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Phnom Pehn to HCMC

Posted by longleat on 20/4/2007 at 05:25

What are the options to get from Phnom Phen to HCMC? Besides flying, is there a bus that you can take all the way without changing at the border? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Would a taxi be able to take you all the way or do you have to find another taxi and negotiate the rate from the border to HCMC? Any idea of cost of taxi? Many thanks! ...

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anyone in Cambodia?

Posted by loveheart on 16/4/2007 at 13:19

I am traveling to BKK -> Siem Reap -> Sihanoukville with 3 of my friends. We'll be spending most of our time on the beach (i.e. Sihanoukville ) I've been reading some stuff online, but can't figure out which beach to stay. We want to be on the beach but not if it's like Pattaya. Any recommendation? Also if anyone's going to be in Sihanoukville beginning of May, let me know! ...

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Anyone in Phnom Penh that want's to visit a wildlife preserve on Sunday?

Posted by geoffraffe on 8/3/2007 at 19:32

Hi, I'm in Phnom Penh at the minute and want to go to a wildlife preserve with my partner on Sunday. The trouble is the minimum for a group is 3 so we need at least 1 more. The trip is run by 2 girls and they take you through this animal preserve in a jeep. This place houses animals safely and most of the animals have been saved from illegal black market trading. i.e. this isný some cheep trek where you ride and elephant knowing that when it's closing time the elephant's beaten by the owner ...

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boat trip PhnomP to Siem R

Posted by jennijago on 18/2/2007 at 10:29

New member is looking at taking a boat trip from Phnom P to siem R in late May early June or there abouts. have heard it is good and takes about 4-6 hours Any comments. Is it better to go by car taxi or fly??? ...

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Popular Guesthouse - BAD SERVICE, tuk tuk OVERCHARGEX2

Posted by Pohchaco on 8/4/2007 at 18:25

Hi all I wish to share my unpleasant experience with Popular guesthouse in Siem Reap for the benefit of all potential visitors to Siem Reap. 1. BAD SERVICE FROM GUESTHOUSE STAFF One night, the staff were partying late with loud music. I went down to request them to stop cos the guests cant sleep in peace and my friend and I need to wake up early the next day. Their staff replied that they are celebrating a Chinese festival and insulted me as a Chinese I do not even know my own festivals ...

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Fly from Sihanoukville to Seim Reap saves time.

Posted by peterlaqua on 8/4/2007 at 15:44

We flew from Sihaboukville to Seim Reap on PMT Air. The flight took 50 minutes and was US$79 each. Flights go three times a week and this saves a nine hour bus trip via Phnom Phen. We found a gorgous hotel(Bopha Angkor) set in tropical gardens in Seam Reip. Starting at $48 a night, worth even one night for those on a tight budget. For those that have some money to burn check out the bungalow for $140. Its paradise! ...

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Maps of Cambodia

Posted by chuangt2u on 8/4/2007 at 12:21

Good Morning from Phnom Penh. I'm the author of a CD containing detailed maps of the whole of Cambodia and 19 main photogalleries containing a wide variety of images of Cambodia. Linked to the maps are the GPS locations of 43 ancient temples that are scattered all over the country and are not part of the Angkor Wat complex. Each temple has its own photogallery. The CD costs $2 and was made to help travellers find their way around this amazing country. All funds raised with this CD pur ...

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Bus from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

Posted by dtm39 on 5/4/2007 at 10:10

Hi. I understand that there are a number of bus companies that do this route. Some involve getting off a bus at the border and getting on another once you've crossed. Others go straight through. Does anyone know the name, address of a company that goes straight through? I heard there was a company with a good quality Mercedes bus. ...

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Koh Kong-Sihanoukville

Posted by viacc65 on 19/3/2007 at 03:42

Hello to all member, could I have please some useful contacts in Koh Kong (companies or agency) regarding a private trasportation by taxi, minibus, Sihanoukville? Thank you in advance for the help! ...

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Reciving Mail in Phnom Phen

Posted by kamamo on 18/3/2007 at 12:34

Hello, I am currently in Pakse in Laos and am making my way down into cambodia and will end in Phnom Penh. I am running out of my malaria medication and I am going to have my mom send me some medication from home, but don't know where to send it. I was thinking that I would just pick a guest house and have her send it to them and make a reservation to stay there. my problem is that i am not sure how reliable the post is and was just wondering if anyone else has ever had post sent to phnom pen ...

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Visa to Cambodia-overland from Laos

Posted by pfkutasi on 8/3/2007 at 19:46

Hello everyone, Just a question. How easy is it to get a visa if you are travelling overland from southern Laos into northeastern Cambodia? As it is not an official border crossing, I hear that you cannot get one on arrival. Are there places near the 4000 Islands that can issue one? I am looking at spending 30 days in Cambodia by the end of this month and I am not looking to eat into a visa that I may have to get in Vientiane (then have to extend it). I appreciate any answers y ...

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Sinh Cafe Tour HCH - PP via Mekong Delta

Posted by Sunbird2 on 11/3/2007 at 04:52

We are a family with 2 children interested in this trip into PP. Haven't found a lot of reviews online and was wondering if I could get some feedback. What's the standard of the tour, is it interesting enough for the kids, how is the border crossing into Cambodia? Have read it can be a nightmare. ...

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Good doctor in Phonm Pehn

Posted by sugarplum on 7/3/2007 at 07:37

Can anyone recommend a good doctor in Phonm Pehn. I have something wrong with my ears and would like to see if I can get it sorted out here rather than go to Bangkok. ...

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train from Bangkok to Siem Reap?

Posted by benjack on 27/2/2007 at 20:31

I've been trying to find a relatively hassle-free process to get from bangkok to siem reap. I found a really good site for traveling by car/bus, but they vaguely mentioned a train. Does anyone have more information about this train? I remember reading that it leaves at kind of inconvenient times (5 am and 7 pm or something), but that's fine. Has anyone taken this train? Do you still have problems with crossing the border? (i'm planning on getting my visa at the embassy in Bangkok, instead of ...

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Pools in Siem Reap

Posted by abh1128 on 2/2/2007 at 09:01

This may seem off the wall, but I am planning my trip to Angkor Wat for mid-March & I know it will be very hot. I am also on a very tight budget, so...I was wondering, for a fee, will some of the hotels with pools let you swim and hang out for a bit? I know there are spas, but the guides indicate you have to be a guest. ...

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Just back from Vietnam, Cambodia and Phu Quoc Island...

Posted by lucyhudson on 5/3/2007 at 23:35

Hi All We pretty much planned our entire trip following advice and tips from Travelfish so I thought I would return the favour and let you all know what we did in case you find it of use.... We only had 2 and a half weeks to see everything we wanted to in Southern Vietnam and Cambodia - and we feel we saw everything we could in such a short space of time whilst squeezing in 4 days of beach chilling at the in short this was our itinerary! Saigon (HCMC) 2 nights: Get a metered t ...

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ATMS in PHNOM PENH - debit cards

Posted by supsash on 27/2/2007 at 22:02

Hello, Can anyone confirm whether there are many ATMS in Cambodia specifically in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang, Sihnaksville. I would like to take cash out (cambodia riel or dollars) and if I can't do this with a debit card i will need to bring lots of Baht with me to change when I get there. Can you also confirm if Thai Baht is accepted in Cambodia as i probably will not be able to change this until I reach Phnom Penh my first destination. The info on the FAQ's is a bit conflicting - ...

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Taxi from Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City

Posted by longleat on 5/3/2007 at 05:09

Can anyone provide information on taking a taxi from PP to HCMC? I would like to know if the taxi from PP can take us all the way to HCMC without changing taxis at the border. Also, about how much would this cost and how long would the trip take? If we have to change taxis at the border, which spot on the border would that be? How would we get a taxi at the border if we have to find one? We planned on flying, but with 3 people travelling, that will be very costly. However, I don't want to s ...

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Flights from Hong Kong to Cambodia

Posted by bruceygreenbeans on 27/2/2007 at 08:08

Hi, I plan to meet up with some friends in Cambodia in March and I want the cheapest way to get there, I have some friends in HK and seeing as a single with Oasis budget airline from London is only £180ish I was hoping to fly there and then try and get to Cambodia from HK. I'm happy to fly through whatever country I just want to save money. Anyone know of any cheap airlines that fly from HK to Cambodia or even Bangkok and then I can get to Cambodia from there. Thanks ...

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Ripp-off airline: Royal Khmer

Posted by alex864 on 19/2/2007 at 14:52

Travelers, be aware of the dishonest and shameful methods of Royal Khmer Airlines, a Cambodian airline company. I bought two round trip tickets Seoul-Siem Reap from RKA to visit the wonderful site of Angkor in February last year with my wife. While my return flight to Seoul was cancelled without notice by Royal Khmer Airlines because of aircraft technical issue, they left me without any assistance in Siem Reap. Having already paid for the tickets to RKA, I had to spend another USD 1,000 for ...

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