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ATM's dispense what currency, $ or riel?

Posted by jourdin on 29/5/2008 at 15:03

I have seen conflicting stories about what ATM's dispense, riel and/or US dollars. What's the true story? Do some machines dispense two different currencies? How does one know what currency a machine dispenses? ...

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Travel in early September

Posted by smsclaydog on 7/3/2008 at 09:22

We are thinking of going to Cambodia - PP and Siem Riep - and Vietnam - Saigon - in early September. No way around it, it is just when we have the time to go. I know this is heart of monsoon season. Are we going to be able to do anything except huddle in our hotel rooms or is it really not that bad in early September? ...

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Viewed 2,609 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by sayadian on 1/6/2008 at 16:59

luggage storage at the airport?

Posted by bundanger on 22/5/2008 at 10:19

Does anybody know if there is a place inside PP or even SR airport to store large suitcases? I've heard that there might be, but i can't find any conformation, and i really do not want to drag two fifty pound suitcases with me all over Cambodia. I'm only going to be there for two weeks. If there is, does anyone know approximate costs or where in the airport it is. Thanks in advance ...

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Viewed 3,417 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 27/5/2008 at 17:06

siem reap to laos border

Posted by jugglingjim on 26/5/2008 at 04:30

hi how long does it take to get from siem reap to laos border. Will be in ambodie from 23 July ...

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Viewed 4,942 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 27/5/2008 at 17:05

Cambodia (Siem Reap to Phnom Penh) Itinerary

Posted by derricklim on 27/5/2008 at 01:14

Hi guys, THis is my 12 day trip. Let me know your thought at especially what places I should visit while in the towns, Thanks!! 01 June 2008 Siem Reap "Checkin to hotel. Tour town then head to Angkor Wat for tickets and sunset." 02 June 2008 Angkor Wat "3 Days Leave at sunrise and back before lunchtime. Tour Siem Reap till 3pm, and head back to Angkor" 05 June 2008 Siem Reap Touring 06 June 2008 Siem Reap to Battambang "Take early morning boat - 6 hrs. Motodops a ...

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Viewed 5,332 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 27/5/2008 at 17:04

booking flights

Posted by itchyfeet72 on 18/5/2008 at 21:41

basically in cambodia at the moment and will be travelling on to vietnam overland then flying to bangkok(end of june) then on to india- ive always used the internet for booking flights but it seems theres great offers around in travel agents tho havnt been to vietnam yet-so does anyone have any suggestions of which way to go net or travel agent - either way does anyone have reliable agents(hanoi) or good web sites-also does anyone know if you need an onward ticket for india-cheers for any info ...

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from Phnom Penh to Nha Trang

Posted by rivercully on 16/5/2008 at 00:30

I have done a bit of research but cant find any info on a direct(ish) route. If anyone has any info...Thanks. ...

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Motorcycle licence - Phnom Penh

Posted by rayc101 on 5/4/2008 at 04:51

I have a few days in Phnom Penh, and would like to take my life in my hands by hiring a motorcycle. I have visited Phnom Penh previously, and understand the life-changing driving conditions. In particular I need to understand if foreigners are permitted to hire, what licence is required, the cost and time delay, and of course where to obtain a moto licence. Cheers Rayc101 ...

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Viewed 4,800 times, with 7 replies. Last reply by rayc101 on 16/5/2008 at 13:52

Cambodia Itinerary

Posted by CJHorn85 on 12/5/2008 at 20:12

Hey all, I will be travelling to SEA from mid-July to mid September (just under 2 1/2 months). I have posted on Lonely Planet forums, but this site appears to be the best of the best when it comes to SEA, so I thought I would try and get some opinions on here as well. Since this is the Cambodia destination part, I thought I would stick to that, and post my itinerary up for the other countries in the relevant sections. My itinerary for Cambodia is very general, as I have limited time here. ...

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Viewed 2,727 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by Lother on 13/5/2008 at 01:49

Preah Vihar

Posted by fgebhart on 29/3/2008 at 05:27

I'm interested in visiting Preah Vihar, which is supposed to be a slog to get to from the Cambodian side. Does anyone know if it's possible to enter from the Thai side and spend a couple of nights at a guesthouse near the temple? I want to be around for dawn and sunset. ...

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Viewed 3,300 times, with 8 replies. Last reply by fgebhart on 12/5/2008 at 11:21

phnom penh: dangerous??

Posted by harajuku4me_pls on 28/4/2008 at 03:26

hey - i'm doing research into a possible southeast-asia trip, and this forum has been very helpful. however one thing i've read at other places but not necessarily here is that Phnom Penh is very dangerous. muggings and violent crime are apparently very common. is this true? thanks ...

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Viewed 5,643 times, with 5 replies. Last reply by harajuku4me_pls on 9/5/2008 at 09:56

Phnom Penh or Ho Chi Minh????

Posted by convery on 12/3/2008 at 12:57

My travel through SE Asia is on a very tight schedule and I'm gonna have to take out a few cities in order to fully experience the ones I'll visit. Any thoughts on PhnomPenh to HoChiMinh, which one should I choose? Which has more to see/do and so on? thanks for any help. ...

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Viewed 7,508 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by pobney on 8/5/2008 at 17:45

Flight from Phnom Phen

Posted by ronyarm on 1/5/2008 at 12:11

I whant to book a flight from Phnom Phen to bangkok in the evning. I have fly next day morning to Israel. Can I rely them? Are they credible? I don't whant to miss the flight. ...

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Viewed 5,867 times, with 5 replies. Last reply by fondo on 4/5/2008 at 16:23

New ATMs in Cambodia

Posted by steveatkins on 9/2/2008 at 19:35

There are now ANZ Royal Bank internationally linked ATMs in Poipet and Kompong Cham... ...

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Viewed 2,159 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by supabrudda on 4/5/2008 at 14:29

is cambodia safe for a female traveller ?

Posted by katherinevalentine on 2/5/2008 at 10:39

hello ya'll im coming to PNP on OCtorber this year all ALONE and looking for a female local guide. id also love to meet other travellers on the way. i intended to make it earlier but rainny season only ends on Sept so thats it!!! if anyone interested hit me up via or Katherine ...

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any other options fr siem reap to snookyville?

Posted by jellyanna on 27/4/2008 at 18:54

is there a direct way for me to get from sr to snookyville besides taking the bus to pp, then pp to sihanoukville? i hear there's a flight available now. can anyone help me out on this? your help is very much appreciated, thanks! :) ...

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Viewed 2,764 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 28/4/2008 at 07:32

Best way to get from Angkor Wat to Ha Noi?

Posted by caseyrebecca on 22/4/2008 at 10:36

My husband and I are planning a trip to Angkor Wat and then wanted our next stop to be in Hoi An - any ideas of the best way to get from A to B? I can't find any information online about buses travelling that route. Thanks in advance! ...

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Viewed 7,202 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by caseyrebecca on 26/4/2008 at 15:23

Travelling from Siem Reap to Bangkok

Posted by jessg on 24/4/2008 at 18:33

Hi, I understand there are 2 ways to get from Siem Reap to Battambang? 1. Via Poipet 2. Via Battambang, Pailin then Chantaburi. How do you do both routes, which is the best in terms of cost and time? Thanks ...

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Viewed 2,538 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by exacto on 25/4/2008 at 10:30

Banteay Chhmar Temple

Posted by shumium on 29/12/2007 at 13:59

Anyone have been to Banteay Chhmar? What is the best way to get there? Is there any excursion to this place? I am planning to go there from Siem Reap and stay overnight in Battambang afterwards. Any suggestions/info would help! Thanks!!! ...

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Viewed 4,190 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by shumium on 24/4/2008 at 02:18

help please - best way to travel from thailand into cambodia

Posted by harajuku4me_pls on 22/4/2008 at 06:22

hi guys - i'm visiting southeast asia soon and i'm trying to get my head round things. i'm wondering whats the best way to travel from thailand into cambodia, stopping first at angkor wat, and then south to phnom penh? is there a rail service? or a bus route? is it safe? also - is there a safe and convenient overland route to ho chi minh city from phnom penh? thank you so much! ...

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Viewed 5,031 times, with 4 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 23/4/2008 at 08:36

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