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So what's the dumbest souvenir you ever bought?

Posted by somtam2000 on 10/5/2006 at 07:22

Rolf Potts has an excellent story on Why we buy dumb souvenirs that is well worth a read and a chuckle. So what's the dumbest souvenir you ever bought? In my case it was a 3kg lump of lava from the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands -- unfortunately I purchased it towards the start of an eight month trip and had to carry it the entire way. I've still got it -- buried in the bottom of a cupboard somewhere in my my parent's house in Sydney. What does a 3kg lump of lava look li ...

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I forgot to ask: money and hotels

Posted by adelene on 10/5/2006 at 16:01

Hi again, Sorry to ask a very similar question to my last one, but I forgot to ask about where to store cash/traveller's cheques etc when staying in budget hotels. Most of the guide books say not to leave anything in the hotel. So do you really carry everything around with you every day? I suppose if you have traveller's cheques, it's much less of a risk, though... Adelene x ...

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Safety Tip - Don't Put Valuables in the Bicycle or Motorcycle Basket

Posted by exacto on 11/5/2006 at 08:27

If you rent a bicycle or motorcyle on your trip, avoid the temptation to put your day pack in the basket. You'll be much better off wearing the pack on your back instead. The trick is that two guys will swing by on a motorcycle, with the passenger snatching your pack as they zip past and disappear. Don't be dumb like me either, and tie the pack to the basket thinking that this will keep your stuff safe. I did that a few years ago with a rental bicycle in Vientiane, and while the guys wer ...

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Cash and valuables (and rainy season)

Posted by adelene on 8/5/2006 at 02:04

Hi, This is a great website! My husband and I are travelling from Bangkok to Hanoi, through Cambodia and then up the coast of Vietnam, mainly overland, between July 22nd and August 22nd 2006. As he is a school teacher, these are the only dates we could feasibly do. We are slightly worried about two things, though: 1. It says in lots of travel guides that you should not leave cash in budget hotel rooms, even if there is a safe in the room. But I don't fancy carrying around our entire budg ...

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30 day trip to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand (the islands)

Posted by littlelau on 8/5/2006 at 11:07

(sorry posted this in the wrong bit before!) Hi there, What a fab site to stumble across! A friend and I have 30 days for a whistletop tour, starting and concluding in Bangkok. Not enough to do it justice of course but nevertheless... We were thinking of working clockwise, leaving Bankok immediately for Laos for 4-5 days, onto Hanoi and down through Vietnam for about 9 days onto Cambodia for 4-5 days and finishing in the Islands of Thailand for about 9 days before spending the last 2 d ...

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Travelling during rainy season??

Posted by pricelj1 on 4/5/2006 at 04:47

Hey all, Great website first of all! I am considering a 3 month trip through SE Asia (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia), Mid August 06 - Mid November 06. It sounds like this is almost 100% rainy season, and I'd like to find out how much of an issue this would be. Therefore, I'd love to hear comments from travellers who have experienced the countries in the rainy season as to - 1. How much rain is there and for how long daily (it sounds like it's the odd big downpour each day rath ...

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Laos Vietnam travel planning help

Posted by tjutzi on 4/5/2006 at 04:34

Planning to spend 2 weeks (Aug 14 - 26) arrive Vientnaine (via Bangkok)south to Savannakhet, then east to Da Nang and south to Saigon, then to Phnom Penh, then to Siem Reap and to Bangkok for departure. Could you suggest travel methods and times/distances and suggest how we arrange for accomodations along the way. Primarily a budget trip but would like A/C and showers either ensuite or down the hall. Thanks for your help. We are happy to mpay for this assistance. ...

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Getting an agent for a Discovery Pass

Posted by layrna on 26/4/2006 at 14:16

I'm living in Taipei and will be flying to Vietnam at the end of May. I am wanting to get a Bangkok Airwars dicover pass flying from siem reap to vientaine, luoang prabang to bangkok and then bangkok to guilin. On their website it says that getting the pass must be arranged through an outside agent so I was wondering if any knew of one/one in taipei or hanoi or HCM. Thanks! ...

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1 week (ISH) North Thailand / Laos

Posted by woody on 27/4/2006 at 00:05

Hi All We are flying into Bangkok in May and have decided after alot of discussions that we will take the Night train to Chang mai for 3 days then maybe Laos quickly for 3-4 days then down to Koh Tao. Has anybody got some good recomendations of Tours / Acomadation / things to do in Chang Mai and what would be the best way into Laos from there and where to go in Laos for 3-4 days Probably only go to one place in Laos due to time... Also need to get from Laos back to Bangkok Thanks for any ...

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Chiang Khong Guesthouses

Posted by marianwarren on 20/4/2006 at 16:44

Are there any places to avoid in Chiang Khong?. Need accomodation suggestions for 3 people and any other relevent info pertaining to border crossing and choice of slow boat to Luang Prabang. All information gratefully accepted Kind Regards Marian ...

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Hospitality organisations

Posted by marianwarren on 20/4/2006 at 08:21

Has anyone had any experience with hospitalty clubs? Any suggestions for deepening the cultural ties and getting to know the locals better? Traveling o/s and hanging out with other backpackers seems a little pointless (no offence intended). Obviously local language skills help, but any other ideas? Kind Regards Marian ...

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Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand itinery

Posted by jsdagger on 19/4/2006 at 16:54

Hi, I am a well travelled 28 year old and looking to take a short 25 day break into Indochina. I plan to fly into Bangkok and then take in the highlights of Cambodia and squeeze in a breath of Vietnam before heading to chill on Ko Chang for a few days before a reluctant return to Bangkok. I have investigated numerous options but am not convinced I can fit in all the highlights I want with the routes I have compiled. I am seeking a second opinion My highlights would include : CAMOBODIA ...

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Currency options for Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

Posted by simeone_8 on 17/3/2006 at 18:42

I am backpacking through all of these countries in August and want to know if people would advise taking US dollars for the whole trip or taking a bit of each currency to get me through the first 1-2 days in each country and then change/withdraw more money into that currency?? Really looking to know what is the best for ease and getting more for your money. Any advice would be appreciated. ...

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Posted by steviej on 17/4/2006 at 18:29

Hi fellow FISH, Right; firstly, I've been looking in for some time now to get a feel. Secondly, I'm planning to travel to Loas, Cambodia and Vietnam for around 30ish days March to April 2007 (I like to plan!!). Up to now I'm looking at flying into Vientiane and flying home from Saigon. I DEFINITELY need to see Angkor Wat and I'd like very much to do a homestay on the Mekong Delta. I'd like to get a little off the 'beaten track' and after reading a few posts here it seems Vang Vieng is su ...

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Thailand/Cambodia/Laos Itinerary

Posted by luciehayes on 14/3/2006 at 19:51

Hi I'm planning on travelling to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with my soon to be husband on a honeymoon trip in Nov-Dec this year. Could you recommend an itinerary for us (starting and finishing in Bangkok)? We only have 5 1/2 weeks and don't want to spend the whole time travelling so we need to find a route that will give us enough time to see the countries but not spend our lives on a bus! Thanks in advance Lucie ...

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Anti-Malarials and Other Shots

Posted by exacto on 6/3/2006 at 07:08

Hi gang, What's the latest on taking anti-malaria drugs and getting other shots for trips to Southeast Asia? My wife and I will be in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia in June and July, with a fairly tame itinerary of Bangkok and surrounds, Chiang Mai, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane/Nong Khai, Samui Island, and Siem Reap. I lived in Southeast Asia for six years before we got together, and have had most of the shots the CDC here in the states is recommending (Hep A [IG], Hep B, Japanese Ence ...

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ATM currency

Posted by AnotherPatrick on 4/4/2006 at 11:50

Hi There, Could anyone tell me what currency the global ATM's dispense in Vietnam and Cambodia? $US or the local currency. Thanks, Patrick ...

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international drivers license

Posted by dnuts on 11/4/2006 at 03:14

I'm going to be in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia this summer and was planning on renting scooters at various points along the way. I was assuming my Canadian driver's license would be fine but I just thought I'd ask to be sure an International Drivers License wouldn't be neccessary. ...

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Voem Khan - Phnom Penh

Posted by Blueeyedboy13 on 30/3/2006 at 16:26

I'll be making this journey at the end of June. Unfortunately I don't have the time to be able to make long stops along the way. I want to to the trip by boat, and was wondering how easy it is to arrange, and how long it will take. I would want to stop at Kratie to go and see the dolphins, but other than that, I'd only stop when I have to, unless there is anything that cannot be missed. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers! ...

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Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam - ???

Posted by airfaze on 29/3/2006 at 22:58

My friend and i will be travelling Indo-China in early May, we are currently planning our itineary and not too sure if its the best route so far... First. Our flight from KL will arrive in Bangkok, 8.30pm. From there, we will be crossing the Poipet / Aranyaprathet border into Siem Reap. (to visit Angkor Wat). After a few days there, we will be travelling down to a kampong near Phnom Penh to visit a orphange that i have befriended during my community service. We will then travel from Ph ...

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