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Angkhor Wat ticket scam ...old tickets/new tickets

Posted by SBE on 13/8/2009 at 14:11

Just saw this head's up on TOA. Make sure you ask for the new passes! ...

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Siem Reap Airport Surcharge

Posted by pabloeskimo on 12/8/2009 at 17:42

If you want to leave Siem Reap by air, be ready to pay 25$ per person. They got some service tax you have to pay to get into customs this cost is not covered by your ticket. I had a great time in Cambodia but left with a bad aftertaste because of this scam. ...

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BKK to Siem Riep on the 14th

Posted by sinstone on 9/8/2009 at 13:20

As the title reads, headed to Siem Riep from BKK on the 14th by local bus, border to border! Anyone wanna join in? Supposedly it's quite a wild ride... the more the merrier eh! or reply here! Paul the French Canadian in Krabi, Thailand ...

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Angkor it worth it?

Posted by Noggins on 26/6/2009 at 10:23

Were travellers on a very tight budget and are wondering if the steep Angkor Wat entrance fee is worth it? We are only planning to go for the day but the cost will be a couple of days budget for people think its worth it? Is it really spectacular or just okay? We've been travelling round Asia for about 7 months so seen our fair share of impressive temples etc, so dont want to go unless its really something special- especially as we are just passing through Cambodia to get to Laos. Thou ...

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Bangkok to Siem Reap by Rent-A-Car - Is this possible and feasible?

Posted by sriknine on 2/8/2009 at 17:05

Hi, Last I was in Thailand in 2005 Id rented a car from Avis and driven down to Rayong & Pattaya. Found the flexibility to my liking and loved the wll-made roads. Im planning another trip to Thailand, and this time wanted to visit Angkor Wat. Given the road from Poipet to Siem Reap is now laid out, would renting a car and driving from Bangkok to Siem Reap be a feasible option? What are the downsides (Im assuming there would be some)? Is Cambodia 'safe' to drive without a local on board? ...

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Bangkok to Cambodia (Siem Reap)

Posted by benhopes on 7/7/2009 at 20:55

How long does this journey take on the bus? And is it possible to get a direct bus? And how much does it cost? Thanks Ben ...

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Sport in Cambodia

Posted by Lawoat on 20/7/2009 at 14:02

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has experience in going to sport games in Cambodia? - Do they have a soccer league? - Are there any traditional Cambodian sports (I presume some form of martial arts??) - Has anyone visited games before? - I assume the bigger cities PP and SR would have sport venues? -... Thanks for the help! ...

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Trekking in Southern Cambodia

Posted by womble86 on 13/7/2009 at 20:26

Been planing my SE Asia trip for a while now and stumbled across this magnificent website. Wish I'd found it earlier! Can anyone recommend any decent trekking in southern Cambodia? I plan to get there in mid November, go straight to Ankor and then go down south to Sihanoukville to chill for a few weeks and would like to take in some of the scenery instead of just lying about in a hammock! What I am after is something a little more intense than the usual half day walks. Maybe 4 - 5 day ov ...

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Share ride to Siem Reap thisFriday

Posted by mike1700 on 20/7/2009 at 20:08

Looking for 2-3 people to share a ride with me to SR this Friday. See countryside with my english speaking Khmer driver. E-mail me ASAP Mike thanks ...

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Posted by hawaiianlungs on 20/7/2009 at 09:26

is there a boat from thailand to cambodia? ...

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interesting spots between from Siem Reap & Phnom Penh

Posted by virusvaleria on 16/7/2009 at 10:33

Looking to get some tips on unmissable places between Siem Reap & Phnom Penh. Any suggestion is very welcome! thanks guys! ...

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confusion about the e-visa

Posted by buecax on 16/7/2009 at 00:18

on the visa page it says: "EVisas are only valid for entry into Cambodia via the international airports at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and via the land crossings at Ko Kong, Poipet and Bavet. You cannot use an eVisa to enter Cambodia at other crossings." and on the border crossings page it says: "To Laos, you only have one option, the Veun Kham/Dom Kralor crossing (but note your Laos visa on arrival is NOT available at this crossing). ... Cambodian visa on arrival is available at all these ...

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Flying from Siem Reap to Pakse

Posted by Dijahtalism on 7/7/2009 at 21:18

Hi everyone! I would like to go from Sieam Reap to Pakse ; is it possible to get there with a flight? Where can I buy the ticket (online? directly in Siem Reap airport?) How much does it cost? How many flights a day? Merci beaucoup, Dijahtalism ...

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Cooking in Cambodia

Posted by hippytrip on 11/7/2009 at 06:11

I am a Chef and am travelling through Cambodia for 4 weeks nth to south I want to cook I am not that keen on joining in on a regular cooking class but I will probably check out the Smokin Pot in Battambang I would like to cook on a few occasions while I am there Meet someone that can take me to the markets buy produce and perhaps take food home to a family or the likes and we can cook up a feast It would be great if anyone knows of other cooking schools or can point me in the direct ...

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from phnom penh to Rach Gia

Posted by virusvaleria on 15/7/2009 at 10:13

Hi, how do i get to Rach Gia from Phnom Penh?? Bus, train, whatever... thanks!! ...

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Cambodian visas

Posted by satori_kicks on 29/6/2009 at 11:40

Hi all, Just wondering what the best plan of attack for getting a Cambodian visa is. Is it better to get an e-Visa, or wait until at the Cambodian border, and get it then. My mate and I will be entering Cambodia from Vietnam in Setpember (coming up in a boat to Phnom Penh from Chau Doc). Thanks, Ben. ...

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Phnome Peng-Aug 10th to Aug 15th-want to do Angkor

Posted by jmdma808 on 18/6/2009 at 19:11

Hello, i will be flying into Phnome penh on Aug 10th and leaving on Aug 15th. I have a couple of questions. First, I know i have to do Angkor Waht. How long does it take? should i set aside three days and spend one in phnome penh? secondly, should i book a hotel just for the first and last nights of my stay in phnome penh since ill be going to angkor in the middle? whats the best way to do this? im confused.... ...

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Viewed 2,828 times, with 8 replies. Last reply by mikethediver on 7/7/2009 at 13:36

CF Mekong - boat ride between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh

Posted by travelingchinese on 6/7/2009 at 07:46

Has anyone tried the one day "CF Mekong" boat trip between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh ? I have read hat the express boat ride route between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh isn't worth it anymore - becauase it's expensive and the view is not very good for most part of the journey. However, CF Mekong seems to have a full day itinerary between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, stopping at different villages along the way. Has anyone tried it? Is it a tourist trap? ...

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Siem Reap to Hong Kong - non stop flights?

Posted by travelingchinese on 2/7/2009 at 05:43

I plan to end my trip in Siem Reap in August - and would like to catch a nonstop flight from Siem Reap to Hong Kong (to catch my international flight back). Lonely Planet's Siem Reap page seems to indicate that there are direct flights between Siem Reap and Hong Kong - does anyone know which airline? Thank you! ...

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Sihanoukville for solo woman?

Posted by curstilace on 30/6/2009 at 13:25

Would you recommend Sihanoukville for a 26-yo woman traveling alone? I was thinking of stopping there for about 5 days to hang out and learn to dive. Have heard some good things and not so good things about it though. I would go to one of the Thai islands but they're out of the way from my main destinations which are Laos and Cambodia. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!! xx ...

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