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Cambodia Laosand Thailand itinerary

Posted by stollie77 on 23/5/2011 at 04:17

Hi! This is my first forum post so I hope anyone can help me. My wife and I (male; 33 years old) are planning to travel to Cambodia in August and September. As we have three weeks I presume we have time to travel parts of Laos and/or Thailand as well. Our interests are the mix of nature, cities, culture and relaxing. Less partying. At the moment I am considering two itineraries: Itenerary 1 (in this order) - Bangkok (4 nights; never been to Thailand before) - Luang Prabang (3 nights; flight ...

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Hualamphong to aranyaprathet

Posted by WelshGem on 17/5/2011 at 16:46

Hi, I'll be arriving in Bangkok at 19:00 and would like to get the 05:55 train the next morning from hualamphong to aranyaprathet to make the border crossing to Siem Reap the next day I was wondering how easy it is to buy tickets at the train station early in the morning? or if it would be better to spend a day in bangkok and travel the next day? ideally I'd like to leave bangkok and get travelling ASAP any advice much appreciated! Thanks Gem ...

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great food and accommodation in Koh Kong

Posted by sayadian on 18/5/2011 at 09:04

If any of you are visiting Koh Kong I mentioned awhile ago about Paddys bar and restaurant.He is the best cook and nicest man you could meet and despite the name he is Khmer.Now he has taken over the Neptune Guesthouse there so you can look forward to good food and a good atmosphere.From the main street go torwards the market, turn left and Neptune is about 200 metres on the right.It has a lovely garden and great atmosphere. Paddy will fix you up with anything at the best prices because he has ...

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Suggested IT for Hanoi-Cambodia Trip

Posted by backpacker21 on 10/5/2011 at 13:17

Hi, my friends and I are planning to have a 5-day trip to Hanoi and Cambodia in September. Wish to ask for assistance on how we can maximize our trip. This is our first time to explore the 2 wonderful countries. Any suggestions, please. Thanks! ...

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Trip recs for Phnom Penh

Posted by DandA on 4/10/2010 at 17:18

Hey all, After taking so much from Travelfish and the forums I thought I'd give something back. We visited Cambodia in July and had a great time throughout Phnom Penh and the South. A couple of recommendations: Guide: We met Arun through the Boddhi Tree Hotel. He has since set up a website to do guided tours around Phnom Penh and surrounds. Lovely guy with amazing passion for the advancement of Cambodia. His website is: Motorbike tours: My husband did a 4- ...

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Phnom Pehn to Kratie to Pakse to 4,000 islands

Posted by sarahmlowry on 17/8/2008 at 16:28

How long does it take to get from Phnom Pehn to Kratie to Pakse to the 4,000 islands area by bus? Are there any boat options? How long does the border crossing take? Any info on this route welcomed. ...

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Bangkok airport to Aranyaprathet

Posted by joanne1981 on 24/10/2010 at 01:49

Hi, We arrive into Bangkok from the UK at 15.30 and I was hoping to make our way straight from the airport to Aranyaprathet to overnight there before crossing the border to Siem Reap. I was originally going to overnight in Bangkok and make an early start but this makes more sense and means we will get to Siem reap a lot earlier. Are there any buses around this time to Aranyaprathet from the airport? Thanks in advance, Joanne ...

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Quads (Blazing Trails) Phnom Penh

Posted by fox80 on 29/4/2011 at 21:42

Has anyone used this company above to see the surroundings of Phnon Phen? We are thinking to maybe do something different and try the quads this time..This company has many great reviews on tripadvisor but I wonder if anybody here has tried it. ...

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Laos or Cambodia?

Posted by GermanCoastgirl on 19/4/2011 at 20:15

Hi All, I have already posted in the Laos forum and would like your input on the following route planning: I will be travelling SEA for 6 weeks in Feb/March 2012. First three weeks with my son, last 3 weeks my husband will join. I have now taken some weeks (besides working/family life) to think of further planning and would like you to give me your feedback on the following planned route (I know, I still have sooo much tíme left but planning is also soooo much fun !) 3 weeks alone with my son: ...

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phnom penh flight to luang prabang

Posted by mariejs on 30/3/2006 at 09:38

I'm flying into Phnom Penh from Melbourne and want to do cambodia and laos in 3 weeks so hoping to cut time by flying up north and travelling south by land. Can I fly from Phnom Penh to Luang Prabang or Luan Nam Tah and is 3 weeks enough to try to see a fair bit of Laos and visit siem reap and phnom penh? ...

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Impact of 22 April 2011 Clashes on Tourism

Posted by Boulos on 26/4/2011 at 22:32

Hi guys, I am/was planning to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia, but because of the clashes of the recent days, I might be planning to drop down Cambodia and travel to Vietnam and Laos instead. 1- Do you think there will be security threats in Cambodia? (mainly in Phnom Penh and Siem reap) 2- I will travel to Bangkok first, from there, and considering the recent clashes, do you advise me to travel by bus or plane to Phnom Penh? 3- Do you think that the clashes of the recent days might disturb t ...

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Cambodia to Laos how to travel between the two

Posted by mattykinder on 27/4/2011 at 07:45

Gday Have 20 days to do both Cambodia & Laos, have been to Cambodia before but new to Laos. Any suggestions on Laos itinerary ? Also what is the best and $$ way to travel between Laos and Cambodia, are the flighst reliable? cheers ...

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Taking the bus from Saigon to siem reap in AUGUST

Posted by wickedsis on 27/4/2011 at 18:56

Hi there, I'll be traveling for the first time from Saigon to siem reap in august. How safe and fast will it be to take the bus considering its monsoon season? Will it be raining the entire month? Will travel be safe? Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks ...

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Long-term English Language Teaching Volunteer Wanted in Siem Reap

Posted by mrdome on 22/4/2011 at 15:45

Please have a look at the website: I met the Director on my last visit this March. I did not have time to visit the school myself but it looks pretty legit so far. Guido Berlin ...

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Bus times Poipet to Phnom Penh

Posted by sayadian on 10/4/2011 at 16:03

In three weeks time I'll be arriving at Suvannabhumi at 15.30.Hopefully I can get to Aran that day but of course the border doesn't open until 0700 next day. Last time I was in Poipet the only buses going to Phnom Penh were at 0630 and 0730.Much too early for my crossing.Does anybody know if there are later buses now? If there aren't do you know if I can at least get to Battambang by bus.I hate shared taxis. Thanks all. ...

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Cambodia without PP and SR

Posted by ccalvin09 on 17/3/2011 at 05:58

I am going to be traveling around Saigon and want to pop into Cambodia for a few days because I love the people and vibe so much. Been to Angkor and I don't know if PP is worth it, since I'm not really a city person. I also don't really care about beaches cause I am going to get those in Vietnam. So if you were going to spend four days in Cambodia in a quiet place off the beaten path that is relatively easy to access by road from one of the border crossings, where would you go, and what would ...

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how do i get from Phnom Phen to Phuket, Thailand

Posted by dmicha01 on 21/4/2011 at 09:17

What is the best way for 2 of us to get a one way from Phnom Phen, Cambodia to Phuket, Thailand? Appreciate any input, thanks! flights checked from the US were almost $500 each, ouch! Dona ...

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2 weeks in Cambodia and Thailand

Posted by nofidel7 on 19/3/2011 at 23:41

A friend and I are planning about 2 weeks in Cambodia and Thailand next February. We want a combination of culture/history along with some beach time to just relax. We definitely want to see Angkor Wat and probably Phonm Penh but all the options for Thai beaches is overwhelming. Any suggestions? What are must sees in Bangkok? ...

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Thai Visa in Phnom Pehn Embassy

Posted by hsoa on 3/4/2011 at 18:53

What is the procedure for getting a visa to enter Thailand by air? I would like the visa for 60 days instead of the "on arrival visa" which allows 30 days. How many days between submission and pick up? Is it a problem to get a double entry visa? TIA ...

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Shared Taxi from Siem Reap to Poipet on Friday, March 4th

Posted by mrdome on 15/2/2011 at 20:30

Does anyone have an idea how to hook up with others in SR who might also want to make this trip (early in the day)? I most certainly will not do the bus thing, getting picked up at 7 and then driven around SR for an hour while people are having breakfast at their GH and then more time wasted on some rest stop along the way. If anyone needs to make this trip as well, please get in touch. Thanks! ...

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