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Itinerary help Bangkok - Singapore (4weeks)

Posted by Sjors1989 on 11/9/2014 at 12:31

Hey guys, I'm planning a trip to SE Asia 22 dec 2014 - 19 jan 2015, unfortunately its high season but I really wanna go now and I've the possibility here to take 4 weeks off from work. It's my first time that I will be in Asia Turning 25 end of this year, from The Netherlands, going with perhaps 1 or 2 other friends. Interests are culture, food, party, nature, cities, basically a lil bit from everything. Budget is not really the problem for those 4 weeks but looking to backpack not 5 star hotel. ...

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Itinerary advice "“ aging solo traveller with a month in Cambodia and Laos

Posted by glennevis on 11/9/2014 at 17:56

Hi, I'd appreciate your help here. I'm no youthful backpacker. I'm pushing 60 and have a disability -- some mobility problems, basically. I can only walk short distances without resting, I can't carry luggage too far (use a trolley bag), don't have much fun with low seats or scrunching up into small spaces, and I'm unsteady getting on and off small boats. On the other hand, I'm an experienced solo traveller (used to write guide books, even), and for this trip I can afford to fork out a bit ex ...

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Anyone in SEA from september the 1st?

Posted by MGJones14 on 14/8/2014 at 17:50

Hiya Guys, All the threads are brilliant and have been of great help. So me and 1 of my friends will be hauling butt through SEA for 3 months, if anyone fancies a catch up or any advice along the way we will be happy to help. I have been lucky enough to stumble through a few parts of SEA due to the fact my parents live in KL malaysia, Hence why I'm half malaysian. If there are any solo travellers or groups that fancies meeting up and joining us on our travels you are more then welcome too! Mys ...

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Got 2 months in SE Asia help with plans

Posted by jamiemcm on 20/8/2014 at 16:57

Hey, myself and 2 friends arrive in bangkok on the 1st of October and from there we don't know the best plan of attack. The most common route seems to be north thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia then south thailand and the islands. Looking for any advice on things to do? places to see?where to stop? how long to stay in places for? Everything really lol. And has anyone done the 'gibbon experience'? Heard mixed reviews but it looks amazing. Thanks any replies with be helpful Jamie ...

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Only 4-5 days of freedom in SEA following a month of work in Singapore! Help me pick a spot!

Posted by PyroGal on 2/9/2014 at 21:02

Ok travelers, I'm still having a hard time picking a destination, and the time of my departure to SEA grows nearer by the day. So, I'll be in Singapore for the month of November working. When I finish I will have about 4 days in which I'm hoping to travel somewhere else. I'm so torn. Obviously due to my lack of time, the kind of deep off the path travels I'd REALLY like to do just aren't going to happen this trip. I will be traveling alone. I also must return to Singapore for my flight home ...

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Only have 3 weeks to going SEA

Posted by vanecuriel on 25/8/2014 at 16:37

Hi guys, i only have 3 weeks to visit Southeast Asia. What do you guys recommend me to visit? What itinerary can i follow? Thanks so much in advance... Have nice day ...

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Budget question

Posted by Busvcur1 on 21/8/2014 at 22:31

Hi all I have decided to quit the rat race and take myself off to explore south east Asia. I have countries that I will visit before and after but I am specifically looking at the Thai, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia (taking about 10 months for these countries I think?) I have been reading extensively but just wondered what budget is realistic! I've seen everything from $15 to $50 per day! for a daily budget A bit about me -1 person -social drinker but not &qu ...

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100 days in SE Asia - route feasiblity

Posted by Tazzfalcon on 21/8/2014 at 13:43

So, this is a follow up to the topic I started the other day about flights. My girlfriend and I are heading to South East Asia the 2nd week of Jan 2015, arriving Ho Chi Minh City and departing from Bali the 3rd week of April. In between we want to spend 3 weeks in Vietnam (all the hits South to North), 10ish days in Cambodia (Capital and South Coast most probably - we've already seen Angkor), 2 weeks in Thailand, (BKK to the Chaing Rai area relatively slowly), a week or so in Laos doing the ...

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Best way to get from Cambodia to Indonesia?

Posted by casey_r19 on 20/8/2014 at 18:08

Hello all, I am planning my 2-3 month trip around Southeast Asia next year. My hypothetical route is this: -Land in Saigon -Head north to Hanoi -Head west to Laos -Move south through Laos to Cambodia -Travel around Cambodia until taking a flight to Indonesia -Fly back to Saigon What's the easiest/quickest flight from Cambodia to Indonesia? Would I need to fly from somewhere else? Help appreciated. ...

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When is the best time to book internal SE Asia flights?

Posted by Tazzfalcon on 20/8/2014 at 07:43

Hi all, My girlfriend and I are planning a three and a half month stint in SE Asia starting the 2nd week of Jan in Ho Chi Minh and ending 3rd week of April in Bali. Over the course of this trip we'd like to see just about every country in SE Asia except the Philippines. Obviously to do this in the time allotted we're going to need to take quite a few flights within SE Asia, and I was wondering - given the time we're there - should we be booking now or waiting till we're on the ground for the b ...

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solo traveller newbie

Posted by bronzy on 18/8/2014 at 06:48

Hello all, I am looking at taking a trip to south east asia from the end of september to mid december. I would love to visit koh samui or an island similar in that area and vietnam both for an extended stay as i would like to relax and be apart of culture. I would also like to explore cambodia and laos but not for long periods of time. I will be travelling by myself (28 yr female) and would love any advice on destinations that you have experienced and stayed on for a few weeks and an itinerar ...

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Koh Samui Koh Tao Feb 2016

Posted by TABORDAN on 18/8/2014 at 16:23

Hello from Canada !!We are two males aged 45 and 50 , we are planning a trip in Feb2016 and are looking for two females to join us.We are going to be renting an awesome beach house and doing a lot of snorkeling ,touring and partying !!Any body out ther planning a trip here?I know its a long ways off but a trip this epic is worth the wait !Hope to hear from you soon ...

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South East Asia - Tips and Info!

Posted by mikeyc2020 on 16/8/2014 at 05:41

Hi, I recently wrote some bits and bobs for a friend who is traveling alone around SEA. So I thought I would share. I went traveling with a friend, both mid 20s, both male. 11 weeks away. With it this been my first time around Asia, I just hit the usual tourist trail. Got a feel for the place, now I'm saving to go back in October and will head slightly off the beaten track of the usual sites. Enjoy. ~~~ Hey! Please excuse my spelling/grammar, just writing as I reminisce! Traveling solo - ...

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Travel logistics & which peak(s) to climb?

Posted by dfreem1 on 13/8/2014 at 15:26

From the 18th September we will be travelling to SE Asia for 3 weeks. We will spend 1 day in Bangkok, followed by 3 days in Singapore at the beginning and 2 days in Bangkok at the end of the trip. The period in between is flexible. We want a diverse holiday with urban and rural experiences, culture, history, wildlife, adventure, exploration and night-life if it's possible to do that in 3 weeks! I would appreciate advice on where to visit in this period. The following locations have been discus ...

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Two Weeks - Thailand, Veitnam & Malaysia

Posted by traveller705 on 10/8/2014 at 08:33

Me and my wife are planning a family trip to South East Asia. Its our first foreign trip after our marriage. We will be starting our trip IA from first week of Oct. We have total of 2 weeks. Kindly help us plan the trip in terms of destinations and preferred time of stay. Some of our preferences are as follows. Preferred Travel Theme: Beach / Culture / Shopping Preferred Budget: Budget Hotels for Family We can start our trip from any of the above 3 countries. I have been to Thailand once be ...

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Email on smart phone good enough for proof of onward travel?

Posted by kakal on 6/8/2014 at 11:33

Hey guys, So i'm going away in the next couple of months to do a year long backpacking around asia, now i know the whole proof of onward travel question has been asked hundreds of times there is no guarantee you will or wont be asked for it, and that there are different ways of getting around it such as fake ticket, refundable tickets, throwaway tickets etc etc. Now what i'm thinking of doing it not getting any onward tickets, and if asked try to wing my way around it, most likely will be futi ...

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Dangerous in SEA?

Posted by sp00ks on 4/8/2014 at 21:59

Hi there, I am planning a trip to South East Asia by myself where I plan to stay mainly in Thailand, Vietnam and Bali. Everytime I mention this to my friends and family they tell me it's quite dangerous there right now. Is that true? Is there a website for travellers where I can see the places not to travel at the current time? sp00ks ...

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Honeymoon itenerary thailand and bali

Posted by sackling on 7/8/2014 at 18:24

We want to have a mix of travel/culture as well as relaxation for our honeymoon. The idea was to do the travel first around southern thailand (I have been to northern thailand already my fiance has not so we decided to just do southern thailand.) I want to make sure that we are not travelling too much in the first portion however I don't want to be burnt out. here is our itenerary so far: Dec 25th: Fly from LA to BKK Dec 26th: Land at 10:45pm in BKK Dec 27th: Day in BKK Dec 28th: Day in BKK Dec ...

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3 Months in SEA suggetions

Posted by mrgeek on 3/8/2014 at 07:50

Hi all! Greetings from Singapore! I have a restriction of travelling not more than 3 months because i am enlisting into a mandatory army sometime in june next year. I will be starting from phuket -> bangkok (3weeks), after which 2 options available bangkok -> chiang mai -> laos -> vietnam (north) -> vietnam (south) or bangkok -> cambodia -> vietnam (south) -> vietnam (north) ...

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Best jungle/rainforest

Posted by Sundancekid4 on 27/6/2014 at 14:46

Hi there, My girlfriend and I are traveling Southeast Asia for 8 months (sept-May) and would like advise on some of people's favourite spots to do a jungle/rainforest trek. I know this is a very broad question but with 8 months we can go almost anywhere. The only place that we have ruled out is Borneo(even though it looks like it has great jungle trekking) it seems to hard to travel through and expensive. We are looking for a one day or multi-day experience where it's not too commercial and we ...

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