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Itinerary advice needed for Cambodia, laos and Thailand - any thoughts much appreciated!

Posted by hjbvet on 27/10/2010 at 21:00

Hi This is my first post, and my first time traveling in SE Asia so any advice would be much appreciated. My boyfriend and I are planning on traveling in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand for a month or so, starting just before Christmas. I'm arriving from China and we'll be meeting in Cambodia. Our planned itinerary is: 22nd Dec - Arrive and meet in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat 26th Dec - Pnom Penh 28th Dec - Kratie, irrawaddy dolphins 30th Dec - Cross Cambodia/Laos border (can we get Laos visas on arri ...

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Sacrafice Vietnam for Peninsular Malaysia???

Posted by IrishStu on 18/9/2010 at 01:11

Hi, My clueless self and my clueless girlfriend are in the process of trying to plan our s/e asia trip (7-8 weeks during feb and march), and need some advice and a few, well alot of questions answered. Here's our vague itinerary, with my many questions in brackets. #Bangkok, four days. #Flight to Luang Prabang (is this expensive? i looked online and it seems so, can this be arranged for cheaper wen you get there?). #Northern Laos for about 2-2.5 weeks. #Travel to Siem Reap (is a flight nece ...

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20 days Laos & Cambodia (in & out of BKK)

Posted by annabellewalker on 29/10/2010 at 07:54

Hi everyone, My partner and I are heading over to Bangkok in Jan, but we are just using this as a launching pad for 20 days in Laos & Cambodia. We want to see Luang Prabang (Kuang Si), Vang Vieng (no opinions please, love it or hate it we want to see it for ourselves), ride a nori and visit Angkor Wat. Just wondering if anyone has done a similar trip and how they managed to get between all the places. How should we get in and out of Bangkok...and what is easier, Cambodia up to Laos o ...

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Asia from Februaryish - need itinerary advice

Posted by Abskii on 26/10/2010 at 21:22

Hello! I've been slowly looking through the forums but can't find anything that fully answers what I need to ask. I'm planning to head out to Asia in about February, with no solid itinerary but for visa and budget reasons I want to put together a loose plan. Hoping to take in : China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India (I have some contacts in India so want to get there last). I'm open to other places too My question is : Any recommendations for what o ...

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SE Asia rough itinerary

Posted by aimbat19 on 28/9/2010 at 09:02

Hi, im planning a 2 month trip to SE Asia and just looking to get a few pointers. Gerneral Plan: Bangkok-> northern thailand -> laos -> cambodia -> southern thailand -> malaysia question 1: does this seem to be the best route for this kind of intin.? Time distribution: 2 weeks northern thai, 2 weeks laos, 1 week cambodia, 2 weeks southern thai, week malaysia question 2: even though this is a very rough time scale, im curious whats the best way to travel around t ...

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From China to Thailand

Posted by Ignas on 19/10/2010 at 19:00

I need your small advice... Now I am staying in Yunnan province of China and Soon I want to go out of here to Thailand visiting Laos and Vietnam but NOT Cambodia. So can someone give advice on ruff sketch of route. Is it better to start with Laos or Vietnam? ...

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4 weeks in SEA - destinations & Itinerary advice

Posted by samwise90 on 19/10/2010 at 21:30

Hi all! I'm heading to south east asia for 4 weeks (mid jan - mid feb 2011) and need some help narrowing down places to spend the most time. I've booked flights already, in and out of Kuala Lumpur. I want to see as much as possible, but am well aware that 4 weeks is very little time to explore south east asia... I'm flexible with which countries i'll visit... but its out of malaysia, thailand, vietnam, laos & cambodia... first three would probably be top priority... I'm mainly interested in ...

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In the search for something different

Posted by norbit on 18/10/2010 at 09:22

Hi all, Long time reader, first time contributor, so go easy on me! First of all I must start with the obligatory compliment regarding the website – it’s great and already proven a valuable source of information. Picardin? Never head of the stuff until Travelfish. After years of saving, my girlfriend and I finally depart Australia early January and arrive SEA with no plans and alot of time. We expect to be travelling for around 12 – 18 months (SW China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand ...

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48 days in SE Asia Oct- Dec?

Posted by darcon on 19/10/2010 at 06:09

Hi all, My partner and I are flying into Ho Chi Minh start of next week and intend on travelling around until our departure date of the 14th of December from Singapore. I understand that it will be a full on trip as we want to squeeze in as much as possible! So far we are thinking of: HCM to Hanoi with a stopover in Hue for a couple of nights. Then travel into Laos for just a couple of days to Luang Prabang to meet a friend. Then hopefully fly into either Siem Reap or Phnom Penh and vi ...

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do I need a power converter?

Posted by StreetSpirit13 on 25/9/2010 at 12:28

I am going to be traveling alone through SE Asia for 6 weeks starting Nov 1st. In my day to day life, I have my iPod on me all the time. It's just nice to have when on the bus or running errands around town. I think it would also be nice when traveling to have music on long travel days, but I was wondering if I should just leave it at home, as I don't want it lost or stolen. If I were to bring it, I would also need a converter to charge it, and I'm not sure if I want to deal with that. Also, I a ...

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Iphone 4 in SE Asia?

Posted by chicoelnino on 29/9/2010 at 00:12

I plan on bringing my iphone 4 with me next year when travelling through SE Asia for 4/5 months. However, apart from using it as an internet device, I would like to know how would I be able(if possible) to use it as a phone as it takes a "micro sim" card instead of the normal sized sim? I know I could just chop up a normal sized sim and use that, but it may not work properly. So does anyone know what the availablilty of micro sims in SE Asia would be? ...

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Whats this?

Posted by chicoelnino on 28/9/2010 at 06:40

I came across this post in a thread about security when out of the room: "Now there is something I found which is incredibly useful, it's a metal cup which you put over the door knob when you leave your room, you put a large padlock through a couple of holes at the base of the cup and the metal loop on the padlock prevents the cup from being taken off by anyone but you. The upshot is that no one gets in your room but you, not the owner, no one, unless they've got a pair of bolt cutters or ...

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Biggest culture shock areas in Vietnam and Laos

Posted by johnkitchener on 24/9/2010 at 15:15

Biggest culture shock areas in Vietnam and Laos Hey, My girlfirend and I are travelling for 1 month through Vietnam and Loas. We want to base our trip on culture, natural landscapes and adventure. Does anyone recommend anywhere where culture is bursting from the seams or anywhere else that might take our fancy? Cheers, John Kitchener ...

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4 month trip through SE Asia, anyone wants to join?

Posted by hungry_traveller26 on 7/9/2010 at 17:08

Hi everyone! I am planing to go to Asia for a few months. Havent booked a flight yet, but I want to start in Bangkok dec 15th. Since I will celebrate christmas and NY in Asia, I was wondering where a cool place to go to would be. I was thinking either to go down to Krabi and do a little island hopping and beach partying for the holidays or going to Vietnam and start travelling. I have no itinarary, just four months and my hunger for adventure. Is anybody planning a similar route? Any suggestio ...

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60 days, four countries itinerary

Posted by travelman57 on 18/9/2010 at 13:50

Hello I have made a copy of the proposed itineray “Four countries” (“Before you leave” pull-down menu). I’m going to do this in 55-60 days (November - December). Here you will read 57 days. Please could you advise me about any change suggested about the days asssigned at each place. Thanks in advance (5) Bangkok (1) Ayutthaya (2) Sukhotai (4) Chiang Mai (0) Chiang Khong ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (1) Huay Xai (1) Pakbeng (3) Luang Prabang (1) Vang Vieng (2) Vientiane (2) Tha K ...

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Best guide book?

Posted by chicoelnino on 18/9/2010 at 21:22

Looking to pick up a good guide book about travel in SE Asia. Any recommendations on which one to get? Lonely planet I presume? ...

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Itinerary........Two Months. Where to start?

Posted by Catex1980 on 13/9/2010 at 04:22

Hi myself and my partner intend on arriving in Thailand in mid November. We intend to stay in asia for nine weeks. Works sorted, moneys sorted but now we feel that with time on our hands we should see more of south east asia than just Thailand alone. We do want to spend some time chilling on the beach but also we really want to get a taste of the culture and the people. Obviously we'll be spending christmas and new year away so want that to be extra special. Do you recommend Vietnam, Cambodia or ...

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Planning SE Asia trip - help appreciated!

Posted by chicoelnino on 17/9/2010 at 00:38

Hey guys/girls, Was recommended that I join up here as I've been told its the best source of info regarding Asia. Myself and my girlfriend are planning to do 3/4 months around SE Asia next June. I know its along way yet, but I like to have my research all in order First off, we are hoping to have €8,000 between the two of us to spend out there. Neither of us have ever been to Asia before so we don't really know what to expect. Both of us are well travelled and recently did 3 months in East ...

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First time traveller help and advice please :-) Route/places to see?

Posted by Christine27 on 14/9/2010 at 18:22

Hi, I’m currently planning my trip around SE Asia and would appreciate anyone’s comments… never been travelling before so would be helpful to know if I’m spending too much/too little in each place. Also, if there’s anywhere I should definitely include in my trip that I have missed out… 11th Dec- Arrive in Bangkok early 15th Dec- Travel down to South Thailand & Islands. Krabi, Phuket , Phi Phi islands, Ko Lanta, Ko Tao Not sure where to spend Christmas or if we should book some ...

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Safety for solo female traveller, 26

Posted by twiggy84 on 18/8/2010 at 07:20

Hi, This will be my first time to SE Asia (and i'm relatively new at backpacking to begin with). I wasn't worried but now everyone from back home has been telling me horror stories and warning me against travelling alone as a girl. I was planning to do about 2 months from Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Phuket. I wasn't going to book anything in advance, more so just show up and get cheap accommodation (backpacker style!) and get info/travel advice from them to head to the next ...

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