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5 weeks... Thailand and Laos, help PLEASE :-D

Posted by butterfli on 31/1/2010 at 17:30

Hi all ! was hoping to get some advice please... I am arriving in bangkok on the 22 feb and fly out on the 31 March. In my time I would like to see some of the Islands and head up to laos to travel on the slow boat. Don't really have many 'plans' as I have learnt that you usually change them once you arrive anyway ! I am travelling on a strict budget (around €600). I was thinking that it would be a good idea to head to the islands first as I have heard they are more expensive and then up ...

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What's the best Canadian bank to use to manage money in SE asia?

Posted by Handsome_Boy on 10/9/2009 at 11:10

I'd been planning on doing a budget backpacking trip across SE Asia for a while, but some job-related opportunities came up which had me considering delaying the trip, but these opportunities didn't pan out and now I'd like to leave from Toronto landing into Bangkok within a couple weeks. I'm looking to do the standard, Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam. I have no itinerary, and am pretty open to going/staying wherever I find I'm enjoying myself the most. I would be a first time traveler/backpacker ...

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travel budget

Posted by keiranbarnes on 17/1/2010 at 16:30

hi all, my first post on this site after many days reading some of the great info on here. my question is me and my girlfriend plan to travel for 4months. the itinary we roughly went for is as follows. 1] jo'berg- one week for a safari 2]thailand/SE Asia 6 weeks 2]sydney/australia 3weeks 3]auckland 2 weeks 4]fiji 2weeks 5]los angeles 1 week 6] new york 1 week This is just a rough estimate doesnt have to be matcheed perfect. Do you think we are trying to fit to much in? we also plan to ...

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Visa Electron cards in Thailand?

Posted by rumpole1980 on 9/1/2010 at 20:14

I have a Visa Electron card from Halifax. Will this work in ATM's/banks in Thailand? I am going to Ranong and Koh Phayam. ...

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1 year in Asia

Posted by humpdawg on 7/1/2010 at 03:57

Hi all. I'm hoping to travel around South East Asia/Indonesia/India for a year or more and I'm wondering how to manage my money. How much travellers cheques/ how much on ATM. Has anyone been away for this long and if so what did you do. I know there are topics on managing money but I couldn't find any that refered to this lenght of travel. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks. ...

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Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia

Posted by wombatfuz on 7/1/2010 at 16:31

I'm flying into Bangkok possibly in May 2010. Need some advice on money matters. Still rather unsure after reading most of the money matters postings. My rough plan: I won't be staying overnight in Bangkok. Taking a sleeper to Chiang Mai, spend maybe a week before crossing over to Laos (via the 3 days slow boat) Will go to the usual places like Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, maybe Vang Xai and Sam Neua before proceeding to Vietnam and finally onwards to Cambodia My budget is USD 5000 ...

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From Denmark to Thailand to Laos?

Posted by EmilAndersen on 20/12/2009 at 21:49

Hi, Im planning on visiting Asia in March-june. But how do i come from Denmark to Thailand the cheapest? Someone who have some tips? Whats the cheapest way of getting from Bangkok to laos? Do you suggest some experiences on the trip from bangkok to Laos? ...

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Budget for 6 weeks Backpacking and 2 weeks Luxury

Posted by martin1989 on 15/12/2009 at 23:08

Hi, I'm planning to travel alone for six weeks around south east asia. Not planning anything flash but would like to be able to travel around by bus & train. (using the "four countries" guide above as a loose template) would £30 a day suffice for this comfortably? Also, after that the girlfriend is coming over for two weeks and from then on the standard of accomodation and eating will have to jump up a notch. probably spend bout 4 days in bangkok and the rest somewhere like phuket/koh ph ...

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5-6 Months in South East Asia. Is £5000 Enough?

Posted by Mangala on 25/4/2009 at 19:03

As my title says really. I am planning a 5-6 month trip to South East Asia leaving in January 2010. I estimate I'll have £5k (thats the low side, my highest estimate is nearing £6k) AFTER paying for my flight. (Currently got just under £1000 saved already!) Will it be enough considering I'd like to spend: 8 Weeks in Thailand 4-6 Weeks in Laos 4-6 Weeks in Cambodia 4-6 Weeks in Vietnam (Obviously i'd extend visas where I could to manage this timeframe.) Thanks in advance f ...

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What currency to get for Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam

Posted by samadam on 3/12/2009 at 04:02

I'm travelling to SE Asia shortly for 3.5 months and am confused about what currency is the best to get in advance for travelling in Asia. We're flying into Thailand for a couple of weeks but have been before and are fine with that, but it's then onto Laos, then overland through to Cambodia and then onto Vietnam. What combination of currency & travellers cheques should I take for these countries as we've read here that ATM's in Laos are sometimes problematic and scarce? Any advice greatly appr ...

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Nationwide Cash Card

Posted by gillerz960 on 18/11/2009 at 18:46

Hi, everyone seems to agree that Nationwide is the best bank to use as the withdrawal fees are the lowest with their VISA Debit card. I tried applying for this and they will only offer me a Nationwide Cash card account so it does not have a VISA debit card and just a cash card instead. Does anyone know if this cash card will work in SEA and if it is still worth applying for the bank account? ...

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Budget for SEA, OZ and NZ - 90 days

Posted by Johng on 12/11/2009 at 19:30

hi all.. due to some miscalculations and misfortune (literally) I don't have as much cash as I thought, for a 90 day trip..(starting in December in SEA) I think i have about £3000 UK for 3 months.. but a bit of that will get eaten by other unforseen things I am sure.. roughly speaking, thats 55,000 THB, $1,780 AU and $2250 NZD for each month of the trip.. I realise SEA will be many times cheaper than the other two, so with some finacial movement away from SEA towards the others, what ...

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banks or atms?

Posted by jasonkim8486 on 21/10/2009 at 07:54

are thai national banks the best way to withdraw money(better rates)? or just use atms? ...

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Bit worried about budget

Posted by wanderingwalters on 28/10/2009 at 19:27

Hi All not sure if i'm worrying about nothing but i've got slightly over £950 for 3 weeks in Laos and Thailand. I will be travelling by myself if that matters at all. I've got my flights up to Luang Parbang already paid for so the money will be for accomodation, food, transport and entertainment to get me back to Bangkok. Does this seem like enough of do i have to sell my girlfriend? ...

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Daily Budget in South East Asia

Posted by katieflorence on 23/10/2009 at 22:08

Hi all, My boyfriend and I are planning a 5 month trip around south east asia, jan-may 2010. We'll be dividing our time approximately: - 2 weeks in Cambodia, - 4 weeks in Vietnam, - 2 weeks in Laos, - 4 weeks in Thailand, - 4 weeks in Malaysia, - and 4 weeks in Indonesia. We've set ourselves a daily budget of $60 (between us) - and I was just wondering if that would be enough? We're happy to rough it on the whole, take trains/buses rather than planes, but would like priva ...

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Money worries thailand

Posted by jeffuk on 8/10/2009 at 13:48

I know I really shouldn’t be but a little worried about money, I would love to finish my trip off with a couple of weeks in Perth after spending 2 months in Thailand. I’m from the UK so most of my working is in £’s I will have saved a total of £3600 for my trip. I will be planning on spending around £150 on things I will need to take with me backpack etc and IF I go to Perth my flight will cost me £900 so I will be down to £2550. I have all accommodation paid for in Perth as I h ...

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Money stuff for layover in KL

Posted by eb on 15/8/2009 at 09:38

Hello. I'm having a great trip, thanks in large part to travelfish and advice I've gotten here. I'll update more substantially after I get back. One quick question though. I have a one night layover in KL, and I'm wondering how much money I should be exchanging and where. Basically, I'll be arriving in the main terminal, taking the shuttle to the LCCT, walking to the Tune Hotel, going to the food court to get dinner, and then prob. taking the shuttle between the Tune Hotel and the LCCT in ...

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What things cost in South East Asia

Posted by Nokka on 22/9/2009 at 18:43

Fairly frequently we see questions on what budget someone needs to travel in the region. Its a difficult question to answer, of course, as everyone spends their money in different ways. But, generally, travellers spend money on the same, or similar things. Accomodation, food, drink (especially beer probably), travel, convenience stores. So, please let us know what things cost as you travel about, however mundane the item may seem. I'm sure it will help people get a better idea of what kind ...

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SE Asia Budget - Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thai Islands

Posted by lauraandmark on 4/9/2008 at 19:42

Hello all Im travelling to Bangkok on 2nd November travelling through north Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia and then to the Thai islands and then back out of Bangkok on 11th January - exactly 10 weeks (70 days)I am going with my boyfriend and we have budget £40 (GBP) per day giving us a total of £2800 for our trip ... is this realistic ...? we want to budget travel but have enough for a few beers and not the most disgusting rooms!!! I think we may save a bit as being a couple on rooms ...

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3 months, $3,000, 1 first-timer?

Posted by kennedy0826 on 16/4/2009 at 14:52

Hi everyone! I'm looking to travel Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand for the next three months. I've set aside $3,000 for the travels--not including airfare-- (but would ideally like a little money remaining). I've never backpacked before. I'll be traveling by my self and don't mind traveling from country to country by land to save money. Do you think this is possible? I'd love to hear any/all words of advice or any recommendations. Thanks! Kathleen ...

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