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Rattanakiri to Mondulkiri

Posted by ReneHanoi on 12/7/2006 at 15:55

Hi there ! We are experienced bikers and want to go PP-Banlung-Sen Monorom-PP by motorbike in august. How is the road (?) and weather in august ? We've been tot these places before, but not in between. Thanks ! ...

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Viewed 1,936 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 18/7/2006 at 08:58

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Great Site

Posted by exkhmer on 14/7/2006 at 00:47

Just came a cross it this morning. Very insightful and resourceful. Keep up the good work. How about more pictures of locations and people. ...

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Viewed 2,071 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 14/7/2006 at 05:38

Choice of accomodation in Phnom Penh

Posted by eklecticist on 11/7/2006 at 23:20

Hi all, I'll be heading to PP with my partner from the 17th to 20th of July and right now I'm still fretting over the accomodation. My budget is abt usd15 and I've short-listed a few places below. 1) Champs Elysees Hotel USD20 (It's got a fancy name really, but i couldnt get any pictures of their rooms besides a very grand-looking lobby) 2) Floating Island Hotel USD 9 ( This is in the Boeng Kak lake area, and some reviews do mention that only the upper rooms are clean) 3) Hope & Anch ...

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Viewed 3,025 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by wolfman on 12/7/2006 at 16:25

siem reap to koh chang link

Posted by marianwarren on 2/7/2006 at 15:32

Dear somtam I was flicking through the site and noticed that you had added an official link regarding traveling from siem reap to koh chang but now I can't find it, only the original post from karyn 11/6/2006. I find relocating stuff I've read a little confusing, sometimes I don't know where it was, what message board it was on - maybe an index would be helpful. I know you don't intend to delete posts but is it possible to organise the info presented into a more user friendly format. Trawl ...

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Viewed 2,987 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by marianwarren on 3/7/2006 at 09:53

July in Cambodia

Posted by galtemus on 25/6/2006 at 13:32

Hi everyone, I'll be traveling from Bangkok to Siem Reap by Poi-Pet crossing (solo), around 2-3rd July, though have some question, and greatly appreciate your advice/answers. 1. how is the overland travel in July on this route, (is it bad due to raining season), how long can it take to get to Siem Reap from Poi pet around this season? 2. is it a high risk to travel solo at this road? I'm very novice and this is my first time journey in the region. 3. last but not least, is enyone go ...

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Viewed 2,050 times, with 6 replies. Last reply by Laura_B on 30/6/2006 at 21:58

Siem Reap to Ko Chang

Posted by karyn on 11/6/2006 at 09:38

I was hoping to travel from Siem Reap to Ko Chang, is that possible? If so, what transportation options are there? What are the border crossing issues that I should be aware of? One more, what is there to see along the way?! Thanks! ...

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Viewed 12,303 times, with 5 replies. Last reply by marklatham on 29/6/2006 at 18:03

Siem Reap excellent taxi service!!

Posted by tafbel on 13/6/2006 at 18:28

Just back from doing the Temples and surrounding areas of Siem Reap...found an excellent taxi and Tuk Tuk service with whom you can book in advance and be quoted honest, good value prices (i.e. no endless haggling) The owners name is Nak (really nice guy, good English) and he has a Website at Highly recommended From Dave, England ...

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Viewed 2,635 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by marigeri on 25/6/2006 at 15:15

Sihanoukville in August

Posted by jdollar on 9/6/2006 at 13:25

I'm just wondering if it's worth it to still head down to Sihanoukville in August. Is the weather/rain that bad? Or is it just for an hour in the afternoons? Are the beaches still worth lying about on? We'll also be heading to beaches on the southeast coast of Thailand - would it be more worth it to just spend more time on these beaches and skip the Sihanoukville beaches? Thanks! ...

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Viewed 2,949 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by petervienna on 13/6/2006 at 20:17

Friday morning question: Would you still go to Cambodia if...

Posted by somtam2000 on 7/4/2006 at 07:51

It's Friday morning (or it is here anyway!) and who wants to be at work on a Friday! Here's a question to chew over -- hopefully a bit more interesting than that spreadsheet you're gazing at. Would you still go to Cambodia if Angkor Wat was in Thailand? Why or why not? ...

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Viewed 2,941 times, with 14 replies. Last reply by Ellen on 3/6/2006 at 23:45

First time backpacker to Cambodia

Posted by juulie on 13/5/2006 at 21:17

Hi, I'm newbie here and will backpack to Cambodia alone from 21st to 30th May which is this coming saturday. Just a few questions to ask even though I've went through most of the msgs posted here. I realise some budget lodging does not have online booking such as redloge or two dragons. They have good comments and affordable. My concern is if I can't book online how am I going to get transport from from Siem Reap airport. Please advice, thx. In addition, my itinerary mostly likely ...

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Viewed 4,714 times, with 12 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 1/6/2006 at 06:18

Bamboo Trains - Battambang

Posted by Christabel16 on 24/5/2006 at 18:18

Hi, Does anyone know if these still operate? They are mentioned in the Lonely Planet and sound great but I have been let down by loads of info in the LP and so far everyone whom I have met who have been to Battambang have no idea what I am talking about! We are going to reach B hopefully in about a week. Thankyou ...

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Viewed 1,975 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 24/5/2006 at 19:27

Angkor Wat - temple of doom?

Posted by Harajuku on 17/5/2006 at 18:38

Am planning to go to Angkor Wat this summer, but just read this article which makes it sound like a bit of a tourist hell: How crowded does it get?! Can anyone recommend a good time to visit, or a good place to stay in Siem Reap...? ...

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Viewed 2,755 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by Harajuku on 19/5/2006 at 21:28

Ivy Guesthouse 1 & 2 - email add?

Posted by soonmeng on 2/5/2006 at 12:16

Hi, Can anyone give me email address of Ivy Guesthouse 1 & 2? Any idea if Ivy Guesthouse 2 is within walking distance to the Bar Street? Thanks. ...

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Viewed 2,194 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by iwillfly525 on 19/5/2006 at 08:42

Angkor Wat

Posted by Sunny5049 on 11/5/2006 at 13:21

What is the park fee to get into Angkor Wat? ...

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Viewed 1,644 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by BUCKSBLOKE35 on 11/5/2006 at 20:35

Battambang to Siem Reap

Posted by dvgainer on 4/5/2006 at 21:40

I'm going to be in Cambodia in July. At this time of year, would it be better to take the roads or a boat from Battambang to Siem Reap (in terms of time/comfort, I'm assuming the boat is prettier). Also, people have noted safety issues with the boats, are these at all avoidable? Thanks, david ...

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Viewed 3,320 times, with 7 replies. Last reply by CunningMcFar on 5/5/2006 at 23:56

Getting visa for Laos in BBK

Posted by prayforwind on 5/5/2006 at 13:21

Hi, I just read your post on getting a visa for Laos in Bangkok on TTF. Can you give me a bit more information regarding this? Can I get a travel agent in Bangkok to do this for me? If not, where is the Laos embassy in Bangkok? Is there a one day service? Aside from passport and photos, what else should I bring? Thanks for your help. Soleil ...

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Viewed 1,813 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by peponi on 5/5/2006 at 16:42

bordercrossing from cambodia to laos

Posted by hycoscine on 3/5/2006 at 19:55

i'm planning a trip to cambodia and laos this summer. but i'm starting to get worried about the bordercrossing from cambodia to laos. is it possible to get into laos that way? i've talked to the lao embassy in sweden and they said that the border was only for locals and not for internationell use. do they say that just to be on the safe side or is it true? i've read about people crossing the other way, from laos to cambodia, but nothing about going from cambodia to laos... ...

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Viewed 1,855 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by somtam2000 on 4/5/2006 at 20:13

Border Crossing Koh Chang

Posted by SeanaB on 3/5/2006 at 20:11

Is there a border crossing from Koh Chang into Cambodia? What is easiest way to get from Thai islands on east into Cambodia? Thanks! ...

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Viewed 3,295 times, with 1 reply. Last reply by somtam2000 on 3/5/2006 at 21:00

Overland from Laos; What are the options?

Posted by MarcuzNYC on 29/4/2006 at 01:08

What are the options and costs going overland from Laos to Cambodia? I'll be heading to Siem Reap. Also, how long did it take you? I'm really looking for first-hand experience of people who have done this within the past year. Thanks, Marcus ...

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Viewed 2,165 times, with 2 replies. Last reply by MarcuzNYC on 3/5/2006 at 00:57

Phnom Penh to Battambang

Posted by icet2sugars on 30/4/2006 at 11:18

Does anyone know whether there are any buses leaving Phnom Penh for Battambang at around noon (if not later)? Hoping this is not too ambitious, I'm hoping I can somehow get to Battambang after arriving in Phnom Penh airport at 9.30am. From what I've gathered, all buses leave in the early morning. After going through custom/money exchanging etc, I don't think I can get to the bus centre until noon! Any info would be appreciated! I'd try to avoid the shared taxi option if possible! As I'll ...

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Viewed 2,620 times, with 3 replies. Last reply by freubel on 1/5/2006 at 20:55

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