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Dressing in South-East Asia

Posted by flipflip on 20/3/2011 at 11:03

I am travelling to South-East Asia for 6 weeks in April/May. I will be going to Borneo & Vietnam with some friends and then doing a GAP short tour through Cambodia & Laos (solo). Just a little confused about the dress code and what I should be packing - I do not want to offend or look out of place for "showing too much leg" etc. I am planning to pack a few pairs of shorts (mid-thigh), a pair of 3/4 pants (for temples etc), a pair of jeans and a variety of tshirts/tank tops. I ...

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Budget advice needed! 4 weeks yunnan, vietnam and thailand

Posted by s0908946 on 14/3/2011 at 00:10

I am planning on going travelling in febuary. I will already be in china so i just need advice on how much it would cost me to spend around 4 weeks travelling around yunnan, vietnam and thailand. I am a student so i am quite happy to live on cheap food and stay in cheap rooms but i also want enough money so that i can enjoy myself and maybe splash our here and there on tours etc. any advice would be amazing as i really dont have a clue where to start. also any advice on the best route would also ...

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Best cooking schools / classes?

Posted by Moonbear on 12/3/2011 at 21:46

Hello all, I currently live in Malaysia and I've been doing my best to learn how to cook some of the local cuisine. I discovered a place called Bayan Indah which is described as a "culinary retreat". It's a wonderful place to take cooking classes. I highly recommend it. Now I am really excited about learning how to cook other Asian cuisines. I will be traveling through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam in the upcoming months. I would greatly appreciate suggestions for good cooking ...

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Itinerary Advice - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam

Posted by jella82 on 3/7/2007 at 07:29

I have done a bit more research and below is our itinerary. We are into trekking, national parks, beaches, temples, history. We want to see the local culture not just the touristy bits. Any suggestions of where to spend extra time, must sees that I’ve left out or where to avoid would be great. We would also like to get some clothes made, is Hoi An the best place? We’re arriving in Singapore 22nd Sept, leaving Singapore 19th Dec. 1 wk Singapore – KL (Fly to Bangkok) Thailand ...

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Southern Laos or Northern Vietnam ???

Posted by kgroarke on 7/3/2011 at 00:09

Me and my girlfriend are planning on flying from bangkok to Cambodia where we will travel around Cambodia for a week or two and then travel across to Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh City. From here we plan on moving northwards up through Vietnam to Hue but we are unsure then where to go from here... We dont really want to back track anywhere along our trip as we plan on visiting thailand, cambodia, vietnam, laos and malaysia over a 3 and a half month trip (in that order travelling anti-clockwise). an ...

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Itinery help for SE Asia

Posted by peejglynn on 2/3/2011 at 00:26

Duration 8weeks. Start: ChiangMai, early October. End: Singapore. Mid December Countries: Thailand (chiang mai & chiang rai only, have seen most of the rest of it) Laos Vietnam Cambodia I amheading to the above in October with the Girlfriend, we will have just arrivedfrom 3 weeks in India, hence flying into BKK and then get a connecting flightto Chiang Mai as we want to get as north as possible and work our way down allthe way to Phnon Phen/Ho Chi Ming and into Singapore. We have just ...

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Itinerary 1 Month - Backpacking Through Thailand Laos Cambodia and Vietnam... Advice Needed :)

Posted by reneejordan on 5/11/2010 at 04:41

Hi Everyone My boyfriend and I have booked flights to Bangkok next February to backpack through the 4 countries - Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia in 1 month. We have been to Thailand twice before and this time want to head up north rather than the south. Basically our itinerary looks something like this: 31st JAN - Arrive to Bangkok early morning (Either train to chiang mai or fly later that day?) 1st- 4th FEB - Spend 3-4 days in Chiang Mai... maybe a cooking class and another few tours? ...

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Posted by alenoles31 on 2/3/2011 at 10:30

Thanks for your help in advance. Im arriving in Bangkok April 3rd at night and leaving April 24th in the morning. I REALLY want to go to Angkor Wat from April 5th-8th (including travel time) and go back to Thailand and head to Andaman Sea Islands then go to Gulf Islands for the new year and to spend the rest of our time. The airfare roundtrip is $550 US from BKK to Siem Reap. Its insane! Overland from BKK seems like a lot of time will be wasted in getting there and back. My friend doesnt really ...

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Help needed please! :)

Posted by cath2006uk on 3/3/2011 at 01:40

Hi Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this. I am planning on leaving this month (March) till the end of May to travel around Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. BUT didn't factor in the scorching weather and humidity/rainy season and now I'm stuck on whether to go or not. I was really hoping you guys could suggest the best route to take in the highlights of these countries at the most pleasant times. Thanks for any help you can provide Thanks in advance ...

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Planning for South East Asian travel

Posted by Atomic440 on 2/3/2011 at 20:00

Hey everyone, I'm planning to head out to South-East Asia from Japan in a week or so. Me and two friends will be flying to Singapore, then plan to take the train for most of our travel before flying back to Singapore from Penang then on back to Japan. Our trip will last around 3 weeks. Our main stop-offs will be at Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok - with perhaps a visit to Phuket or Koh Samui before Bangkok but we are as yet undecided. I just want to know what to expect as we're going into thi ...

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Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia-Malaysia- 3 1/2 months...NEED HELP With a guidline Route?????!!

Posted by kgroarke on 12/2/2011 at 21:05

Hi Guys, Me and my girlfriend are flying to bangkok at the start of August 2011 where we intend on spending 3 and 1/2 months in SE Asia. We were advised by a travel agent that it would be best to travel the above route clockwise and so we are arriving in bangkok on 7th August and working in that order. We will be flying from Singapore to Oz in the middle of November. does this initial plan sound good?? Ive read alot of the posts and to be honest we are not all that familiar with a lot of the ...

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which route

Posted by greektraveller on 26/2/2011 at 04:36

I am going to SE asia for 11 weeks. I wanna visit 1.thailand 2.laos 3.cambodia 4.vietnam 5.thailand islands I had a look at the 4 country itenary on this website. Do you think it would be wiser to skip southern laos since i have only 11 weeks and would like to spend at least 2-3 weeks in the thai islands at the end before i leave. bangkok - cambodia - southern vietnam - northern vietnam - nothern laos - northern thailand - bangkok - islands or do the trip of the 4 country itenary fly from han ...

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Help! Itinerary check for a first time solo traveller!

Posted by y123 on 22/2/2011 at 23:20

Hi! Have to say this forum has been really helpful with my planning.I am so glad I've found this website. I'll be going on a solo trip around SE Asia, starting from BKK on the 10 March. From reading around the forum, March/April isn't a good time to visit N.Thailand/ Laos because of the smoke and dust. So, I've changed my itinerary to look like this: Thailand(1 week) - Cambodia(2 weeks) - Vietnam(3 weeks) - Laos(2 weeks) - Thailand (3 weeks) - Malysia and Singapore(3 weeks) The duration of ...

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Winging It...

Posted by jonny_lewis7 on 16/2/2011 at 23:16

Me and my mate are looking to travel across SE Asia from September onwards, a long time away I know. Flying into Bangkok as it's the cheapest option from London (I believe, any alternatives welcome). We have no set plan when we get there, just to make our way through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam until the funds dictate we leave. We both reckon we'll have around £4-5,000 so hoping to make it last for as long as possible, eating, sleeping and travelling for as little as possible. My quest ...

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Southeast Asia itinerary advise

Posted by dknee on 13/2/2011 at 02:39

Hello, My girlfriend and I are landing in Bangkok in early March and returning home from there in late May. Just looking for itinerary advice. We would like to see Northern and Southern Thailand as well as Loas and Cambodia and maybe a trip to vietnam and Indonesia. When is the best times for these places. I know its smoky in North Thailand in March and then its real hot and rainy. Would you suggest the south islands first or up north before the heat and rains come. Thanks. ...

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10 weeks for Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia

Posted by mlr on 3/8/2009 at 20:47

Hi Everyone! Myself and my partner (both in our 20's) are planning a 10 week trip round SE Asia at the end of this year and would like to see what you think of the rough itinerary i have put together (with alot of help from this website)!? I would appreciate advice on the number of nights we are planning on staying in each place (too many/not enough) & also if i have missed out anywhere that we should go!? We travel quite regularly but this year we have to decided to just do 1 big trip ...

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Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Posted by JT on 16/2/2011 at 14:48

We plan to start with one or two days in Saigon, before we take a nightbus to Rach Gia where we plan to take the first boat to Phu Quoc Island. We want to spend to or three days on the island, before heading back. From Rach Gia the plan is to travel the coast either by motorbike, train or bus (or maybe all of them... what to you think considered we don´t have so much time?), stopping in either Hoi An or Dong Ha where our plan is to cross the border to Laos, travel throught Savannakhet a ...

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4 month SEA itinerary help needed.

Posted by shoestringer on 12/2/2011 at 05:33

Hi, first of all ive got to say what a great site this is, Im looking for some help/general advice on my 4 month itinerary starting april 4th and including vietnam cambodia laos thailand, i been trying to not plan to intensively as i would prefer to be quite flexible with my plans. plus i have a one way ticket so if i need more time i can always stay longer although this is not my intention. my plan so far goes like this- Vietnam 1 month landing in hanoi my trip will consist of a motorcycle tr ...

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SEA 3-month trip: general + specific (+any other type of) advice, please

Posted by Brecht on 7/2/2011 at 22:07

Hello, I'm traveling SEA for 3 months with a friend (from end of March to the end of June). This is our planned route: arrival in Bangkok --> Southeast Thailand --> Cambodia --> South-Vietnam --> Laos all the way through (maybe crossing the border to check out Central-Vietnam) --> North-Vietnam --> South-China (Yunnan province) --> North-Myanmar all to way to the south, along the Irrawaday --> fly back to Bangkok & from Bangkok back home (Belgium) * What places alon ...

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Help on Planning!

Posted by sandman666 on 8/2/2011 at 04:17

Hi guys, Im new in this forum. I wanted to know your opinion on this journey I'm planning for next march. I arrive at Bangkok on March 1st and return on march 26th afternoon: Tuesday 1 Thailand - Bangkok Wed 2 Thailand - Bangkok Thursday 3 Thailand - Bangkok Friday 4 Bangkok -> Siem Reap Saturday 5 Cambodia - Siem Reap Sunday 6 Cambodia - Siem Reap Monday 7 Cambodia - Phnom Penh Tuesday 8 Cambodia - Phnom Penh Wed 9 Vietnam - HCM City Thursday 10 Vietnam - HCM City Friday 11 Vietnam - Meko ...

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