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Posted by Amarusol on 9/1/2010 at 08:12

Thinking of taking a one night stop into Kratie, just wondering since it's kind of in the opposite direction I want to head, if it's actually worth the stop just to the see the river dolphins... ...

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If you had to choose: Phnom Penh or Battambang

Posted by Bear on 13/1/2010 at 09:06

Hello all, I only have 5 nights to visit Cambodia (I can be flexible -- could be 4 or 6 nights). I'll arrive to Cambodia from Lao via plane, and will be exiting Cambodia from Siem Reap . Sadly, I don't have the luxury of time during this trip and have decided to focus my time (10 nights) in two areas: Luang Prabrang and Siem Reap. My interests are hiking, cafes, food, historical sites and getting to know locals and other travelers. Not so much into night life or adventure sports. While ...

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Hotel in Kampong Cham with e-mail address?

Posted by cazabdn on 11/1/2010 at 02:00

Does anyone know if any of the hotels have an e-mail address? I've I tried booking both the Mekong & & Mittenheap through a couple of websites ( & expedia) but they are showing as full up. So thought I might have more luck e-mailing the hotels directly if possible? Need a place for 2 nights 24th & 25th Feb Thanks ...

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Viewed 3,245 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by viacc65 on 13/1/2010 at 03:21

Minibus: Kampong Cham to Si Phan Don

Posted by hunanjess on 12/1/2010 at 15:10

Is there a guest house or travel agent in Kampong Cham organizing direct minibuses to Si Phan Don? How long does that ride take? How much does it cost? Thanks! ...

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Posted by RACHYPF on 16/11/2009 at 21:32

Hi heading Sotheast Asia starting January 2010 and taking in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Has anyone got advice for travelling in Cambodia and Loas in the months of March and April as heard very hot and that in Laos theres lots of fires set by farmers? ...

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Viewed 4,080 times, with 9 replies. Last reply by Archmichael on 12/1/2010 at 00:09

Warning - WinkingFrog guesthouse Phnom Penh

Posted by worldnomad on 3/10/2009 at 17:30

What rates as absolutely terrible customer service and hotel stay? How about being woken up early in the morning by construction that is shaking the walls and so loud that you can't even carry on a conversation? How about no running water in the room? How about the owner of the hotel just shrugging and saying it doesn't matter what you think? There is a fairly new guesthouse and pub in Phnom Penh called the WinkingFrog. It has attractively priced budget rooms and is located near the r ...

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Viewed 7,070 times, with 22 replies. Last reply by worldnomad on 11/1/2010 at 23:10

How much can we expect to pay for taxi from PP to Kampot?

Posted by ibon on 6/1/2010 at 15:00

We're aiming to get from Phnom Penh to Kampot in a couple of days. The taxi seems the quicker way to go, although obviously more expensive. We'll have a maximum budget of about USD$25. Can we realistically expect to bargain a taxi down to this price (or lower) for a one way trip? ...

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Viewed 3,392 times, with 6 replies. Last reply by ibon on 10/1/2010 at 10:07

Nature Lodge Sen Monorom..

Posted by dispoiler on 9/1/2010 at 15:40

I was wondering, since Im planning on going around Sept time, if anyone had any reviews of Nature Lodge in Sen Monorom at all? Ive read the one on here and the new post by naomio but I wondered if anyone else has been and could tell me what they thought? Thanks in advance, Aidan ...

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Sen Monorom - worth the journey??

Posted by dispoiler on 7/1/2010 at 00:45

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about Sen Monorom, ie is it worth the 10hour ride? Many places seem to suggest the countryside has been spoilt so I am wary about spending a day traveling to disappointed.. I've also heard that finding an English speaking guide is very difficult, does anyone have any knowledge of this? Thanks in advance, Aidan ...

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Viewed 3,652 times, with 7 replies. Last reply by dispoiler on 9/1/2010 at 15:32

From one end of Tonle Sap to the other

Posted by dispoiler on 7/1/2010 at 01:06

Hi all, I seem to remember seeing a map that suggested there was a boat that ran from Siem Reap to the end near Kompong Chhnang? Does anyone know if such a boat exists, how long it would take etc? Thanks, Aidan ...

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Viewed 2,417 times, with 7 replies. Last reply by Missis on 8/1/2010 at 20:08

Cambodia visa into Vietnam and back again....

Posted by dispoiler on 7/1/2010 at 22:43

Hi All, I'm very confused about the Visa's, I know a tourist visa in Cambodia last for only 30days unless you get an extension..but what I want to do is spend 30days in Cambodia, leave into Vietnam for 30days and then come back into Cambodia. Would this work with two seperate Cambodian visa's or would I have to have a multiple entry visa? I also plan to return to Vietnam in the north via Laos some months later.. Thanks in advance!! Aidan ...

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Travelfish query

Posted by grumpy on 3/1/2010 at 06:55

I recently travelled around Cambodia and got friendly, as you do, with many of the guesthouse owners and staff. Now, on this site it claims that it reviews "anonymously" but nearly every single place i went they claimed to know the "travelfish" people, gave names and also said when they'd been through. So come on, which is it? Are Travelfish people reviewing anonymously or are they not? ...

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Viewed 2,452 times, with 7 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 5/1/2010 at 14:31

Honeymoon In Vietnam

Posted by VanUk on 4/1/2010 at 12:00

Are you looking for a places to celebrate your honeymoon with your lover or find a special gift for your close-friend,...? Have you thought a honeymoon in Vietnam? Vietnam is a beautiful country where mountains, green rice paddies and crystal beaches make up a beautiful and exotic local. This Indochinese country is a perfect destination for newly -weds that wish to have a different sort of honeymoon trips. If you are looking for a cruising trips. Here some recommends: Ha long bay -The wo ...

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Visa and Money Questions

Posted by dameon on 16/12/2009 at 09:53

Hello all, My apologies if these questions have been asked and answered already, I did do a search, honest. I will be crossing into Cambodia overland, and have heard about how the border officials supplement their income at Hat Lek crossing. Has anyone recently used the e-visa for overland crossing and if so how did it go? Or does anyone know how long it takes to get a visa at the Bangkok embassy. Second question is in regards to money, I will be carrying US dollars, I know I should hav ...

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Viewed 2,702 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by mikethediver on 31/12/2009 at 19:12

9-11 days in Cambodia

Posted by nadineurban on 29/12/2009 at 20:12

Hello! I am going for 3 weeks to Laos and Cambodia. I already planned Laos but I keep changing plans for Cambodia. The issue is mainly that I would like to end the holidays with a couple of days at a nice beach. Reading comments about the islands and beaches in this forum I am not sure if Cambodia is the right place when I am looking for a nice beach... Could someone maybe recommend a route which finishes at a nice beach on a Thai island? I started thinking that I don't have enough time to se ...

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Viewed 2,534 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by idreamofdurian on 30/12/2009 at 17:46

Possible new form of malaria near Western Cambodian Border

Posted by williamtaylor on 29/12/2009 at 19:01

According to the following story, there could be a new form of malaria developing near Pailin, Cambodia. Make sure to be careful if traveling in the area. ...

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Koh Russei - Bamboo Island

Posted by shadek on 28/12/2009 at 21:58

Has anyone had any experience staying over at this island for a couple of days? I read the article on Russei here on TF, and some other things online, but most of the people I found only visit the island on a day trip. I thought it would be a good idea to stay for a night or 2 instead of 4 nights in Sihanoukville. Any thoughts???? Tks ...

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Viewed 3,217 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 29/12/2009 at 14:58

Phnom Penh safety /pickpockets/bag snatchers

Posted by sashanyc28 on 22/12/2009 at 08:56

I will be in Phnom Penh (for the first time) for a few nights in early January 2010.. Of course I have read all over the place to be careful.. Take only taxis at night, beware of pickpockets, bag snatchers on motorbikes, etc.. and Of course I will only take taxis at night, use a money belt, not carry any valuables, and try to avoid carrying a day pack or bag around the city with me.. From my travel experiences I have always found the media and most of the warnings all to be a bit exa ...

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Flights from Siem Reap to HCMC

Posted by ms1892 on 26/12/2009 at 22:44

Hi guys, Does anyone know if it is possible to fly from Siem Reap (or even Phnom Penh) to HCMC? On the JetStar website it is possible to select a flight from Siem Reap to HCMC but once you enter the dates it always says that there are no flights available on the selected date. I searched the site before posting this and found reference to a feature detailing the routes of budget airlines around SE Asia but i couldn't find the flight finder tool. Is this still available? Thanks in adva ...

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Jan.14 Cambodia, Laos, Nam off-the-path travel

Posted by rivertext on 24/12/2009 at 03:28

Hi, I'm traveling solo to Cambodia January 13th, and then towards February heading thru Laos and into North Vietnam. It's been a while since I traveled alone and it would be great to share a meal or share driving expenses to some tourist-free (except for us) true Indiana Jones like jungle temple or an NGO organic farm / orphanage. For example, Beng Mealea - 2-3 hr. drive east of Angkor: See this web page for details: I'm traveling light ...

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Viewed 2,349 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by rivertext on 24/12/2009 at 19:24

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