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Cambodia in 8 days

Posted by muratgungor99 on 26/9/2011 at 00:36

Hello, We are planning a trip to Singapore, followed by another one to either Cambodia or Bali, Indonesia for 8 days. If we go to Cambodia, we are thinking of seeing Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Kompong Cham. How realistic is this? I know there is a one-week itinerary on Travelfish about this, but I'd like to hear people's opinions on the matter. Would it be too much of a rush, or will we be able to enjoy our time? Thanks, Murat ...

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PP to Sihanoukville by 11am?

Posted by kmc on 7/9/2011 at 13:36

Hi folks, We're crashing in Phnom Penh for a night when we fly in in a couple of weeks but are hoping to be able to get to Sihanoukville by 11 or 11:30 the next morning in order to catch the 12pm boat to Lazy Beach. The earliest bus seems to go at 7am - do you reckon that stands any chance of getting us there and, if not, what the best alternatives are? Thanks, Kris ...

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Flooding in Siem Reap

Posted by elizabethnoelle on 23/9/2011 at 18:53

just an update from Mekong Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap, lots of flooding in most of the city area, above the knee water in the streets, tuk tuk's are having a hard time getting places, it is difficult to get anywhere by foot as well, as it is a very strong current. We just arrived yesterday when the flooding got really bad, so we haven't made it to the temples yet, but people are telling us there is no flooding in that area. Will update on this after we visit there. Check out this youtube video, ...

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Immigration in siem reap

Posted by sebbytan on 25/9/2011 at 07:16 fast in the process on the custom ...if I arrive at 8am and intend to catch the 930am bus to PP...anyway for me to manage ? and must I book the bus ticket in advance ? ...

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Ritchie's Bar Otress Beach Sihanoukville

Posted by Damian123 on 23/9/2011 at 08:33

Late Aug 2011 I stayed on Otress Beach, near Sihanoukville. The hut bar on the sand beside my place was called Ritchie's Bar, and had a roadside neon sign set in a box. The "R" had failed, thus the dag joint with its stoned expat proprietor, now reads "Itchie's". This cracked us up for weeks, but such was our measure of being zoned out in tropical bliss, no-one took a photo of the funny sign. If you are going to Otress in the near future, like this Sept-Oct 2011, could yo ...

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cambodias islands... there not phuket yet are they?

Posted by think87 on 10/9/2011 at 08:32

Ok i know thats not the case but i have read here and other places that the islands have for the most part been sold/leased with plans of grandeur. Ill be heading to alot of these islands in December and just seeing if anyone has been there recently or has any up to date info on whether or not all the good old bungalows and such will still be around. thanks ...

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Cambodia to Trang, Thailand

Posted by meeshakar on 16/9/2011 at 00:55

Hi, We will be in Cambodia for 2 weeks, then onto Thailand. We will be around Phonm Penh when we leave for Thailand and wondering if there is an easier way to get to Trang, then flying from Phonm Penh to Bangkok, then Bangkok to Trang. Would be great if there was a flight from Cambodia straight down to the islands of Thailand. Anyone know of anything? Thanks! ...

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Quick Lakeside update?

Posted by AGRO on 8/9/2011 at 17:51

Headed to Phnom Penh tomorrow Sept 9/2011 and probably in and out of the city a few times. I know al about the situation at Lake Side and I know it's changing rapidly. I did a search here and I can't seem to find any recent info. Is it worth it to head to Lakeside or go straight to the river front? We're looking for nice clean cheap accommodation, as I remember the riverfront was a bit more expensive. Is this the same scenario? Thanks! ...

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Posted by limorm on 19/9/2011 at 21:15

......arrived with no actual plan, and heavily raining.... Does anyone know if it's possible to get to the waterfalls (Chaa Ong, Ka Tieng) or to the lake (Boeing Yeak Laom) in such weather? Or, does anyone know a good travel agency in "town"?....... Any help would be lovely! Thank you all! ...

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Balcony Guesthouse Kratie?

Posted by jonenlyd on 23/7/2011 at 22:22

I am trying to book a room at the balcony guesthouse in Kratie, but i am not getting a response from them. Does anyone have their most recent e-mail adress? Thanks Jon ...

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Vacation and Photography in Cambodia

Posted by ahmedjaf on 9/9/2011 at 16:57

Hi I am Male 40, filmmaker, Photographer, about to go to Cambodia to explore, relax and see he possibility for filming there in the future. Just finished a long project and need to chill no dates, ASAP. anyone care to join? ...

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e-visas into Cambodia - any issues?

Posted by gingersmith869 on 8/9/2011 at 19:50

Hi all, I've heard most of the uniformed border officials for both Cambodia and Vietnam are unscrupulous and regularly try to scam tourists regularly for anything they can. I'm planning on heading from Ho Chi Minh to the Moc Bai/Bavet crossing and have read in the LP that getting an e-visa can be a good way of bypassing such problems. I was wondering if anyone could provide information on these to see if it's worth doing? The website is for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Cambodia (http:/ ...

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Thailand to Cambodia

Posted by JenP on 8/9/2011 at 18:16

Hi all, Now i know it depends where exactly i am in Thailand when i am there, but can anyone suggest if it generally is better to get from thailand to Cambodia by plane or train? I am assuming train is cheaper, but i have no idea how long it will take! Thanks in advance :o) Jen ...

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Sun Set GH - Kratie (How do you get hold of them to make a booking ?)

Posted by giroffle on 6/9/2011 at 01:55

Does anyone out there know how to get hold of the people at the Sun Set GH in Kratie to make a booking ? There is no website and the following two (Mob No.s), I never get a reply from... (00) 85512725032 (00) 85511772455 I'd be grateful for any tips or tricks on how to get hold of them...or maybe explain how they operate... Kind Rgds Carmel ...

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share tuk tuk / boats to floating villages

Posted by juju007 on 5/9/2011 at 23:56

Similar question to previous one, any persons interested to go to floating villages, probably the day after tomorrow(sept 7) ? For now, we are two. main program: kompong phluk, kompong kleang (bigger village than the first one, but no mangrove;, baeng malea (temple) For the 3, it makes a big day and a lot of road. If possible, stay in a floating village for sunset maybe not kompong phluk if we are only two as I had more recommandations ...

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Elephant Ride Banglung Cambodia

Posted by kendramarshall on 5/9/2011 at 02:57

We stayed at Lake View Lodge in June 2011 for three nights. The accommodation is average as is the restaurant. However, I would like to comment on the Elephant Ride which was arranged through THe Lake View Lodge's own tourist agency. Firstly we were taken by scooter to the village to begin the ride. The driver of my partner's scooter was driving much too fast and was sliding around in the mud, he asked several times for the driver to slow down but he did not and eventually the bike slipped again ...

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Sihanoukville to Bangkok

Posted by mattbt on 3/9/2011 at 22:19

Afternoon all I'm going to be spending xmas in Sihanoukville and plan to leave on the 26th to head back to Bangkok. I looked at the options and i can catch a flight from PP for about £70 but dont really want to pay that for an hours flight. If i was to go by bus how long is it likly to take and whats the best route ?? I need to be back in Bangkok buy the evening of the 27th or morning of the 28th to meet friends, Is it best to head back towards the border at poipet ?? Anyone have any info on ...

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Phnom Pehn or Siem Reap to Koh Chang??

Posted by crispydog on 3/9/2011 at 15:46

Ok, so i was in Siem Reap and enquired with my hotel about the cost of a bus to Koh Chang. I got quoted $11. I thought this would give me a ballpark figure of what to expect to pay from Phnom Pehn which i had to return to to collect my passport from the Thai embassy. On the map, SR and PP seem similar distances from Koh Chang. Back in Phnom Pehn i cannot find a bus cheaper than $21 anywhere! Can someone please tell me why this journey is so much more expensive to make from PP??? It actually w ...

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share tuk tuk to Angkor Wat for 2 or 3 days, now

Posted by juju007 on 3/9/2011 at 10:03

Hello, I'm a solo traveller and I want to know if there are other people around (in Sieam Reap, where I am currently) who would be interested to share a tuk tuk to the temples for 2 or 3 days in the coming days. something like small tour (Ta Phrom, Bantea Kdei, Takeo, Thomanon, Tanei, Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat) big tour (Preah Kahn, Neak Pean, Ta Som, East Mebon, Pre Rup, Sra Srang) Banteay Srei ~35$ at my guesthouse for 2 days +3$ sunrise The 3 days tour, add Banteay Samre + Group of Roulos ...

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Posted by azenberg on 29/4/2011 at 20:57

We are a couple looking for one or two people to share a taxi and the cost with us, to leave Seam Reap on the morning of the 1st or 2nd May 2011, to head for Poi Pet, and change taxi's for Bangkok. Contact at Thanks ...

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