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Too many people

Posted by somtam2000 on 27/7/2015 at 04:10

From this week's Travelfish newsletter (being sent out shortly anyway! Over the weekend The Guardian had a piece talking about tourist hot spots around the world and wondered if all these millions of "new travellers" are really welcome in these destinations. We've seen much written on this topic related to Southeast Asia, especially on the huge increase in tourists from mainland China. People worry about destinations that are considered (rightly or wrongly) as fragile: Angkor Wat ...

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Planning a trip to SEA/weather questions

Posted by halthedean on 19/7/2015 at 12:36

Hello all. I've done tons of research for an upcoming trip to SEA in 2016. I've already gone through the weather sections of travelfish, and get the feeling that I should reschedule my trip. I was planning on going from Apr 17-May25. On a few other websites I've found about the weather in the region, some say, "go it won't be that bad yet for rain", while others say, "hell no, too hot, too rainy." Right now I'll be spending the majority of my time in Vietnam, with only h ...

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Northern Vietnam

Posted by zhuang on 25/7/2015 at 04:28

Dear All, My friend and I will be in Hanoi on 19 Sep(Sat) and leave Hanoi on 27 Sept (Sun). We love nature and beautiful landscape . We' ve few places in mind . We're on budget trip and we will travel mostly on public transport such as train, bus or motor taxi. Please advice us which option is better and doable ? 1. 1 week to visit Ha Giang ( Dong Van Karst Plateu Geopark) , Meo Vac, Muong Hua Valley in Sapa ? or . 3. 1 week to visit Mu Cang Cai and Sapa ? or 4. 1 week to visit Dong Va ...

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Solo Southeast Asia 2015

Posted by Lewisburnett on 16/11/2014 at 02:33

So im planning a trip through SEA starting in Feb 2015 and wondering if anyone is going to be over there at the same time. Never done any solo travel before and am a little nervous about it however super excited to see what happens haha, anyone done something similar? If so how were your experiences? The trip is going to be focused on three things: Photography, Diving and Surfing as this is what im mainly into where I live (Australia) Starting off in Bali (Scored a cheap flight) then going throu ...

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3-4 week trip to Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Posted by antoinetiux on 6/4/2010 at 12:57

I am planning to take a month maximum to travel to all these places and I need suggestions for itineraries and routes! Ideally, I would like to start my trip in Bali, Indonesia and end it in Bangkok, Thailand since I am flying from Los Angeles. Would really appreciate any suggestions. ...

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8 Weeks in SE Asia itinerary advice

Posted by calm_patches on 7/7/2015 at 12:07

Hi all, I'm sorry if this has been posted a lot before but having trawled through loads of threads I'm probably more confused now than to begin with! My wife and I are looking to travel through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia over the course of 8 weeks. My wife has been to the southern regions of Thailand, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, however I've never been to Asia before. We are interested in sightseeing, areas of natural beauty, beaches, outdoor activities e.g. short hikes and cycling, kayaki ...

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2 Weeks in March - looking for beach and Buddhism

Posted by tavso9 on 15/5/2015 at 16:29

Hi everyone, I'd really like to travel to SEA next March (solo female) and on this two weeks trip I'd ideally like to take in some local Buddhist culture (maybe even meditating, I'm very interested in the Buddhist culture) and spend a few days at the beach (white sand, secluded, turquoise waters would be ideal - just the usual ) If possible, I'd like to avoid flying when there. Is there any trip you would suggest in particular? If it matters, I've been to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Bali, bu ...

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Where to go?! Urgent!!!

Posted by Freyarose on 29/6/2015 at 07:02

I would really appreciate some help as I've been a bit hasty and bought a one way ticket to Malaysia and planned to travel around SE Asia until my money ran out, my mums come out for the first three weeks but I'm panicking a little as there doesn't seem to be many other travellers around at all (I don't know if this is just because I'm not staying in hostels?) locals are saying this is because the seasons ended. Once my mum goes home I want to move on to somewhere I can meet people, where would ...

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10 days first time to Southeast Asia... Where should we go?!? Please help! :)

Posted by jajohnst on 6/4/2015 at 14:43

Hello all, My husband and I are planning a trip to Southeast Asia in August. Neither one of us has been there before. We love meeting new people, immersing in the local culture and really enjoy EATING local cuisine!! We are looking for a mix of adventure and possibly a couple of beach days, we enjoy hiking and sightseeing. We enjoy staying busy and traveling off the beaten path. We want to go somewhere that is safe so we feel comfortable walking around and exploring all that the county has to o ...

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Australian Dollars - using, managing and budgeting

Posted by shayetopaz8 on 25/6/2015 at 07:47

Hi all! So first and foremost.. What an incredible site! I have spent so many nights trawling through the forum discussions (some so informative, some so hilarious), reading suggested itinerary's and salivating over pictures of food and food discussions.. I know this has been covered before but I am still a little bit confused as to the most accurate answer to my thoughts. Coming from Australia I will be landing in Saigon, Vietnam July 9th. From here I will be spending the next 104 days - pre ...

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Solo trip - 2 Weeks in July - Thailand and Vietnam - itinerary advice please

Posted by numan99 on 19/5/2015 at 11:10

I'm flying into Bangkok on July 1st and leaving from there on July 16th. I'd like to see some of Thailand, at least one island, possibly stop by Cambodia, Angkor Wat, and also see Vietnam. I'm travelling alone but will be meeting up with friends I have who live in Vietnam. It's my first time in South East Asia. I'd be grateful for any suggestions for 'must do/see' type things and/or any suggestions for an itinerary given the time-limit. I wasn ...

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4 weeks in SE Asia

Posted by Amerish on 19/5/2015 at 04:49

Hi, I know that others have written the same. Could someone offer advice on 4 weeks travelling SE Asia? We would like to begin in Hong Kong (3/4 days) and end in Thailand on a beach for about a week. We are trying to determine the best beach place in Thailand to stay at. This is a trip of a lifetime for myself and husband and we would ideally like to go from Hong Kong to Cambodia, Northern Thailand and Vietnam and Southern Thailand. Not in that order. We would like to float down the river ...

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SE Asia in April with son

Posted by kdwhitworth on 17/6/2015 at 00:09

My 13 year old son and I will have a little under three weeks this coming April to visit SE Asia. We want to fly from Seattle to Siem Reap and spend a few days at Angkor Wat then head to Chiang Mai for a few more days. After that we're open but would like to end at a great beach before we head to Bangkok and then back to Seattle. Any advice on modes of travel and beaches would be greatly appreciated. And thank you! ...

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Need Help with 2 week Itinerary in SE Asia

Posted by Whit93088 on 14/5/2015 at 14:43

Hey everybody, 3 of us ( middle 20s males) are traveling to SE Asia for two weeks in late July-early August. We are trying to do a relatively fast paced historical/cultural/ a little nightlife vacation. We are flying everywhere since we are short on time. We are thinking about this itinerary. Hanoi-->Ha Long Bay----> Hue/Hoi An--->Nha Trang---> HCMC--->Siem Riep----> Fly out of Bangkok. Should we cut anything out/ Are we missing any must-do's? ...

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Vietnam beats Thailand for being friendly

Posted by Gogomobile on 17/6/2015 at 22:44 ...

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Choosing indonesia OR myanmar/laos/cambodia

Posted by Wangwang on 11/6/2015 at 04:29

Hi! We are a couple in their late twenties and have six weeks to fill and finally want to do that long postponed trip to SE Asia. I could really use some help choosing between indonesia or myanmar/cambodia or myanmar north laos and north vietnam I have six weeks and can either go in september if I choose indonesia or november/december if i choose myanmar/cambodia/loas I need to choose quickly because I need give holiday dates for my work. Once the location is chosen I can work out detail of t ...

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Where should I go on the next trip?

Posted by BestinDWorld on 13/6/2015 at 03:07

I am leaving on August 12 for 2 months backpacking in Southeast Asia. I lived in Phuket for almost 3 years and have backpacked the area before. I am thinking Myanmar and Indonesia, as well as revisiting some old friends in Thailand. Any suggestions on Burma and Indonesia that are "Must See". I'd like a good combination of a good social scene and nightlife, as well as some "off the beaten path" destinations as well. Thanks ...

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Planning 3.5 weeks first SE asia trip

Posted by elham8 on 8/6/2015 at 13:43

Hi, I am planning a 3.5 week trip around South East Asia and I was wondering if you had a few tips. Im not sure if I have packed in too many places so far, any advice would be helpful: The plan is Bangkok (2 nights) "“ Chiang Mai (3 nights) "“ Krabi/islands (6 nights)"“ Singapore (3 nights) - Bali (6 nights) - Tokyo (3 nights). Thanks! ...

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Luxury hotels: It is the little things

Posted by somtam2000 on 9/6/2015 at 01:47

From this week's newsletter: It's the traveller's holy grail: a fantastic, affordable place that you simply want to go back to again and again. These are the places we love unearthing the most on Then there are the splurge places, those once-at-the-end-of-trip places where you want everything to be just so because, after all, you're paying an arm and a leg for the privilege. While we're always on the look out for the former, we've also decided to pay for our writers to stay at ...

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Where to Head in October?

Posted by tommarsden on 26/5/2015 at 14:37

Hi guys, I am looking for some help.. I am visiting my brother in Hong Kong during the last two weeks of October and am thinking as I am in this part of the world it would be a good opportunity to also find some local culture, good food, a sandy beach and chill time for a week or so. This in theory sounds like a perfect plan, however from reading various posts, blogs and articles it doesn't look at straight forward due to the weather. I was originally thinking Thailand or Southern/Central Vietn ...

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