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Reserve ahead?

Posted by Olivcar on 13/4/2015 at 10:07

I am planing a trip to Thailand and Cambodia for January and February 2016. We are looking for flashpacker to midrange guesthouses or hotels. I have looked around on Agoda and and so many of my choices say "Not available for those dates." (ie; Kampot) I know it is high season but is it possible that these places are already booked up for next year? Is it necessary or advisable to make reservations ASAP? I traveled in Thailand many years ago and it was fine to arrive and jus ...

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Koh Tonsay Weather in Mid May?

Posted by woody on 15/4/2006 at 12:41

Hi We are Flying into Bangkok in mid May. And were thinking of heading straight to Cambodia.We have 4 weeks but were thinking of heading straight to the beach for a week to unwind and relax. I have heard Koh Tonsay is a great place to relax but was wondering what the weather will be like in Mid May. Also what would be the best way to get there from Bangkok. Thanks for any Info.. ...

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Viewed 5,812 times, with 5 replies. Last reply by stendec555 on 2/4/2015 at 10:52

Travellers Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in June 215

Posted by divine139 on 27/1/2015 at 22:22

Hi I will be traveling to cambodia in june spending 10 days in phnom penh, 1 week volunteering but 3 days after solo in phnom penh then going onto siem reap for 2 months at least then thinking of traveling onto vietnam then onto thailand any other 27yr olds out there travelling around this time. Would love to meet some fun new people ...

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Boat from Koh Rong to Koh Rong Saloem?

Posted by elizacass on 25/12/2012 at 21:23

Hi...I was wondering if any anyone knows of a boat that goes between these two islands since im planning on visiting both and it looks close on the map! I dont see a schedule of a ferry that goes between,,,is there local boats that make the run? or do you have to go back to shore to change islands? thanks for your help! Eliza ...

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Travel bookings within Cambodia got easier

Posted by johntrotter on 4/2/2015 at 21:07

Hi I wanted to summarise some recent events that have made travel within Cambodia much easier. These are launch of 3 new domestic airlines and a bus ticket booking website. 1. Domestic Airlines launched - Bayon Airlines, Bassaka Air and Apsara Air have been recently launched and Cambodia now has four domestic airlines including the existing Cambodia Angkor Air Payment systems are a bit patchy (the last I checked they ...

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New Cambodia moderator Nicky Sullivan

Posted by somtam2000 on 27/3/2015 at 22:41

Hi all, Just a quick note to welcome Nicky Sullivan who'll be helping out with forum moderation and more particularly with your questions about Cambodia (and elsewhere!) Nicky is based in Siem Reap and is a full time writer for Travelfish -- she wrote for us previously on a part time basis, took a break and is now back again. Feel free to unleash those very tricky cambodia-related questions! Cheers Stuart ...

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Angkor Wat help!

Posted by esseestpercipi on 21/9/2014 at 04:39

Hi guys! I am at a complete loss. I have just arrived in Siem Reap and I have no idea where to start. I have a main stream guide book on Cambodia, but it feels outdated (2012) and unclear. I have searched the web and Travelfish and I am at lost as too: 1. How many days? 3 or 5? i guess it is up to us, but we have the time. Is it worth getting the full pass? 2. Getting a tuk tuk. What are the on going rates. In my hotel i get a quote that just seems outrageous. 3. How to plan. What to see fi ...

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Best panoramic bar and restaurant in Siem Reap : Sky River

Posted by LucyCambodia on 25/2/2015 at 04:47

Discover the best panoramic view of Siem Reap and its river. Chill out at our Sky Bar and choose among 40 signature cocktails and our selection of wines and alcohols (happy hours from 4 to 7pm) Enjoy a memorable dinner in our panoramic restaurant. Our Chef Cooker Sang Soeum proposes a selection of the best Asian and Western classic cuisine with local and fresh products. We are located on the riverside, just 3 minutes walk from the Old Market and Pub Street. Sky River is on the rooftop of An ...

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Phnom Penh Airport to Killing Fields

Posted by spellbrook on 10/3/2015 at 06:06

Hi I arrive at Phnom penh airport at 1pm and was looking to go straight from the airport to the Killing fields and then to my accomodation, so that i can spend the next day exploring the city of Phnom it possible to go from airport straight to killing fields any suggestions looking at doing this to save going out to the killing fields the next day.. Thanks ...

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Advise please! trekking in jungle near Chi Phat or somewhere else?

Posted by maylosada on 7/12/2013 at 13:26

Hi, We are travelling to Cambodia next week (first time!) we'll be there for 23 days. We want to go trekking for 2-3 days in a national park, jungle... somewhere off the track. We heard about Chi Phat and some tour activities around there with ecotourism. Just wondering if anyone can recommend it? and know the prices? I have emailed them, but haven't got a reply yet. or if you know any other good places for hiking trekking in Cambodia? We would like to find something around Siem Reap or in th ...

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Route advice from sihanoukville to siem reap?

Posted by ander112 on 6/3/2015 at 10:33

Hi, will be traveling in July and we were wondering what was the best way to get from sihanoukville to siem reap. We'll be coming from southern Vietnam and intend to spend most of our time on koh Rong and a few days in Cambodia. ...

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Obtaining a 60 day Thai tourist visa in Sihanoukville? And more questions...

Posted by hayleyhobbs on 3/3/2015 at 01:48

Hiya, Wondering if anyone can help - i have tried googling and no luck really. My partner and i are hoping that we can obtain a 60 day Thai visa in Sihanoukville, has anyone ever managed to do this? Also, we have entered Thailand twice in the past 3 months (both on VOA's), will this affect our application? Basically, we had to reenter Thailand on the second VOA - as I broke my collarbone in Siem Reap, and insurance sent us to Bangkok to see the doctor. i don't know if there is a limit as to h ...

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Kampot Pepper

Posted by mrdome on 16/2/2014 at 11:57

Can anyone recommend a trusted source for high quality pepper from the region? Any opportunities to buy direct from local farmers? ...

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Big treks in Virachey on offer

Posted by gregmccann1 on 16/2/2015 at 08:28

If anyone is up for a 12-day trek to the Yak Yeuk Grasslands (not to be confused with the popular 7-day Veal Thom Grasslands trek) to help check out camera traps in April, there is quite an adventure in store for you. My organization, Habitat ID, recently launched two camera-trapping expeditions in Virachey this year, with the first group deploying cameras in Yak Yeuk. They found an elephant wallow high in the mountains near Laos, saw a pack of 10 dhole, saw a very rare pangolin (most are caught ...

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Prasat Preah Vihear help

Posted by alessandro on 16/2/2015 at 16:41

Hi, I need help to organize the visit of Prasat Preah Vihear from Siem Reap and the subsequent transfer from Sra Em to Ban Lung. Is possible make the transfer by public bus from Siem Reap to Sra Em?And from Sra Em is possible go to Prasat Preah Vihear (with motorbike) by yourself? From Sra Em you can go to Ban lung directly with public buses? I will be in Siem Reap next week. Sorry for my english. Thanks Alessandro ...

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Siem Reap May 1st-2nd

Posted by mingtyhmaa on 30/1/2015 at 19:55

May 1st is Labor Day holiday in Cambodia. There is a similar holiday in China and I was told to avoid travel in China on those days because it would be VERY busy. Can anyone comment on Siem Reap on May 1st and 2nd and how busy it will be? I am going for a photography tour. Thank you! ...

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Koh Rong or Koh Rong Samloem (or Koh Thmei)???

Posted by alex_stein on 21/1/2015 at 02:24

So I was pretty sure about Koh Rong (I was looking at the Monkey Island bungalows) but it seems I haven't done enough research and that maybe Koh Rong Samloem (or Koh Thmei) could also be good options. Obviously looking for the most beautiful place to be for a few days, and my girlfriend will want to do diving, so that will be a factor. It would be good if there are some other activities like trekking. I just need a place to sit and read and write. Any experiences to share? Which is quieter, ...

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Posted by mikal83 on 15/2/2015 at 05:58

With time on our side. WE fancy doing a boat journey between at least 2 of the above cities. It will be towards the end of Oct so any rivers/lakes etc should be full from the summer monsoons. Has anyone done a journey , from where to where and is it really a good/better alternative to a bus! Cheers Mike ...

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Reaching Sandy Beach Bungalows Koh Rong Samloem?

Posted by Tazzfalcon on 3/2/2015 at 23:18

Anyone know how to reach this fairly new and remote/isolated bungalows on Koh Rong Samloem? Is there a procedure to chartering a boat round from one of the main beaches on the island? ...

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Temples in Preah Vihear

Posted by pat_123 on 7/2/2015 at 09:36

Planning a visit to Preah Vihear later in the month. Any feedback on the temples there? Which temples should I head to? Any recommendation on guest house? ...

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