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discovery pass or an other

Posted by rigo on 29/8/2006 at 13:45

hi guys, we are heading to cambodia,vietnam and laos in dec/jan and was thinking of flying bkk to siem reap, phnom penh to hcmc, then (if possible) luang prabang to bkk, if not , then vientiane to bkk. does anyone know of any pass that would allow these flights and roughly how much they cost ? thanks for any advice ...

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siem Reap to ko chang

Posted by rogerlees on 20/8/2006 at 02:21

I want to go from Siem Reap to Trat in 10 days time can anyone suggest the best way and what current conditions are? is the route from Battambang to Pailin passable and how long does it take? How about via battambang and poipet can you get buses from Aranya pratet to Trat ...

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Flooding in Kampot/Kep

Posted by somtam2000 on 16/8/2006 at 14:20

this report on the Lonely Planet thorntree reports that Kampot and Kep are seeing sever flooding and that the road to Ko Kong may be out -- if you're travelling in that part of Cambodia, you should give the above thread a read. ...

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a beach, a hut, low budget, nice people ... where to find in cambodia?

Posted by thisisjan on 3/8/2006 at 13:58

hey everybody, i am in shanghai right now and need to get out and relax. i mean really relax without much people and without spending much money. i just want to hang out on the beach and sleep in a small hut. a toilet would be great but thats about it that i need. as i wish to depart next week i waiting desparately for people that can help me with "secret places/beaches/islands/lakes". PLEASE!!! even an information about which airline to choose to get from shanghai to phnom penh woul ...

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The Idiots Guide to Buying Food in Cambodian Markets

Posted by somtam2000 on 4/8/2006 at 09:07

The smart cookies over at Khmer440 have a great little guide to buying food in Cambodian markets, aptly titled The Idiots Guide to Buying Food in Cambodian Markets. If you find the markets a tad intimidating, you'll probably find the story of interest. ...

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Beach time at the end of Sept?

Posted by sackonmyback on 21/7/2006 at 09:07

Hi y'all.... After backpacking round Laos and then having a nosey in Cambodia (Angkor Wat, P.P mainly) was thinking that we might need a bit of a beach break for 5-6 days! Will be there end of Sept- first wk Oct. Any suggestions where and for how long?? My friend suggested skipping Sihanoukville and going to stay in some little islands of Kep (staying one night on the way in Kampot at Bangkor Park)? And the big question - are we going to even get any beach time at that time of the y ...

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Battambang's bamboo train on the BBC

Posted by somtam2000 on 25/7/2006 at 06:41

The BBC is runnign a story at the moment on Battambang's bamboo train (also known as Nori). If you've got BBC, keep an eye out for it. It's a nice little, feel good story -- makes a great change from all the madness and mayhem that currently fills the tv. ...

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Getting from cambodia to phuket

Posted by brigal on 22/7/2006 at 00:23

What would be the best way to get from cambodia (Phnom Penh) to phuket, and (approx) how long would it take and how much would it cost thanks for the help ...

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can i get cambodian visa on border with laos?

Posted by travelchick on 28/3/2006 at 20:06

hiya, i'm going round laos and cambodia in a couple of months (yeay!) and was going to cross border from laos into cambodia after staying around 4000 islands for a bit. i'm a bit confused where the actual border crossing is between the 2 countries and can i get a visa (max. 2 weeks needed) for cambodia there? or do i have to get one in bangkok or somewhere in laos? (if i get a visa befoehand, does anyone know if it starts on the day of issue or day of entry to cambodia?) thanks very much! x ...

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How late does Central/Russian markets open?

Posted by veron on 18/7/2006 at 04:26

We will be arriving Phnom Phen by bus from Siem Reap at around 5:30 PM and was wondering if we can do any shopping in the Central/Russian markets at night? We fly to BKK very early next morning. ...

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Siem Reap to 4 thousand islands

Posted by bliprogers on 13/7/2006 at 17:34

After doing Northern Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, I would like to travel from Siem reap to check out 4 thousand islands....?? Any ideas of best way to travel to do this?? Any flights to Pakse or anywhere near? Overland?? ...

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Rattanakiri to Mondulkiri

Posted by ReneHanoi on 12/7/2006 at 15:55

Hi there ! We are experienced bikers and want to go PP-Banlung-Sen Monorom-PP by motorbike in august. How is the road (?) and weather in august ? We've been tot these places before, but not in between. Thanks ! ...

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Great Site

Posted by exkhmer on 14/7/2006 at 00:47

Just came a cross it this morning. Very insightful and resourceful. Keep up the good work. How about more pictures of locations and people. ...

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Choice of accomodation in Phnom Penh

Posted by eklecticist on 11/7/2006 at 23:20

Hi all, I'll be heading to PP with my partner from the 17th to 20th of July and right now I'm still fretting over the accomodation. My budget is abt usd15 and I've short-listed a few places below. 1) Champs Elysees Hotel USD20 (It's got a fancy name really, but i couldnt get any pictures of their rooms besides a very grand-looking lobby) 2) Floating Island Hotel USD 9 ( This is in the Boeng Kak lake area, and some reviews do mention that only the upper rooms are clean) 3) Hope & Anch ...

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siem reap to koh chang link

Posted by marianwarren on 2/7/2006 at 15:32

Dear somtam I was flicking through the site and noticed that you had added an official link regarding traveling from siem reap to koh chang but now I can't find it, only the original post from karyn 11/6/2006. I find relocating stuff I've read a little confusing, sometimes I don't know where it was, what message board it was on - maybe an index would be helpful. I know you don't intend to delete posts but is it possible to organise the info presented into a more user friendly format. Trawl ...

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July in Cambodia

Posted by galtemus on 25/6/2006 at 13:32

Hi everyone, I'll be traveling from Bangkok to Siem Reap by Poi-Pet crossing (solo), around 2-3rd July, though have some question, and greatly appreciate your advice/answers. 1. how is the overland travel in July on this route, (is it bad due to raining season), how long can it take to get to Siem Reap from Poi pet around this season? 2. is it a high risk to travel solo at this road? I'm very novice and this is my first time journey in the region. 3. last but not least, is enyone go ...

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Siem Reap to Ko Chang

Posted by karyn on 11/6/2006 at 09:38

I was hoping to travel from Siem Reap to Ko Chang, is that possible? If so, what transportation options are there? What are the border crossing issues that I should be aware of? One more, what is there to see along the way?! Thanks! ...

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Siem Reap excellent taxi service!!

Posted by tafbel on 13/6/2006 at 18:28

Just back from doing the Temples and surrounding areas of Siem Reap...found an excellent taxi and Tuk Tuk service with whom you can book in advance and be quoted honest, good value prices (i.e. no endless haggling) The owners name is Nak (really nice guy, good English) and he has a Website at Highly recommended From Dave, England ...

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Sihanoukville in August

Posted by jdollar on 9/6/2006 at 13:25

I'm just wondering if it's worth it to still head down to Sihanoukville in August. Is the weather/rain that bad? Or is it just for an hour in the afternoons? Are the beaches still worth lying about on? We'll also be heading to beaches on the southeast coast of Thailand - would it be more worth it to just spend more time on these beaches and skip the Sihanoukville beaches? Thanks! ...

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Friday morning question: Would you still go to Cambodia if...

Posted by somtam2000 on 7/4/2006 at 07:51

It's Friday morning (or it is here anyway!) and who wants to be at work on a Friday! Here's a question to chew over -- hopefully a bit more interesting than that spreadsheet you're gazing at. Would you still go to Cambodia if Angkor Wat was in Thailand? Why or why not? ...

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