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3 week itinerary in SE Asia - Comments needed

Posted by randy_from_canada on 8/5/2008 at 22:28

In the early planning stages of our Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos vacation. We know this is very ambitious. However, this is our second time in the area and will not be including Thailand beaches in our itinerary. Also, time in Cambodia will be spent with girlfriend's relatives (also been there before) D1: Dec 20 - Depart Canada D2: Dec 21 - Late night arrive in BKK D3: Dec 22 - BKK, see only what was not seen 1st visit D4: Dec 23 - Ealry flight to PP D5: Dec 24 - PP D6: Dec 25 - ...

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10 week trip - which way to go?

Posted by rl1465 on 7/5/2008 at 19:12

Hi, Just found this site using Google and I must say it's excellent! Very helpful to me as I'm planning a trip round SE Asia at themoment. My main dilemma at the moment is which way round to go. I'll be leaving the first week of June and returning mid-August and was planning to start in Singapore and work up to Thailand then to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, however due to the wet season would it be a better idea to start in Vietnam and work down? Does it make a difference? Thanks in a ...

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Itinerary - 2 Months

Posted by andysch on 5/5/2008 at 10:18

This is great website, I have found so much useful information here. I put together an itinerary from referencing other posts and some of the ones listed on this website. If anyone could give me some feedback on this it would be really great! I am really excited about my trip but am getting a bit stressed out planning my trip. I am going to be traveling for two months and have visited Thailand before. I also made a quick yet action packed visit to Siem Reap – Angkor Wat. So for this tr ...

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Mailing Packages

Posted by andysch on 4/5/2008 at 12:06

Hi, I will be spending two months traveling through Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. I am backpacking so I won't have room for a lot of extra goods. However, I am very exciting to shop and am thinking it would be best to mail things back to USA. Is sending packages home easy? Is if fairly inexpensive? I am assuming it may take a few months, but the packages will arrive arrive safe and sound, is this correct? Thank you! ...

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Indochina Thailand: Where to start in May-June

Posted by natachar on 3/5/2008 at 17:22

Hi, What a great site, I found so much good advice here, I am even more excited about my trip. This is the only time I can go so I will be going to hot south east asia between May 8th and july 3rd arriving and leaving from Bangkok. I looked on the threads and saw the great itineraries and read the weather pages but I am not sure what is the best direction to go in given the weather at the time of my trip. I want to do a week on a beach at the end and would welcome recomendations, but mainly I ...

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honeymoon advice - Laos and Cambodia

Posted by liv97 on 30/4/2008 at 01:21

Hi there! My fiance and I are spending about 3 weeks in Cambodia and Laos for our honeymoon this October. We've both done a lot of backpacking and definitely are not looking for anything too fancy. We're having a little trouble booking our flights, and it looks like we'll end up with flying into Phnom Penh and flying out of Vientienne. They are pretty long air travel/transfer times (esp from VTE) but seems to make sense to fly direct so we can spend as much time on the ground. Do you think jus ...

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Need some movies on my ipod

Posted by muzzbox on 28/4/2008 at 14:08

Hi, I'm on Koh Lanta at the moment and having difficulty finding anywhere which puts movies onto my Ipod. I've watched mine a zillion times and it's handy if the weather is crap or just want to chill in the hut. We have 6 more weeks in Asia (from here to Malaysia although debating about that old hat Yai oveland chestnut- then Singapore) So, my question is-is there anywhere in my vicinity (Krabi, hell, I'll even stretch to Puket) that I can load up? Or indeed, is this easy in Malaysia as we f ...

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Travel info for India

Posted by creativeguy on 22/4/2008 at 06:17

I met so many people who were coming out of India and finishing with a trip to Thailand or Vietnam. What's a good source of information for traveling India. I'm considering heading there for perhaps six weeks and decompressing in Thailand. Thanks! ...

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May/June in Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao

Posted by RavennaHouse on 27/3/2008 at 01:28

Hello, My husband and i are setting out for a 4 week trip to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam from May 15-June15. We know....this is the hottest and perhaps, wettest part of the year, but this is the time we have, and SE Asia is our favorite destination. Does anybody have any recomendations for traveling in these countries during this time of year? We want to see a lot and are not averse to flying when needed to cover some territory. Any suggestions are much appreciated. PS -- we've both travl ...

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Plane Ticket

Posted by andysch on 7/4/2008 at 08:21

Hi, I am planning to travel around SE Asia for a few months. Does anyone have any money saving tips for purchasing a round trip airplane ticket? I plan on leaving from Chicago or Minneapolis & would like to fly into Bangkok. The round trip tickets I have come across are so expensive. Is it better to purchase two one way tickets? Would I run into problems at immigration if I have not purchased my return ticket until I am already in Thailand? Thank you. ...

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Please critique my 45 day SE asia itinerary

Posted by relf on 9/4/2008 at 21:07

Arriving in BKK on April 22 and leaving BKK on June 05 (45 days). This is a modified version of the big travelfish itinerary. PLEASE comment! 1) Arrive in Bangkok (early morning); recover from jet lag 2) Leave early to Sukhothai; travel around Sukhothai 3) Spend the day in Sukhothai; take o/n train to Chaing Mai 4,5) Explore Chiang Mai 6) TRAVEL DAY (Chiang Mai to Huay Xai); spend night in Huay Xai 7, 8, 9) Waterfall Gibbon Experience pend night in Huay Xai 10, 11) Slow boat 12, 13, 1 ...

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Yoga retreat - budget

Posted by andysch on 4/4/2008 at 10:56

Hi, I will be traveling for a few months through SE Asia. I would like to start out with a yoga retreat for a few days. Could anyone recommend one that would be in a backpackers budget? I plan on visiting Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam. Thank you! ...

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pre paid phone sim cards

Posted by boxee on 1/4/2008 at 18:08

I am travelling to s.e Asia for a three month holiday at the end of October, as I have never travelled before I will probably have a few questions over the next couple of months, here is my first I am planning to travel through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and maybe Laos, can you buy a pre paid sim card that covers all these areas or do you have to buy one for each country? thanks for your help ...

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Please Help: only 13 Days in SE Asia

Posted by rewein on 23/3/2008 at 21:49

unfortunately I can only take 10 business days off of work to take this trip. If I leave Saturday and come back Sunday, that's 16 days with 13 days after travel. Initially I was thinking only Thailand with a stop in Angkor, now that I've been reading, I want to see everything, but still only 13 days on the ground. Here are the locations that are on the list now: Arrive Bangkok 1 day Fly to Chiang Mai 3 days Fly to Luang Prabang 2 days Fly to Hanoi 1 day Fly to Hue and Hoi An 2 days Fly t ...

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Location Hunt: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam?

Posted by Py on 22/3/2008 at 16:14

Hi there, I'm going backpacking this summer (july-august) for the very first time with a friend of mine. Seeing as how we have no experience at all we'd rather not run into many problems and therefore we'd like to avoid the rain as much as possible. Rain is a criterium in deciding where to go, so we were wondering in which country it rains the least (if there even is such a place). I've read that Vietnam would probably be the best to visit during this time (least rain) but I don't have too ma ...

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Is this trip crazy?

Posted by lposten on 5/3/2008 at 03:10

Hi all: I am planning my trip to SE Asia and I really need some pointers. I'm going for 5 weeks and I would like to fit in Guilin, China, Philippines, Cambodia & Thailand. My current itinerary is: -Hong Kong sightsee (11th-13th) -Visit Guilin Province, Li River, Guilin,Yangshuo(14th-17th) -Visit Zhaoxing (18th-20st) Fly into Manila, Philippines: (20th-30th) -Banaue & Sagada (3 days) -Puerto Galera (3 days) -Palawan (4 days) Fly into Bangkok, Thailand: (1st-14th) -North ...

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Vietnam & Cambodia at Christmas

Posted by peekadog on 21/3/2008 at 03:36

We will be traveling in Vietnam & Cambodia around the holidays this year. Is this a big holiday in the region? Are things closed? Are things crowded and lines long? What about availability of hotel rooms? Are things booked in advance or can we get rooms when we arrive at our destination? Thanks much! ...

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clothes colour advice...

Posted by richkimmens on 21/2/2008 at 18:42

Hi, I am deciding what clothes to take with me (not very many as plan to buy more as and when I need them on the go) and have been told that pink and yellow are good colours for thailand because of the king. BUT i am going to Singapore and Malaysia first, would anyone recommend any popular colours there and also are there any colours that should be avoided in the region? I am going Singapore > Malaysia > Thailand > Vietnam > Cambodia > Thailand. Thanks guys! ...

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Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and do I get about?

Posted by kelpeta on 13/8/2007 at 01:52

Hi I'm planning a 4 week trip across Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam but need some advice about how best to get from place to place (without having to fly everywhere but without wasting too much travel time!!) The places we want to see are: Bangkok - Chiang Mai (train?) Chaing Mai - Luang Prabang Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng (bus / taxi) Vang Vieng - Siem Reap Siem reap - Battambang (bus / taxi) Battambang - Phnom Penh (bus / taxi) Phnom Penh - Saigon Saigon - Hue Hue - Hanoi ( ...

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Beach hideaways in Asia

Posted by somtam2000 on 12/12/2007 at 12:46

We've just added a new feature story to Travelfish, some of our tips for Beach hideaways in Asia. You'll have no doubt heard of some of the spots -- but hopefully not all of them, and we hope they help you find a strip of sand that suits your needs. Just to pre-empt questions about us listing Phu Quoc as a hideaway (anywhere on Phu Quoc that can be booked online is pretty much full over the entire silly season), bear in mind it is a big island and the bulk of places cannot be booked online -- ...

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