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Looking for Shared taxi Sihanoukville to Koh Kong on 24th September 2015

Posted by smartnshu on 7/8/2015 at 08:59

Hello, We are two people from India planning to travel to Cambodia during September 2015. We are planning to travel from Sihanoukville to Koh Kong City via Taxi on 24th September 2015 (afternoon) and would like to share it with like minded travel group. (Couple preferred). The sharing of fare would be divided equal per person. Please reply if you are looking to share. ...

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advice itinerary with children

Posted by terence67 on 3/8/2015 at 10:43

Hi ! We plan 3 weeks in Cambodia with our children ( 7 and 13) at the end of the year. I would like to spend a few days in nature, I have thought about Mondolkiri, Sen Monorom for little trek and see the elephants or Ta Tai river , Chi Phat...What can you recommend ?We will do a classic itinerary Phnom Penh , Battambang ,Siem reap , Kampot Any advice will be great!! Thanks a lot ! ...

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Tour or free and easy on Cambodia and Vietnam?

Posted by david12 on 25/7/2015 at 21:22

Hi all, will be travel to Cambodia and Vietnam for about 2 weeks, should i go for tour or plan my own tour? how do i travel from Cambodia to Vietnam? thanks alot! ...

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Travel from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville

Posted by ander112 on 7/7/2015 at 19:03

Hello, we want to go from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville , and flights are not an option. The thing is we've been scared by the horror stories about buses in Cambodia. Is anyone able to tell us the best way to reach Sihanoukville that is also the safest? thanks! ...

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Planes, boats or automobiles...

Posted by sunlvr on 16/5/2015 at 08:35

My travel buddy just added Phnom Penh to our travel plans, so I'm trying to find the best way to integrate this and still see everything else we wanted. Just for the experience of it we wanted to try to use as many ways of transportation as possible. So.... what would be your recommended way of travel from PP to SR? I see our options are plane, boat or bus. This will be in mid- October and we only have 2 weeks total and after SR we are going on to Laos. Thanks for any and all input. ...

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Flights from Phnom Phen to Bangkok-advice please!

Posted by ieskinja on 1/7/2015 at 02:17

Hello, I'll be staying in Cambodia, with my last stop on the way being PP. My flight back to Europe is scheduled from Bangkok on 17 th of August at 7:30 pm. My plan is to take a flight (with Air Asia, Cambodia Angkor Air...) from PP to Bangkok, and my question follows as; how smart/safe is it to book a flight from PP to Bangkok on the same day, i.e. 17 August (I found a morning flight, so I would be comfortable in time to get from one airport in Bangkok to another and catch a flight back home ...

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Article on Virachey National Park, and more

Posted by gregmccann1 on 9/7/2015 at 02:08

I just published an article about VNP on and I thought it might help nudge those who are pondering a trek in Virachey to head up to Ratanakiri. I've also been getting emails from people about how to arrange a trek in the Park, and my advice is to "friend" Leam Sou on Facebook (you can call him 'Sou'). You can get everything sorted with him and he is by far and away the best VNP guide. Some other things related to Virachey: a video compilation that I made off just one camer ...

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need help - searching for cheap one bd apt/studio/house sharing in Battambang

Posted by expatstarter on 5/6/2015 at 00:53

I am planning to stay 4- 5 month in Battambang, so I'm searching for a furnished one bedroom/apartment/studio/house sharing etc for max $150 monthly incl WIFI in Battambang, starting mid July for at least 4 month, probably until mid December. Any info please, thanks a lot ...

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Orphanage volunteering in Cambodia - to do or not to do?

Posted by susanne60 on 19/6/2015 at 03:04

I've heard a lot about how evil these so-called "orphanages" in Cambodia really are, such as hiring local kids to pose as hapless orphans while leaving them in awful living conditions. Only one third of orphanages in Phnom Penh are permitted by the government to operate, or so they say. The question here is, if one really wants to volunteer in an orphanage in Cambodia, how can one possibly find an ethical one? Has anyone volunteered in Cambodia before? How was your experience? ...

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Looking for share taxi from Siem Reap to O'smach

Posted by Rachel988 on 22/6/2015 at 08:16

Hey, I'm in Siem Reap, trying to avoid Poipet border, and I was wondering where I can find share taxi in Siem Reap, people in my guesthouse had no idea... Thanks! If someone's around and want to share the taxi, let me know! ...

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organised tour to angkor wat from ko chang

Posted by meldor on 14/6/2015 at 04:08

Has anyone done an organised tour from Ko Chang to Angkor Wat? There are a couple on offer and I'm interested in feedback. I am staying in Ko Chang in October for 18 days and thought this would be a good opportunity to do a few days at Angkor Wat. I'm loathe to cross the border independently as I will be travelling with a child and dont really want the hassle. Any information and advice greatly appreciated. ...

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Another visa question :)

Posted by decco on 13/6/2015 at 08:12

Hi all I guess this question has been asked before, so sorry to repeat if it has, but I cant find it anywhere. I am planning on entering Cambodia from Thailand and spending a couple of days in Siam Reap and then PP and then heading to Vietnam for a week. I will then be travelling back via Cambodia to Thailand. I am aware I can get an e visa, but it is only for one entrance apparently. so does this meant when I leave Cambodia for a few days I will have to get another visa to transit back acros ...

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Exit visa

Posted by emptypassport on 26/5/2015 at 06:21

Entered Cambodia a few months ago, had my bag snatched in Phnom Penh - containing my passport! Wanted to stay here a while so applied for a new full 10 year passport from the UK. Got it. Problem is A)It's empty - no kind of visa or entry stamp, and B)The immigration office claim to be unable to find any record of my original entry/visa etc., since I don't have my old passport number. So, they say they don't know how to deal with my case. I've been given the option of paying a 'fine' - quite a ...

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Itinery help!!

Posted by EllieBlack on 19/5/2015 at 07:37

Hello all I am visiting Cambodia in mid-July but unfortunately because of the way dates have worked out I only have a total of 7 days there... I am desperate to visit PP, Siem Riep and the Elephant Valley Project in this time. I know this is probably a bit ambitious and that ideally you should give yourself longer than 1 day in Angkor Wat but do you think it will be possible to squeeze it all in in the time I have? Thanks! ...

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Cambodia in June/July

Posted by hanzbeyer on 9/6/2015 at 09:21

Hi, Couple in mid 30's planning a trip through Cambodia for a month in June/July 2015. Planning on doing few days in Siem Reap, few days in Phnom Penh, few days in Sihanoukville and spending a few weeks on the islands, mainly Koh Rong. We were wondering if anyone had any info on the effects of the weather on travel for this time of year. We'll be travelling everywhere by bus. Also, could anyone tell us what the islands are like in wet season? Still beautiful weather with the odd shower or dow ...

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trying to organize Cambodia - Laos and more... help plz! :-)

Posted by Davide11 on 23/5/2015 at 11:03

Hello! i'll arrive in cambodia ( sien reap i think ) from Bali on 18 or 19 july... then i'll have 1 month to travel around cambodia , laos ( maby birmania)... i don't know exactly where is better to "focus the attention"... i would like to see beautiful landscape and historical sites... and maybe see some beautiful authentic places where people lives in their kind of way Can you give me any help? thank you so much ...

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Weather in Sianoukville and on Ko Rong / Ko Samloem in the 2nd half of October?

Posted by jwaltersorf on 18/5/2015 at 09:48

Hallo How is usually the weather in Sihanoukville and on Ko Rong / Ko Rong Samloem in the second half of October? Still heavy rain and rough sea, not good for diving, or already the beginning of the dry season with only a few showers occassionally? Best regards. Joerg ...

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The Elephant Valley Project in Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri

Posted by somtam2000 on 17/5/2015 at 17:14

If you're considering a trip up to Sen Monorom, the following stories may be of interest regarding what sounds to be ongoing issues with elephants & vested interests there. Interesting piece on the EVP and locals being offside with it. (2013) This earlier piece by a travel blogger also worth a read - esp some of the comments: (2013) and a followup piece on an elephant "trek" they did do. (2013) Another piece by another travel blogger (2014) And our piece on the centre, and el ...

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Accommodation in sihnaoukville

Posted by boaby on 12/5/2015 at 00:21

Hi, I'm looking for decent accommodation in S/ville I'd be staying 3 months or so ,whilst trying out new dive sites Cheers Boaby ...

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Weed in Cambodia ?

Posted by Gordon_M on 12/7/2006 at 19:43

Hi all, i know this may seem odd and to most stupid but i was reading an article(i have it in my faves somewhere) about smoking weed in cambodia, the women writing the article was saying how relaxed it used to be, that you could go to a market in siem reap and at the back theres a woman selling herbs and so on but she also sells weed. I was wondering how easy it is to get a bit for a smoke, how dangerous it is actually buying it and the quality, also i heard about a pizza place where you ca ord ...

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Viewed 12,117 times, with 8 replies. Last reply by stickmansucks on 13/5/2015 at 16:08

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