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Laos, Malaysia or... what to do?

Posted by kittywoo on 12/7/2006 at 12:17

I am pt. in Hanoi and have 25 days on my own before picking up my friend in Bangkok. I was thinking to go to southern Laos (did the tourist trail from Thailand through Houay Xai, Pak Beng, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane four years ago) - would like to see Wat Phu and Si Phan Don. But what else to do? Is there enough to keep me busy in Southern Laos for a good three weeks - getting a bit off the beaten track could be exciting - and will it be accessible within a reasonably tight budget ...

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Air Asia - too good to be true?

Posted by adelene on 13/7/2006 at 19:14

Hi, I have just been looking at options for getting between Thailand and Cambodia, and have seen flights on Air Asia from Bangkok to PP for 700 Thai baht, which I think is around £10. Can this be true? Are they safe? Are there any catches? Thanks, Adelene ...

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no guidebook

Posted by DannyJ on 7/7/2006 at 18:03

Hey guys, hope everyone is happy today! I'm thinking about not even bothering to take a guidebook with me on my 6 month SEA trip? I'll probably print a couple of maps which i think i may need and will probably jot down a few 'essential' tit bits in my diary but thats about it. I thought that way i could 'go with the flow' a bit easier and make decisions based on what i hear while i'm moving around rather then 'oh the guidebook says i should go to so-and-so'. Anyone done the same?? Any stories?? ...

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one month budget - Itinerary Thai, Camb, Laos???

Posted by translasian on 4/7/2006 at 22:45

Ive read about the 20$ a day average for Thailand, Cambodia, Laos - Just wondering if anyone has done a similar trip and could give me a ballpark budget. I'm also torn as to whether I should fly or take a bus/train between countries. As it stands now, Im looking to fly in and out from bangkok. I'll be arriving in the beginning of September and Would like to avoid the rainiest of places if at all possible! Any info would be much appreciate ...

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Laos, Vietnam Quandry..... HELP!!

Posted by bliprogers on 24/6/2006 at 04:40

Right, my gf and i are doing 3 months (sept, oct, nov) in the area (and i know people say not to plan too much, but.....) We do Bangkok, chang mai, chang rai, down mekong to laos ending up in Vientianne RIGHT, but want to do Hanoi and down coast of vietnam, cambodia AND southern laos (4 thousand islands etc)!!! Then back round to do southern thailand!!!???? What do people reckon is best way?? 1. Suck it and see 2. Vientianne to Hanoi, then cut in and out to do 4 thousand islands 3. ...

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One Month - Itinerary? Budget?

Posted by adelene on 29/6/2006 at 02:36

My husband and I have booked flights out to Bangkok on the 22nd July, returning from Bangkok 22nd August. We are planning to spend two days in Bangkok, a week in Cambodia, almost three weeks in Vietnam, and then fly back to Bangkok and then home. Do you think this is the best thing we can do in the time, and at this time of year? We are not restricted to place at all, as the only flights we have booked are the Bangkok ones. We also have a maximum budget of £1200 for the month, including all acc ...

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queen of indecisive - what to do?!!

Posted by breccan on 25/6/2006 at 18:34

I will have 10 days in SE Asia (starting from Bangkok at the beginning of September) on my way home from India. There is way too much that I want to do, so I was wondering if anyone has any strong feelings about anything in particular. I know of course it depends on what I want to do, but I want to do it all, and I am bad at decision making. I think I'd like to see Angkor Wat and ???? One other place. What seems possible in 10 days? I have already spent time on the southern islands in Thai ...

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5 months in south east asia, what to do first?????

Posted by eoinfitz on 27/6/2006 at 01:18

Hi there, Great site folks, Glad i found it. two of us travel to Bangkok in January and leave Singhapore in May, i was just wondering if anyone could reccomend prefered routes, places to see, best means of travel for Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand??? I know its a big ask but we cant decide how to go about this adventure, and we wouldn't exactly be indiana jones!!! all help greatly appreciated. ...

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my planned itinerary for july 2006... opinions (and costs!)

Posted by bonbongirl on 23/6/2006 at 15:26

so, i shall be leaving indonesia in a weeks time and start my month around south east asia. my trip as i've planned it so far goes like this... siem reap - 4 days phnom penh - 4 days (will get my lao visa as well) kampot - 1 day (day trip to bokor) kep - 1 day sihanoukville - 4 days kratie - 1 day (just a stopover on the way to laos) 4,000 islands - 5 days champasak - 2 days (leaving on the second day for ->) tad lo - 1 day pakse - 1 1/2 days ko samet - 3 days bangkok - 1 day at wo ...

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6 months from Bangkok to singhapore!

Posted by eoinfitz on 22/6/2006 at 02:06

Hey there, great site. we arrive into Bangkok and then have 5 months before we leave Singhapore for australia, would greatly appreciate locations, best routes ect to see Thailand,Cambodia,Vietnam,Laos. Cheers in advance E.F ...

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Accommodations for three?

Posted by karyn on 21/6/2006 at 07:39

Hi...again! I am wondering if you have accommodations that you would recommodate for Siem Reap and on Ko Samui/Tao/Pha Ngan? Will it be difficult to found such places? Thanks for the advise! ...

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Are these reasonable plans and a stop over idea?

Posted by karyn on 21/6/2006 at 07:53

Ugh to planning...thank goodness for this site though! Can you share your opinions on the following plan outline?! THANKS!! Siem Reap: 4 days travel from Phuket to Khao Sok Khao Sok: 3 days travel to islands Islands: 6 days travel to Bangkok and onward to Kanchanaburi Kanchanaburi to Sangkhlaburi and area: 8 days travel to Bangkok If you had a stop over from Bangkok to one other city on route outbound, what you would recommend (in any of the four countries)...for two s ...

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Cost of flights between Bangkok and Siem Reap

Posted by karyn on 19/6/2006 at 09:30

How much should I expect to pay for a flight between Bangkok and Siem Reap? Is it better to buy in advance or wait until I am in Bangkok? THANKS! ...

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Thailand and Angkok Wat or Thailand, Angkok Wat, Vietnam?

Posted by karyn on 14/6/2006 at 06:34

After reading and planning the beginning lag of my trip, I now wonder if I should travel to Siem Reap, then go west of Bangkok, down to a southern island and national park, and then.... go to northern Thailand to Chiang Mai and area ....or.... over to Vietnam. I would have about nine days of travel for the last part of the trip. Any suggestions/preferences? Thanks! ...

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Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam - rainy season

Posted by thompson on 4/6/2006 at 17:12

Hi all Planning my first trip to southeast asia so I'm a bit confused about the weather conditions. Planning to go there from mid July to mid September. Having read other answers on this page it sounds like it rains a lot. Does it rain as much in northern laos and northern vietnam as it does in cambodia? And is it impossible to find a sunny beach around this time of the year? Just hoping not to wear my raincoat all the time... What is the best way to travel the countries when considering t ...

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cambodia, vietnam, laos

Posted by shirleym on 4/6/2006 at 08:42

Hello, Only have 4-5 weeks so I'm thinking of sampling these places. Starting in Siem Reap, then going to Phnom Penh, then Siagon, fly up to Hanoi, fly to Louang Phrabang, then Vientiane. I will be starting and returning to Bangkok. I'm thinking that I only need to fly those two sections. Is getting to Saigon from PP pretty easy by boat ? I will be travelling July 16 - Aug. 16. I will be travelling solo - female - any suggestions? Would it be better to do this trip in reverse? start in ...

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Journey time from HCM to Phnom Penh

Posted by simeone_8 on 22/5/2006 at 15:17

Could anyone tell me the journey time from HCM to P.Penh by bus,train or boat? Would like to know if its feasable rather than to fly the route with Vietnam Airlines to save some money but timescale is a big factor for us. Thanks. ...

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fly from chang mai to luang prabang?

Posted by lizzyp83 on 18/5/2006 at 17:36

hi guys, can anyone help please? we are on a bit of a tight schedule, so were wondering about flying from chang mai to luang prabang (to save time on the 2 day boat). does anyone know if this can be done/ how much/ how often they go etc? or any other way of getting from north thailand to luang prabang reasonably quickly? i've heard a lot of bad things about lao airlines - has anyone flown recently or know if they are safe to fly with? any help would be appreciated - thanks!! x ...

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Flights Saigon-BKK

Posted by Danka on 17/5/2006 at 19:52

I am looking for a cheap flight from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok. The cheapest I have found is EUR 177 one way with Thai Airways. Does anyone know any cheap airlines covering this route? Thank you. ...

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Siem Reap and Saigon in a week

Posted by eklecticist on 17/5/2006 at 14:37

Hi, This is the first time my partner and I will be travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia and we've planned to see 2 places only, Siem Reap and Saigon due to time constraints. Plan is to book one way ticket to Saigon, take a train to Siem Reap for a bit of Angkor Wat (I understand domestic flights are a rip off) and then take a return flight from Cambodia home (Singapore). What do you guys think? Is there a better route to take for such a short trip? Are we missing anything else? Thanks. Any ...

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