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SE Asia itinerary: quick opinion needed!

Posted by dommels on 7/2/2014 at 10:33

Hi fellow travelers, I'm in need of some quick reply of wether my travel itinerary is realistic Since I have the option on a great flightdeal to BKK and return from Jakarta, I'm planning to do that route. I have about 6 weeks of leave. From BKK I can take the train route all the way down to Singapore, see some places along the route. From Singapore on it seems best to fly to Bali or Lombok and work my way up from there over land and sea all the way to Jakarta. So I will skip Sumatra. I this a ...

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Thailand, Malaysia & Vietnam. First Time, Help Please

Posted by nasir91 on 3/2/2014 at 14:04

Hi guys, I'm planning to go to Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam for 1 month. I was wondering if anyone can help me on where to go etc? I would like to spend more time in Thailand than Malaysia and Vietnam. My initial idea was to start in Bangkok stay their for couple of days, maybe head to north and stay for couple of days and head back to Bangkok. Fly to Malaysia then Vietnam and back to Bangkok, then go to the south of thailand? Also how would the visas work, if i was to come back to Thailan ...

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SE Asia itinerary ideas? May-mid August 2014

Posted by ladylish on 3/2/2014 at 07:17

Hello all - Bit of a ramble to contextualise our trip: I'm a 23 year old woman from London, and along with my boyfriend, we'll be backpacking Asia for a few months from April this year. The original plan was to do a trek in Nepal and then visit India, but we've had it convincingly pointed out to us that May/June/July will be an awful time of year to be in the areas of India we wanted to visit. (At the very beginning of our planning, we were intending to be out there right now, but work commit ...

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SE Asia with kids - and *not* typical tourists

Posted by dancingmyrtle on 2/2/2014 at 20:45

Hello all. My husband, 15-year-old step-daughter, 7-year-old daughter, and I are departing for SE Asia on April 1. We are thinking of visiting Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, although we are open to other destinations. We have one-way tickets, and businesses we can run as long as we have Internet access, so we are open on time frame. Most of the advice I have received has been from folks who stay at hotels and enjoy shopping and museums. There is absolutely *nothing* wrong with this. However, ...

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6 Weeks - 3 Countries

Posted by dene_aus on 3/2/2014 at 00:06

I'm heading back to Asia for another 6 week stint and I'm just trying to sort out my itinerary and would like some advice. The countries I am visiting Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar but I'm having trouble deciding which order to go in. Here is what i have come up with. Ill be in Bali from a wedding (27 April) so I will be flying from there. Fly to Myanmar Myanmar (1.5 Weeks) Fly to Siem Reap Via KUL Cambodia (1.5 Weeks) Bus to Ho Chi Vietnam (3 Weeks) Fly Hanoi to Singapore on 9 June Can ...

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One month visas - how many days is that?

Posted by katieandchris on 2/2/2014 at 07:24

I hope this doesn't sound like a really silly question but I am just trying to figure out dates for my trip later this year. If I was to enter Cambodia on 4th October (for example) and I got a one month tourist visa on arrival - when would I have to leave? Would it be 4th November? Or would it be 30 days after I entered? Hope that makes sense, thanks. ...

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Itinerary changes

Posted by Bjr on 31/1/2014 at 03:37

Hi guys. It is my first time travelling alone and I'm having a great time. So far everything has been super easy to organise. I've taken advice from travel fish and kept my itinerary loose, with a rough circular plan of where I'd like to visit. This has resulted in me now being in a little town I was recommended .... Nong Khai ..... Which I love. But, it's time to move on in a couple of days, I can see Laos over the maekong from where I'm sitting now. Lao was to be my next destination as I've ...

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South East Asia- Itinerary Thoughts?

Posted by cgamon on 28/1/2014 at 23:18

Hi All, I am planning 22 day trip to South East Asia. I realize 5 of the days include flights but let me know if you think it is realistic. Thank you! ---- May 30: Begin flight from NYC to Hanoi , Vietnam with a layover in Taiwan. May 31 Arrive in Hanoi around 10am. Take taxi to hotel and get settled. Explore till we're tired. June 1: Explore Hanoi. June 2nd: Depart Hanoi for Halong Bay where we will be catching a boat for a two day two night boat tour. June 3rd: Hang out in boat ride al ...

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First time traveller - need help!

Posted by ChristD on 25/1/2014 at 15:59

Hey guys, I've always wanted to go travelling and now I've finally got round to getting things in motion. I plan to work temping for the next 12 - 18 months and saving everything I can for this. Doing this I should be able to save between £10,000 and £14,000 depending on my spending habits in between. I was looking to go travelling through South East Asia for anytime up to a year. The destinations I had in mind are below: Thailand Loas Vietnam Cambodia Malaysia Indonesia Singapore I ...

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Train Thailand>Cambodia>Vietnam>China>Mongolia>Russia?

Posted by raygun on 25/1/2014 at 04:52

I've been planning a trip around Thailand, but recently discovered and was stoked to discover links to the Trans-Siberian route via SE Asia. First has anyone done this? Second, would some others like to do it in the spring, as I'm going solo, and have been thinking it might be nice to have some at least one or two others, so it wouldn't be me looking out for myself only kind of situation 24/7. I know the west to east route is more popular with westerners, but the opposite ...

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Thailand/Cambodia itinerary

Posted by Flowerpot on 17/1/2014 at 06:02

First post on this site but I'm a long-time reader. Me and my girlfriend have booked a trip for 20 days in August, we fly in to and out of Bangkok but we aim to get around the country as much as possible. Is our itinerary realistic? It's roughly as follows... Day 1 - Bangkok 2 - Night train to Surat Thani days 3-5 - Ko Samui days 6-9 - Ko Tao 10 - Bangkok 11 - Travel overland to Siem Reap days 12-15 - siem reap 16 - travel to Khorat in Isaan province back in Thailand 17-19 - Khao Yai National ...

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12 months europe and Asia help!!

Posted by stacey9292 on 21/1/2014 at 15:51

Hey guys, me and my partner are currently saving to travel over 12months. We intend to stay in hostels (private rooms/Bathroom), will be eatinglocal foods and are look forward to the usual touristy stuff and also some offthe beaten track (Jungle treks perhaps?). Were 25 years old and both enjoypartying and also just chilling with a beer with people. We have a overallbudget of approx £40000 gbp and will not be leaving for 2 years so I understand costswill change. 20K each and are wondering if ...

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Married young couple six months in SE Asia, weather chasing..

Posted by PaulandLauren on 18/1/2014 at 13:47

Hey We are planning an exciting adventure, selling all our belongings and getting onto a one way flight to Bangkok 1st of July. We are aware monsoon season is just around the corner and would like to spend a few weeks having a beach honeymoon before the real backpacking begins. The question is... where? The weather is pretty decent around SE Thailand throughout July, but were getting stuck on the itinerary from there. We have a budget of around 10k for 4 months onwards and would like to visit ...

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Help needed

Posted by r_achel4 on 15/1/2014 at 16:33

Hi, I want to travel around Asia between July and December - I've done some research but I'm more unsure now than I was before! I literally do not know where to start! I have some questions, so any input would be greatly appreciated; I've read that as a ginger haired girl, China may present some problems with harassment/people taking photos/staring etc. Has anyone had any experience of this? I've read some travel blogs which say you don't need to book accommodation and to find somewhere to stay ...

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Worried about China and weather!

Posted by scotthutch90 on 2/12/2013 at 12:58

Hi everyone, My girlfriend and I are planning on travelling around SEA mid to late 2014 without a set date yet but first we will be riding the Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Beijing taking 19 days total. Once in Beijing we are unsure whether its worth travelling down through China to Vietnam or spending maybe a week to see The Great Wall, Tiananmen Square etc before taking a Flight to Hanoi. As China is so huge and involves a lot of extra planning recently I have been put off with the idea of tr ...

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Posted by rudder6 on 5/1/2014 at 15:37

Hi, Im new to the world of travel, heading out to Bangkok in October and travelling for 6 months. Most information i need is in all of the guides and forums on here but one thing i can seem to find a great deal of info about is what vaccinations i will need before i go or what timescale i should get them before i leave. Can someone point in the right direction please. Much appreciated Greg ...

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10-12 month SEA trip. Budget question.

Posted by Arikara1985 on 10/1/2014 at 21:27

I spent 5 weeks this summer in Thailand and Cambodia. I am now planning my trip back. Intend to leave around the middle of August. Plan is Philippines > Vietnam > Laos > Myanmar > Malaysia > Thailand. Might include Indonesia and Singapore but not sure. Intend to go at a fairly slow place, month in Philippines for example, 4 places for a week each. Even willing to stay in some places longer. Does $20,000cdn seem reasonable for that for at least 10 months? I'm going to stay in hos ...

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Malaysia or Laos

Posted by marianaamc on 19/12/2013 at 17:50

Hello everyone! I will be going to SEA in summer and I'm undecided about the end of my trip. I have 18 days to spend and here are my two options: first: Khao Sok Krabi area/koh tao koh phangan Penang Perhetians second: Chiang mai Luang prabang Nong kiaw Vang Vieng Vientiane Knowing that I only have 18 days, and that I never visited this places, ie. if I chose nº2 I won't go to southern Thailand and Malaysia, if I chose nº1 I won't go to Chiang mai or Laos, and that I will be traveling ...

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10 days in south east asia, where to go?

Posted by Viron on 3/1/2014 at 07:30

Hi everyone! I have 10 days holidays that I would like to spend in south east asia. I already visited Thailand and Angkor wat in Cambodia. Now, I am thinking of Vietnam and Laos but the question is is it doable in 10 days? any other suggestions? Thanks for your help! ...

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Completely new to this all... Advice for a 1.5 month trip

Posted by katie123 on 3/1/2014 at 12:19

Hi Everyone, I'm completely new to the backpacking world, after putting it off for years and constantly dreaming of going travelling. So I'm looking at finally doing it in July/Aug this year in the summer break. I need some advice of where to travel. From scouring the forums I've seen that Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam might be a good idea for squeezing into a 1.5 month trip, but am open to all suggestions. Also money wise - I have no idea how much I will need to save? Will be travelling from Lo ...

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