 days. I had the chance to discover randomly this place and extend my stay there. I think this place deserves to be shared and known to give the opportunity to the other travelers to enjoy their time in Kampong Cham as much as I did thanks to OBT. Indeed, it is a NGO called OBT (standing for Organization for Basic Training). Near Kampong Cham at ...

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L.E.A.F. Ecotourism & Conservation project in Sen Monorom

Posted by Visionsdailleurs on 27/3/2016 at 22:22

Cambodia is experiencing a high deforestation rate, which puts the local ecosystems at risk. Mondulkiri province is rich in biodiversity and is home to a variety of important endangered species. A local NGO, L.E.A.F. (Local Environmental Awareness Foundation), has been created in 2014 by Cambodian volunteers from Mondulkiri. Its goal is to support and to improve environmental education and conservation among local communities. One of their main source of funding comes from a great ecotourism pr ...

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Ban Pakard / Phsa Prum Border Crossing

Posted by kchhabra on 17/2/2012 at 02:48

Does anyone have any experience with this border crossing in Pailin? I was wondering if you knew the hours of operations? ...

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Viewed 7,991 times, with 7 replies. Last reply by cannabistourist on 11/12/2016 at 13:46

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