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Cambodia in July

Posted by kara_12 on 2/6/2013 at 00:15

Hi guys, Im planning on travelling to Cambodia mid-late July and was thinking of going to Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh. Can anyone tell me what the weather is like during the time. I'm aware that its raining season but wanted to know if it rains constantly or if it only rains for a small amount of time each day. I don't want to go to places like sihanoukville if the weather is going to be terrible. Thanks! ...

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Floating villages Siem Reap

Posted by nikkiclovelly on 19/11/2008 at 13:10

Can anyone recommend a good person/company for a trip around the floating villages - don't mind travelling further but really don't want to be with hoards of tourists. Also any info on visiting an orphanage/hospital in Siem Reap for a day or two to help out? ...

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Looking for a camping ground near Siem Reap

Posted by Lalo27 on 3/6/2013 at 00:22

Hi, we are looking for a camping ground not too far from Siem Reap (maxi 5km) with a minimum utilities like electricity and water... If anyone have any idea, please let us know! Thanks ...

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5 weeks Cambodia and Southern Laos Itinerary June / July

Posted by Anetian on 30/5/2013 at 07:17

Hi! We will be travelling to SEA on June 19th with the following in mind: June 20th arrival in BKK 3 nights at BKK Tree House Hotel June 23rd Bus to Siem Reap June 23rd to 28th - Temples of Angkor June 28th to 30th - Battambang June 30th to July 2nd - Phnom Penh July 2nd Bus to Sihanoukville, stay there for one night July 3rd to 7th - Koh Rong or Koh Rong Samloem July 7th to 10th - Kep / Kampot July 11th / 12th Phnom Penh to Kratie, Stund Treng, Cross the Border to Laos July 12th to 23th ...

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Which airport to exit the country?

Posted by Jetter on 29/5/2013 at 05:37

Hi Everybody! Planing a 4 weeks trip to Laos and Cambodia. Will fly to Thailand and go by train to Vientiane, starting the journey there. Have to be in Kuala Lumpur 4 weeks later. Which would be the better airport to exit Cambodia, Phnom Penh or Siem Reap ? Ticket fare is almost the same. Don't want to plan to much of the journey in advance, but if I'm right it would be easier to exit Laos at Don Det and continue to Phnom Penh as to go to Siem Reap from there, is that right? So if I want to ...

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Snuol to Loc Ninh border crossing.

Posted by eazy_ie on 29/5/2013 at 07:25

G'day! Currently in Sen Monorom and looking to cross into Vietnam using the Snuol - Loc Ninh border crossing in a couple of days, before heading into HCMC. Seems easy enough to get to the border from Sen Monorom but not sure about the Vietnam side of things. How would we go about getting to Loc Ninh and onwards to HCMC? Tried searching the forum but couldn't find any up to date info. Any travellers able to shed some light? Cheers! ...

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TIPS NEEDED!! Bus Scam from/to Siem Reap

Posted by stephanieman on 29/7/2012 at 22:46

Hi there, As the bus i) Si Phan Don --> Siem Reap & ii) Siem Reap-->Bangkok are notorious for scam, is there tips to avoid all those scams? ( I am travelling alone so I want to minimize the risk) Thanks! ...

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Cambodia - corruption at Poipet. Don't pay the bribe!

Posted by IvanaCZ on 24/4/2013 at 03:07

If you're going to Cambodia it is very likely that the officers will demand a bribe. We crossed into Camb. from Thailand at Poipet and experienced all of the scams mentioned elsewhere on the net. At the visa counter the officer told us that the visa costs $20 + 100 Bhat. I pointed at the sign above his head reading : tourist visa $20. He repeated the same thing 3 times and I did the same, adding that 100Bhat is a bribe which I refuse to pay. After this short exchange he gave up and gave us our v ...

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Volunteering post-floods

Posted by Tessa123 on 5/11/2011 at 03:08

Does anyone know of any organisations that need volunteers to help with post-flood work in Cambodia? We would like to help but don't have the money to donate. ...

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Orphanages in Cambodia

Posted by Nokka on 25/10/2010 at 00:50

There is news this weekend of a British man being arrested for sex offences against children in orphanages he ran near Siem Reap . When my wife and I were in Siem Reap last February we went to one of the orphanages on the outskirts of town. When eating in a restaurant the night before we received a flyer about how visitors were welcome the next day to meet the kids and watch them do a show. We cycled out there, a further 10 or so westerners also arrived. We played and talked with the kids and ...

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Where to take my boyfriend for his first SE Asian experience?

Posted by gingergirl on 17/5/2013 at 01:49

Ok so I am taking my new partner to SE Asia for the first time. He has never even been out of Sydney , let alone the country. , on the other hand , have been to Se Asia 5 times, so I am fairly familiar with what to expect. The problem being I am not sure where would be a good introduction to travelling in SE Asia for a city boy. I would love to go to Cambodia again, but I am worried it will be too much of a culture shock for him. I am thinking Thailand or Vietnam might be a better destination f ...

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Silk In Cambodia

Posted by NYTim on 22/5/2013 at 09:50

I travel alone to South East Asia as my wife does not enjoy the food; however, she insists that I buy her silk scarves. Can anyone tell me the best place anywhere in Cambodia that I can purchase them at reasonable prices. Cheers ...

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Upcoming 2013 Elections in Cambodia

Posted by CarolynTru on 14/5/2013 at 05:32

Hi Everyone! I'm currently considering an extended stay in Phnom Penh working for an NGO. But in light of the upcoming elections, should I be concerned about violence at political demonstrations or even the possibility of a civil war (or is this just the media taking things out of context and blowing things way out of proportion)? Are there any expats, NGO workers or other travelers out there who would be willing to provide their insights on this? Thanks guys! Carolyn ...

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Best Beach in Cambodia in July

Posted by SpaceCadet on 8/4/2013 at 14:53

Hi Everyone, I am traveling to Cambodia in the last week of June/First two weeks of july and hoping to do Cambodia and Southern Vietnam, I'm looking for advice on the best beach to go to for a few days in the middle, we are a young couple, and just looking to relax somewhere for a few days - nice beach/pool, good food and chilled out and maybe scope to do some hiking or other activities..We have been looking at Silkhanoville, Kep, and Kampot, and are not sure which to pick.... and what will th ...

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Islands/Beaches in Cambodia

Posted by ybg on 17/4/2013 at 20:22

Hi all I've been searching the web trying to understand the state of the beaches and which island/beach would be good for us... i understand that there is a problem with sand flies in Koh Rong etc and also that there is a lot of garbage on the beaches wahsed from the sea... i would like to know which beaches: -don't have sand flies -have calm waters - preferably have no rocks in the water on the beach Thanks ...

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Cambodia, Veitnam, Malaysia, Indonesia

Posted by inny on 17/4/2013 at 18:38

Hi, I'm new to the site and just looking for some advice. I'm planning on travelling by myself this summer for around 2 months (June-August) around those 4 countries. I know its quite unconventional to do these without doing Thailand, but I travelled around Thailand last summer for a month and fell in love with South East Asia and wanted to go back and do more as soon as possible. I'm a 20 year old male student and plan to be travelling by myself on a relatively cheap budget. If you've got the t ...

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Quickest way from Siem Reap to Perhentian Islands....

Posted by doidgeandpleach on 29/4/2013 at 06:45

I've managed to produce a travel Itinerary for a 6 week stay around Southeast Asia . And now I'm completely stumped. I need to get from Siem Reap to the Perhentian Islands as quickly (and as cheaply) as possible, so that me and my fellow travel partner can spend at least 8 days sunning ourselves and island hopping after a hectic few weeks sight-seeing. Having looked at some flights, it seems we can get a flight to an airport nearby (Kota Bharu), and then a boat ride to our island of choice. ...

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Siem Reap in October

Posted by turbodieselvw on 21/4/2013 at 13:50

It looks like the month of October falls in between the end of the wet season and the start of the dry season in Siem Reap . Does anyone know what type of weather to expect for travelling in Siem Reap in October; would there be lots of rain or not much? Thanks! ...

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Cambodia - prices of street food in Siem Reap

Posted by IvanaCZ on 24/4/2013 at 03:37

I have a very bad experience with Siem Reap as we had to haggle over the price of everything there since they automatically charge foreigners double, sometimes even 4times the normal price. What's even worse is that even when you know for a fact how much something costs (because you saw the locals pay or you asked somebody) they sometimes refuse to sell it to you for the fair price. One example for all: I asked about the price of a cantaloupe on the road to Angkor and was told $2. I pointe ...

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Southeast Asia Questions

Posted by dspudwill on 28/4/2013 at 21:20

Hi everybody. Me and three others are planning a trip to Southeast Asia. We are deciding on where we should go and our biggest issues is we can't decide how long it takes to get everywhere. We are thinking we want to take the bus most places and we have heard it takes a long time, but nothing much more specific than that. We have a weak itinerary that we have made up but we are not sure if we have packed to much into the time we have or maybe not enough. Our trip is going to last exactly three w ...

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