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2 people, £6000 4 mounths is this enough??

Posted by chrismcchris on 7/4/2010 at 19:51

hi me and my girlfriend are traveling from thailand through laos vietnam cambodia the thai islands malysia and end up in singapore. we are more than happy to travel and sleep and eat cheap. we do like a good beer or three but wont be hitting the clubs. maybe 1 or 2 flights on the journey is £6000 a reasonable budget for 15 weeks travel?? were both first timers in se asia so any answers would be lotts of help thanks. ...

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List of scams

Posted by Manticore on 31/5/2010 at 22:42

A copy and paste from: Heads up! Travel Picks: Top 10 tourist scams Reuters As weather gets warmer and travel season begins to ramp up, so do the efforts and imaginations of street criminals looking to part tourists from their money. Travel website ( has come up with a list of the top 10 tactics thieves use to scam tourists. "Most of these scams a ...

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My Budget for 4 weeks

Posted by Turf on 1/6/2010 at 07:10

Hi Guys, First of, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to the admin here, and the rest of you guys who have helped me set out an itinerary and plan out a suitable trip. Here is my itinerary, from the 21st June to the 18th July: 1. Arrive in Bangkok on 21st June evening 2. Stay here till the 24th 3. On the 24th, we take the overnight train leaving BKK at 19:30, arriving in Ko Samui at 9:30 am. 4. We go from Ko Samui straight to Ko Phan Ngan by ferry 5. Leave Ko Phan Ngan on 28th to Ko Sa ...

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Torn bills......... Pesky little buggers :-P

Posted by think87 on 11/8/2009 at 11:06

Hey again, I was wondering if some of you could tell me through experience whether or not, or just how serious the issue of exchanging "torn or damaged" bills can be. I'll be in Vietnam and Cambodia this winter and have read places that anything other than brand new bills will be hard to exchange. I understand tears, but almost every single US dollar has some sort of pen mark from a bank, or some small ink mark etc. Is this really the case? thanks ...

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Why is the baht so strong?

Posted by SBE on 17/5/2010 at 21:06

I just checked exchange rates on oanda : euro 39.3584 US dollar 31.8712 UK pound 46.3066 Can someone explain why the Thai economy is in such great shape right now? ...

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Posted by hfergu on 13/5/2010 at 23:19

Hello there! I just wanted to run my plan by a few travelers to see if it makes sense. My boyfriend and I will be going to SE Asia for 2 months of budget concious travel (2 weeks Thailand, 1.5 weeks Laos, 2.5 weeks Vietnam, 2 weeks Cambodia). We have already purchased flight and insurance. We will each be traveling with between $2000 to 3000 available funds.Fortunately, Canadian currency is almost at par with the US dollar (somehow this happens when I do extensive traveling!I'm lucky). Do ...

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£1500 for 8 weeks around Thailand/Loas/Cambodia/Vietnam

Posted by mrnice88 on 4/5/2010 at 20:13

Hi there, just wondering, im travelling for 8 weeks around Thailand/Loas/Vietnam.Cambodia. Im not fussy when i comes to where i stay, and im not going to be gtting pissed and going out too much, a little bit obviously. But back to my point, do you think $1500 would be enough to take. Ive had a few set backs recently which have stunted the amount of money i was planning to take. Any thoughts and opinions welcome Much Love ...

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Calling Home to US

Posted by dbryant7 on 28/4/2010 at 07:45

Hi all, Spending about 5 weeks in Thailand this summer and I was wondering what the best (and cheapest) way to make periodic calls home to the girlfriend and family is. Should I buy a phone in country with a SIM card? Should I invest in calling cards back in the US (or in Thailand)? Bring my Blackberry and buy a SIM card that's compatible in Thailand? Thanks in advance. Cheers. ...

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is eDreams (edreams,net) legit?

Posted by bakpakk on 21/4/2010 at 02:30

Wasn't sure where to post this but here it goes... ...I'm looking at ticket prices on from Phnom Penh to Singapore/other locations and the prices are ridiculously cheap (in relation to other sites). I'm a little skeptical so I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased a ticket on If so, are they legit?? Also, any suggestions about cheap flight deals from phnom penh or siem reap to Singapore?? Merci. Best regards, bakpakk ...

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Hiding Money

Posted by think87 on 2/7/2009 at 02:47

I recently purchased a leather "money belt", but unlike the pouch style this is an actual belt with a zipper that goes along the entire inside o the belt. Check it out here: BT Leather money belt or Rolfs money belt ...

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backpacker doing SE asia for 5 months, how much will I need!?

Posted by scl on 10/2/2010 at 18:56

Helloooo! Im a 19 year old female backpacker on a budget and Im planning a 5 month maybe 6 month trip from indonesia and all the way up to india. just wondering how much you think i will neeed. i was thinking maybe $500 (canadian dollars) a month? ill be living cheap and eating cheap but buying lots of souveniers. the help would be greatly appreaciated!! thanks!! ...

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Cheapest Postage in SE Asia

Posted by Drapes1 on 23/2/2010 at 22:11

Hi I've been collecting a few souvenirs on my travels so far and was wondering if anyone knows the cheapest country to post things home from. I would be sending it to Ireland so I imagine it would be a similar price as posting to the UK and I dont have anything big, just a couple of paintings and bits I picked up in a few markets. I already posted a lamp that cost 150 baht home from Thailand and the postage cost 900 baht so I dont want to get stung like that again! Any info would be ap ...

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Northern Thailand,Lao,Cam,Southern Thailand, Mal- 5months,How much cash is needed?

Posted by kernowfixing on 21/2/2010 at 01:43

Guys i would love your views on this please? My girlfriend and i are travelling Northern Thailand, the length of Lao,across Cam, back into Thailand to explore her islands and the East coast of Malaysia. Finishng in Singapore to fly on to Aus. We are in SE Asia for 5 months, traveling as a couple, Not looking to fly around, we will want to get involved with socialising, but not constant partying, seeing culture relaxing plus learing to dive. Any suggestions on a daily budget for the two o ...

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Any one heading to Laos after the full moon?

Posted by mjcurry25 on 22/2/2010 at 14:13

I made a grave error of bringing back kip with me to thailand. If anyone is heading to Laos after the full moon or any destination i would be grateful if anyone would exchange for Baht ...

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Posted by emma066 on 18/2/2010 at 23:46

Hello fellow fishers! Me and boyfriend are travelling around Thai, Laos, Camb, Vietnam, Indonesia for 3.5 months... My questions is, is £5500 enough between us EXCLUDING internal travel costs (except the odd overnight train in Vietnam). It's roughly £51 per day between us... thoughts? Thanks! ...

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Reasonable Pre-Paid Travel Card

Posted by michaels57 on 13/1/2010 at 10:26

I just thought it was worth mentioning a product I found avail. in Australia from the ANZ bank. Its a pre-paid travel card (after some research appears to be one of the cheaper options)that is available in 7 denominations including US dollars (Perfect for my trip to Cambodia next week). You purchase the card for $11 AUS and then load your cash onto the card at a set exchange rate (No FEE for the initial deposit) and then use it as a VISA card for purchases (no fee) or at VISA atm's (Around $2 ...

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US$ Travellers cheques -> US$ cash in Bangkok

Posted by krisim on 11/2/2010 at 17:30

Hi, we're heading into Myanmar next week and were wondering about the best (cheapest) way of getting US$ cash before we leave from Bangkok. We have a pile of US$ travellers cheques - does anyone have any experience of converting these into US$ cash in Bangkok? We're assuming that they'll double convert them (first to Baht and then to US$), but maybe there is somewhere that will just convert them for a small commission? Thanks in advance ...

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Transport for family of six (6) from BKK

Posted by sklsk8s on 9/2/2010 at 02:58

Hey everyone. Does anyone have advice for a Family of 6 to get from airport to a resting spot in Bangkok? We are leaning towards the slightly pricey Refill Now!LUB D or UDEE AS WE WANT TO EASE THE KIDS INTO THE INTENSITY... Is it possible to load into a van taxi as we are a group of 6 or will we be bussing it? Kinda want to stick together. Thx ...

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Getting a job in SE Asia!

Posted by anelson_82 on 12/7/2009 at 17:45

Hi ya'll! I'm travelling round Indochina and Thailand next year and I was wondering how easy it was to get a job out there? I'm more than happy to do pretty much anything! I'd also love suggestions for good volunteer projects. Many many thanks! A ...

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Currencies to take? Budget question...

Posted by smash on 19/7/2009 at 16:27

Just wondering what currencies and in what format (cash/travelers cheques/debit cards) people recommend for the below countries? * China * Vietnam * Cambodia * Laos * Thailand We're NZers so have to deal with a up the crap currency. As a couple we're budgeting NZ$1000 (~US$640) a week for 15 weeks of travel. In China we have got 3.5 weeks of accommodation and transport covered (on a Tucan tour ( so think our budget is fine in ...

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