Photo: Street food Phetchaburi Soi 10, Bangkok.

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Where in Indochina and Thailand?

Posted by rjbex on 13/1/2009 at 21:09

Hi all, great forum I'm looking forward to spending some time here! I'm looking for some advice on where to travel in Indochina and Thailand within a certain time and budget limit. I'm planning to travel solo for July and August, maybe a couple of weeks of September. I can have around £2000 GBP for spending and accommodation money. Firstly, is this remotely realistic? I.E... - do I have enough time to cover Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia in minimum 8 weeks? - will I have enough d ...

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Which way round?!

Posted by lcreller on 2/1/2009 at 02:58

Hi there, have 7 and a half weeks between getting into Bangkok and flying out of Kuala Lumpur. Will spend say 10 days on a Thai island, so about 5/6 weeks for the following: Trying not to plan how long in each place, just go with the flow but would love your advice on which direction (clockwise/anti-clockwise or a variation!) to go to: 1)Bangkok 2)One of: a) area north of Chiang Mai for trekking b) Chiang Khan/Sangkhom region (any good??) 3)Luang Prabang and inevitably Vang Vi ...

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Cameron Highlands

Posted by dmg on 18/1/2009 at 10:07

Hello, Looking for advice on travel in Cameron highlands regarding: 1) Transportation from KL - is there a scenic route that is best? Or, what is the quickest way to get there? 2) Tours - there seems to be a lot of tour operators and packages. are there particular excursions anyone would highlight as a must do or avoid? thanks ...

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Where to please!!

Posted by russellburton1987 on 8/1/2009 at 12:40

im currently at koh samui, and im travelling down to KL and singapore, but i want to no if there is anywhere i can go in between or before KL, and where the backpacker areas are? also is there any backpacker places or nice islands in malasia....thanks! ...

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Laos/Vietnam advice wanted! x

Posted by iciclesecret on 24/11/2008 at 03:57

Hello, We're flying into HCMC on 27th December and have three weeks off work but nothing planned so far. I'm concerned that at this time of year that flights will get booked up in advance, and I'm not keen to spend time in travel agents or internet cafes trying to find last minute alternatives, as has happened to us at this time of year in Thailand. 1) Should we book flights in advance? 2) Should we book Halong Bay cruise in advance? Can anyone recommend a small reputable cruiser? 3) S ...

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Itinerary almost final: need feedback (please)

Posted by DLuek on 17/12/2008 at 14:21

Greetings, Thanks in no small part to the resource of Travelfish, our trip is almost ready to go. Here's the itinerary: (Time allotted for each place includes the time it takes to get there.) Feb. 2-3: Depart New York, arrive Singapore - Singapore (1 day) - Depart Singapore, Arrive Phuket (1 day) - Island/beaches (where yet to be determined)(3 days) - Kanchanaburi (3 days) - Sangkhla (2 days) - Mae Sot/refugee camps (7 days) - Tak (1 day) - Sukhothai (1 day) - Lampa ...

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Weather Phillipines

Posted by crisaniaf on 12/12/2008 at 22:04

Can anyone advise if the weather is good or even excellent on the west coast of Phillipines at the end of April and begining of May? Our guidebook suggests the weather is good here from November to April, so we are a bit concerned that we maybe getting there a bit late. We will be diving as well so if anyone has any experiences to share from a similar time of year relating to this we would be very grateful. Any ideas are welcome. ...

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Posted by TheBronze on 11/12/2008 at 07:55

As posted earlier, I am travelling from Apr.30 to June11 (backpacking) with one other to Thailand (Bangkok), Cambodia(Siem Reap, Phnom Penh), Vietnam (Saigon, Hanoi, Halong Bay), Laos (LP, Vang Vieng, Vientiane) and back to Southern Thailand. We will be travelling for 6weeks total and I was wondering what the best way to bring money down there is, or what is recommended for that timeframe. I was thinking putting it aside in my bank account and stopping at banks for cash advances on my Visa that ...

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3 months in Thai, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam March 2009

Posted by adamdriver on 29/9/2008 at 19:32

Hey everyone, Me and 2 mates are off to Indochina in March and just wondering if there's any places that we HAVE to see? I'm going to Ang Thong Marine Park and also Ankor Wat for about 3 days. Bar that all suggestions will be helpful. Any help on budgets, flights visas etc will be great. I have been to Thai before but always better to have more advice n opinions. Cheers, Ads ...

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Fishing in SE Asia

Posted by mattocmd on 3/10/2008 at 10:49

Hello, I will be returning to SE Asia in Jan. and Feb. for the third time. I am interested in fishing. I saw that in southern Cambodia and around the Thai islands that you can arrange for chartered fishing trips. Has anyone done this? I am interested in your much it costed and what you caught. Also photos if possible. My other question is about the freshwater fishing in SE Asia. Has anyone ever brought a little rod along and gone fishing in one of the freshwater rivers? ...

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Is it possible to fly from siem reap to Hanoi or cities in Laos

Posted by jung on 2/8/2008 at 11:13

I making my itinerary from siem reap to possibly hanoi or laos. I really don't want to go back to phenom phen. Are there plane flight straight to hanoi or laos from siem reap? ...

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42ish Days in Indochina / Thailand

Posted by TheBronze on 2/10/2008 at 13:56

Hey me and my boyfriend are spending roughly 6weeks in Southeast Asia in the spring, ending with the full moon party in Koh Phagnan. Some critiques on the itinerary would be great, as we are still unsure as of yet the best way to get from Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai, and we are looking at options other than flying but its not really out of the question. We are taking trains when possible and busses wherever else, and any other tips would be great. Bangkok - Siem Reap - Phnom Penh - Ho Chi Mi ...

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the confused first time traveller!

Posted by laurahodges on 26/9/2008 at 06:11

I am currently planning a trip to span just over three weeks. flying from bangkok to luang prabang then by bus down to Vang Vieng and Vientiane. I really want to visit the Wat Phou temple and Champasak, however then I get stuck!! I was thinking of going from there to Saigon but I have no idea how to do it reasonably quickly and cheaply. From Saigon I would head to Phnom Penh for a three month teaching placement. Can anyone offer any ideas of the best way to structure my trip. Aso because I ...

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60 days in Indochina. Suggestions/advice on my itinerary welcome!

Posted by Lornie on 21/11/2008 at 01:52

Hello all! I am leaving the UK in March 2009 and stopping in Indochina for 2 months before heading on to Australia for a year of work and travel. This website has been invaluable for my planning and I would love it if all you helpful Travelfishers would cast your eyes over my itinerary to see if what I am trying to do can be comfortably done in 60 days. 1. Arrive Bangkok 2. Bangkok 3. Train to Ayutthaya 4. Ayutthaya 5. Train to Phitsanulok 6. Phitsanulok 7. Train to Chiang Mai 8 - ...

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Big Trip!!

Posted by candy5 on 13/11/2008 at 10:01

Hi All, Just going over what we have put together so far for our travels through SE Asia, big trip no time frame, budget around 10000-12000 AUS. Need to decide on a arrival and depature dates. I have not put days next to all stops, want to leave it as open as we can. Thinkin maybe giving ourselves 6 months to cover everything at a nice pace and hoping budget lasting will last that long? Any thoughts appreciated.. Singapore 3-4 Days Mersing (Islands of Archipelago) if they are accessible 3 ...

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6 weeks in Cambodia and Laos - Please check my intinerary

Posted by mattocmd on 29/10/2008 at 11:46

Hello, I have been to SE Asia a few times but have never visited Cambodia and Laos. I am taking the trip with my girlfriend. I am a beach bum which will explain all the time in southern Cambodia. Other than that and Ankor Wat, we are much more excited about Laos. Please look over this intinerary and tell me if I will have problems with transportation and/or if I am missing any major stops. Thanks in advance! Phnom Pehn (3 days) Sihanokville & islands (6 days) Siem Reap (3 days) ...

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Viewed 2,994 times, with 7 replies. Last reply by planteroftrees on 31/10/2008 at 04:55

69 day trip - please critique my itinerary

Posted by daflj on 24/9/2008 at 21:42

Dear all, thanks for all the useful feedback I've received so far. I've now planned the trip and would welcome feedback on the itinerary. I will be arriving in Bangkok in early March and leaving Vietnam mid May. Anyway here's the itinerary: Bangkok 3 nights Ko Mak 5 nights Bangkok 1 night Kanchanburi 3 nights Bangkok 1 night Ayutthaya 3 nights Bangkok 1 night Fly to Siem Raep Siem Raep 5 nights Fly back to Bangkok, then connect to Luang Prabang if possible - if not further night in ...

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Get off of the tourist trail!

Posted by mattocmd on 18/10/2008 at 12:58

Hello, I found the following article entitled "How to get off the tourist trail" it is all about SE Asia. It has some pretty good ideas that I think you will all be interested in, suck as biking the Mekong River. I would like to add to the list. Not just getting off of the tourist trail, but "relatively" unique experiences. How about the following: -fishing the freshwater rivers in SE Asia -visiting a prison/pr ...

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Any ESL teachers in the area?

Posted by mattocmd on 20/10/2008 at 12:15

Hello, I came to Korea a year ago and am finishing up my 1-year teaching contract next month. Over the last year I have watched the Korean won plummet. My salary has decreased by 40%. When I first arrived, I could live like a king and easily save $1000 a month! I am considering relocating next year to live and teach in either Thailand or Vietnam. The average salary is about 900$ a month in Thailand. Which is very low but its enough to live and have fun in Thailand (but impossible to s ...

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Room in Kuala lumpur/chinatown

Posted by nedz on 10/10/2008 at 18:40

Hi, does anyone have ground info on ok place to stay. besides swiss inn and manderin pacific. would appreciate thankz Nedzx ...

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