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advice please. 6-8 weeks in S.E.A...never been to the region

Posted by splash on 15/6/2009 at 00:27

hi all. in going to the region in early january 2010 for anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks. i fly into bangkok and leave out of singapore. i have lived in the caribbean for 4 yrs so spending every day in the sun or on the beach isnt a top priority but would be nice to have some chill out time. i can fly, bus, train or boat where need be. my basic plan so far is this but i dont have any set idea's on time in all the places... into bkk -2-3 days bkk - pattaya - 3 days then back to bkk ...

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Laos, Cambodia or somewhere in northern Thailand?

Posted by hallf_brick on 16/6/2009 at 14:26

We're going to be in Thailand in the beginning of July and have a week that we're trying to decide what to do with. Initially we planned on catching the overnight train up to Laos, having a few chilled out nights in Vientiane and a couple of crazy nights tubing in Viang Veng. Now we're thinking about Cambodia, because we've heard good things. But aren't sure of the logistics of it, or where to best go. We're basically looking for somewhere we can get to by overnight train, that will b ...

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Trip Planning Help Please!

Posted by joezinho on 11/6/2009 at 22:18

Hello All! Looking for some help if possible please! We are leaving on August 6th for a three week tour from Beijing to Hong Kong. We then plan to take in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia befor flying back from Singapore in early December. I have been scratching my head trying to work out the most viable route! We want to see as much as possible but not rush! Can anyone please let me have their thoughts on a sensible/viable route. Many many thanks, Joe. ...

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Burma-Myanmar can a british tourist visit this country?

Posted by tropicaladventure on 26/5/2009 at 03:51

Hi all, me and a few friends traveling from thailand wishing to enter Burma... Is it possible. Do we need visa? where to get visa from? Is it safe to enter the country? ...

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Quitting smoking

Posted by mattocmd on 28/12/2008 at 07:06

I am down to 1 cig a day and now I am off to the worst area in the world for smokers. Does anyone know if the pharmacies in Thailand and/or Cambodia sell the nicotine gum? I did good almost quitting while I have been back to the USA for a month! ...

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Laos or Vietnam?

Posted by travelchitown on 26/5/2009 at 12:12

I am planning a trip with my husband. We have about thirty days to spend and fly into and out of Bangkok. Nothing else is planned--we'll be there for July. We want to spend at least a week on beaches and possibly another beach in N. Thailand (Chiang Mai, Pai), as well as a few days in Angkor Wat. Do we have time to go to both Vietnam and Laos? Is there one that you would recommend over the other? Also, which beach areas are not too wet during July??? Thanks!!!! ...

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'Musts' in every country?

Posted by luchy1309 on 9/5/2009 at 00:58

Hello! my husband and I will be traveling to Southeast Asia next month. I have read all the the itineraries here and they are really really nice; however, I don't know if i'm going to have time or money to visit all the places. Can someone help me giving us the 'must' visit in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia please? What I would like to know is the places that if I miss it's like I haven't been in the country. Thank you so much! Lucia ...

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DEET + Icaridin (insect repellants)

Posted by BruceMoon on 5/6/2009 at 18:33

Many will know that a good insect repellant is DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide). But, less know that the concentration of DEET needs to be strong, and applied frequently. A new insect repellant has been developed that is more user friendly than DEET: Icaridin. Wikipedia reports on both DEET and Icaridin. Icaridin is sold as Picaridin. To date, Picaridin is not currently available in the US (wouldn't have anything to do with a German company developing the product would it?). R ...

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A starting point: thailand, cambodia,laos, veitnam and indo in 6 months!?!

Posted by tammivalentine on 31/5/2009 at 14:43

Hi there We are a young South African couple who are going to be moving to china in August 2009 for work. We wanted to plan a 6 month trip around south east asia, plans are stil in the very early days but I have been researching quite a bit already as i'm very excited! We have 6 months 1st July-31st December and so far what I'm tryin to plan is just a basic outline of our trip and would like to do my own further research on each place. We are keen on seeing a good variety with environme ...

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Advice on grand tour of the region

Posted by Dylan on 29/5/2009 at 03:05

Hi all, I am currently planning a 3-month-ish trip to Thailand-Laos-Vietnam. I plan on leaving from NY in October, and I have no restrictions on the time I spend in the region (yay!) I plan on flying into Bangkok, heading north in Thailand via train, spend a few weeks trekking in the north. I'll cross into Laos at the Huay Xai / Chiang Khong border, make my way down to Vientianne via the Mekong, then after a flight to Hanoi, take short train rides down the length of Vietnam (stopping/l ...

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Voluntary or Paid work?

Posted by johub on 29/5/2009 at 18:30

Just wondered if anyone can give me some advice on undertaking some voluntary/paid work. I am hoping to get to Asia (prob) Thailand in August and maybe go home in March but I am very flexible! My Friend taught English to monks in Cambodia. Anyone heard of this? Thanks ...

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Thai/Camb/Viet/Laos - Sept/Oct 2009

Posted by BazzRose on 21/5/2009 at 21:40

Hi, I am flying into Bangkok on 2nd September and will be looking to do a "round" trip of the above countries. The only other set date I have is that I want to be down in Phuket (or wherever is recommended) for the Full Moon Party on 23rd October. (So be there about a week or so before) A few questions I have, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. 1. Which way around should I do it? I'm thinking of going BKK (7days) - Siemreib (3days) - Phom Penh (3days) - Ho Chi Min and so on ...

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14 days in Cambodia, Laos and Vietname

Posted by sjanzen on 22/5/2009 at 02:39

My boyfriend and I are going to Siem Reap for a wedding, and want to do as much as possible in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam in 14 days before the wedding. Ambitious I know. We're looking for suggestions of "must sees" in these 3 countries and how long we should spend at each. Ankor Wat and Siem Reap are obviously included in our itinerary. We're a bit clueless for the rest although I'd love to see Hanoi and Halong Bay. He also wants to do a 3-day trek somewhere if possible. Any ideas? ...

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4 weeks Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia - Itinerary advice

Posted by ibon on 19/5/2009 at 10:40

My husband and I are headed off to Vietnam/Laos and Cambodia at the end of the year for 4 weeks. Although we've travelled in Asia before it's our first time in SEA. We'll be flying between countries to save time. The idea with this trip was to hit a few highlights, and as such we'll be firmly on the beaten track. Any advice on whether it seems like there is too much/not enough time allocated certain places? Do we need more time for Pnomh Penh? 20th Dec Arrive Hanoi 21-23 Hanoi 24-25 Halon ...

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Trip Advice Thailand, Cambodia or Laos

Posted by anandgrafiti on 13/5/2009 at 13:26

Hey friends, A group of friends from India are planning for a 10 day trip to south east asia via Bangkok. We are looking at a leisurely travel with close encounters with nature, places, culture and heritage experience on tight/moderate budget. The trip is planned between late October to mid November. Which among these places would you recommend us? We dont intend to cover all three countries in one go. ...

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Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam in July and August

Posted by truesd10 on 7/5/2009 at 08:33

Hey guys - looking for some advice. So my boyfriend and I are going to be in SE Asia from July 8th-August 18th. We are planing on going to Phenon Phen and Siem Riep the first week of the trip and want to go to Ko Tao for some diving. But for the rest we are not sure what is best. We want to also go to Saigon for a bit and I was thinking of making our way down the Mekong Delta and into Cambodia around Kampot and Kep up to Phenon Phen and then take a cheap flight into Bangkok where we fly ...

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5 days from Bangkok in June - Where to go?

Posted by Irvine on 8/5/2009 at 19:23

After having seen Chiang Mai and Bangkok I have 5 more days left before I head back home. It will be 11 - 15 June that I will be having off, flying back home just after midnight. I was thinking of going to Laos, but I think taking slow boats or other transport to LP would take too much of my time (as also suggested to Live1284 in his 3-4 days thread). What would you guys suggest to go see? Maybe even just stay in Bangkok for a day more (will only have visited BKK for 2 days)? I'm loo ...

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Looking for advice on my ten day itinerary.

Posted by ktb690 on 11/5/2009 at 23:26

So yes, I know this will not do South East Asia justice but we are foreign students studying in Beijing that don't have any time and we want to just do what we can. If you have time look over my brief itinerary for a second and let me know ANYTHING that could help! I appreciate anyone's comments and suggestions! I am planning this kinda on my own so this website has been EXTREMELY helpful. We are students so we don't really care about poor conditions, money is tight but not to the point that ...

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Best Beaches / Islands - Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam

Posted by Jenniferious on 9/5/2009 at 07:03

I'm in South East Asia (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam) for 10 weeks this summer. I'd like some recommendations on which beaches would be best to visit in July / August. Somewhere pretty, maybe a little off the beaten track. I only want to do one beachy place in that time so I need to make it somewhere good. Cheers :) ...

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Terrific photos of islands in Thailand

Posted by somtam2000 on 6/5/2009 at 20:06

Some time ago, we started up a Travelfish Flickr group which meant that if you used Flickr for your pics you could add them to the Travelfish group and they'd show up on Travelfish. The group is slowly growing -- we've got 37 members and just shy of 800 photos now, and while there's loads of great pics, today I spied a bunch of classic Thai beach shots (primarily Ko Ngai and Ko Mook) by NathanChor and I suggest, if you're planning some beach time, that you go check out his pics -- right now ...

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