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3 Weeks, 2/3 Countries - Recommendations for a first-timer?

Posted by cspeck on 24/4/2013 at 19:56

Hey all, I plan on taking a trip to Southeast Asia this June with 2 friends. None of us have ever been in the area before. So far we don't really have any definite plans or preferences of places to visit. We are 22 year old males, interested in a mix of sight-seeing, exploring nature, and partying (Thailand Full Moon Festival?). Realistically, we're considering visiting maybe 2 or 3 countries so we won't have to rush around too much. With that in mind do you guys have an suggestions? (I unde ...

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Solo Female Traveler Looking for Travel Friends!

Posted by JDavie on 23/4/2013 at 16:58

Hello Everyone! I am planning on going to SE Asia for my first time in a couple of months. I do not know exact dates as of yet, but I'm thinking late August/early September. I would like to stay in SE Asia for quite some time (perhaps 4-6 months, going from Thailand to many different parts of SE Asia) and I will be traveling solo. I have traveled solo before, although not extensively, and I enjoyed it, although it's always nice to meet and make friends with fellow travelers, especially being a ...

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Mad itinerary with 5 people

Posted by rashers on 1/2/2013 at 16:38

Okay, okay! I know some of you are going to give me a serious bashing over this itinerary, but I'm prepared for that, just give it your best. I'm travelling with my husband and our 3 boys (11,13,16). We've only got 3 wks and the objective is to get a feel for as much as possible in the little time we have, because I don't think we, by that, I mean the parents, will ever get a chance to return. I'm guessing most of it will have to be booked before we even leave Ireland, because, getting flight ...

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most romantic place in thailand?

Posted by meacham on 14/4/2013 at 15:28

looking for the most romantic place in thailand to ask my girl the big question! where do u think would be a nice place to pop the question?? ...

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Advice for 18 year old male first time traveller going to SEA for 6 months?

Posted by niallrichards94 on 9/8/2012 at 05:14

I am flying to Bangkok at the end of November and plan to get back at the end of may. I was wondering if anyone had any advice that they would tell a lone 18 year old straight out of school and is going travelling. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ...

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please help me on some advice on what way to go

Posted by meacham on 16/2/2013 at 05:30

hi me and my gf are planning a trip to s,e,a for 5 months from october and i would like some advice on how much things are going to cost and also the best idias on where to go as im thinking of starting in malaysia but i want to go to vietnam cambodia laos and thailand and just wonderd if anybody else has done this trip and if so what order they done it in? and if u got the train bus flight or boat etc be very grateful if somebody got back to me with some info thanks ...

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Posted by claire86 on 3/4/2013 at 10:56

hi, I need some serious advice, I want to go traveling round southeast asia for 3 to 6 months starting january 2014 with my 8 year old son and 2 and half year old daughter, ive no idea where to start, I don't even know if I know how to travel if that makes sense, do I need savings before hand, are hostels safe for my kids? visas, flights, packing, how to travel, where to go first, any advice, no matter how big or small any info is much appreciated, ...

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Flash in the pan idea started a hungry fire in my belly!

Posted by PlanOneWay on 10/4/2013 at 22:32

Hey all, I'm 28, male, and and am just about to finish my 3-year degree. But now I've realised I have NO commitments to tie me down I'm free. Although I could get a job, I've this crazy idea to ditch everything and go travel SE Asia!! I've done a bit of research and the more I see the more I want to do this. I want to go for about 3 months, and have the real travellers experience, sightseeing, volunteering, and just get in with the culture. I've establish that you really need about £1,0 ...

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advice please help!!!

Posted by meacham on 14/4/2013 at 15:22

right then my tickets are booked i fly to bali on the 5th of november from the uk, im planning on spending 2 weeks in bali then get a flight from bali to bangkok airport, from there i plan on doing a trip i saw on here that is below but doing it in reverse bacause i want to end up in chang mai by the end of the trip and catch a fight to krabiand then spend 2 months traveling back up through thailand for my flight home on the 5th of march i was just wondering the cheapest way to get about th ...

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100 Days in SE Asia - Itinerary and Accommodation

Posted by kaliixx on 1/4/2013 at 17:20

Basically just wondering if anyone has some advice, or sees something that won't work, or any suggestions. This itinerary is 2 months in the making, and my 'final' version... in quotations since I'm sure it will change before I leave in September. ALSO, if anyone has been to any of the locations below and stayed somewhere for less than $10 CAD/USD for a double room in the last year or so, I would love to write down the name and place. It'll save time running around looking for a bed to sleep in ...

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6 Weeks in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand

Posted by carzyyy on 13/4/2013 at 21:48

Hi Everyone, I am planning a trip with a few friends to SE Asia in last November for 6 weeks! We are planning on going to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. I would love some ideas on the best places to visit and possible itineraries for this time period! E.g. how long to spend in each country etc. We were thinking of doing 2 weeks in Vietname, 2 in Cambodia, 1 in Laos and 1 in Thailand... but we are flexible! Thanks! ...

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North Korea Situation and Thailand/Laos/Cambodia?

Posted by jennigun on 10/4/2013 at 11:34

I will be in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia from late April until late June. Do you think I should be concerned about the situation in North Korea? I obviously care about what is going on in a global sense, but should I be concerned for my safety? How are relations between Thailand and North Korea? ...

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5 die, 53 injured as bus plunges into ravine in Phitsanulok, Thailand

Posted by Xircal on 8/4/2013 at 07:12

5 people died and another 53 were injured when a tour bus travelling from Udon Thani to Chiang Mai, Thailand plunged into a ravine in Phitsanulok early today. Full story and pictures of the mangled wreckage here: ...

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SE Asia Itinerary- Please help!

Posted by lala889 on 20/3/2013 at 05:44

Hi im looking to go to s.e asia for 6 weeks. im 18 and flying into bangkok so looking to travel thailand including phuket and the islands, cambodia and maybe make it down to ho chi minh city and then fly to bali/indonesia. Im not sure how much i could fit in in this time, id love to go to more of vietnam but understand time constraints. I also have heard northern thailand is amazing but I have no clue where to start in terms of planning a route starting in bangkok and ending there before catchin ...

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Two months itinerary including Myanmar

Posted by bcking on 9/4/2013 at 02:26

Hello! I have done a fair amount of research, but I have a somewhat confusing situation for travelling in SE Asia. I will be studying in Bangkok for three months and then have a few months to myself. From Bangkok I believe we will be going to northern Thailand for about 9 days, and we will have weekends to explore Bangkok and other parts of Thailand. I know for sure we will be going to Koh Samet for a bit of beach time. Other than that it's just weekend trips during the semester. For the backp ...

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SE Asia Trip: Hong Kong, Thailand, Siem Reap, Indonesia - itinerary and transport advice please!

Posted by magalaya on 4/4/2013 at 00:28

Hi everyone, My boyfriend and I are leaving for our SE Asia trip in 2 weeks (!!!) but we were hoping for some advice on how to get from the Southern Gulf Islands in Thailand to Bali...I'll detail the rough itinerary of our entire trip below - let me know your thoughts, suggestions, anything! We're keeping most of it open and haven't booked anything besides our accommodations in Hong Kong and Bangkok. Apr 19 - Apr 22: Hong Kong (fly to Bangkok on the 22nd) Apr 22 - Apr 25/26: Bangkok Apr 25/26 ...

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Intro Itinerary Advice

Posted by azular on 5/4/2013 at 23:43

I'm planning a first trip, with backpack, to Asia for next winter and will only have close to a month to travel. I've traveled enough to know it's a bad idea to rush around / country count, and have read this is especially true in SE Asia, but I am hoping for a good "overview" trip which hits some key places while allowing for enough time in each spot to not feel too rushed. The following itinerary is more like a sketch / initial draft. I don't want to have a set-in-stone plan. Does ...

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10 days -Bangkok, Laos, Cambodia - HELP

Posted by ktowngirl50 on 26/3/2013 at 14:43

I have 10 days to travel from Bangkok and would love to go to luang prabang, vientiane, and siem reap. I can fly (on a budget), and need to figure out the best route. Any help that can be provided would be appreciated. Yes, I know it is ambitious. thanks ...

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september and children in asia

Posted by kutereba on 2/4/2013 at 17:49

Hi, my family are planning to visit the far east in September (date is fixed ) with 2 children aged 8 and 10. We have been looking at Phuket but I'm getting a little concerned about the weather as it appears to be the height of the rainy season. i know we cant know the weather where we go before we get there but s there any where in eastern asia which will be warm and dry at that time of year. the only real stipulations is that the hotel has something for the kids to do. It is for a family r ...

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Burma / Myanmar or Laos ?

Posted by adapshine on 6/1/2013 at 15:42

I will be going to SEA at next december for between 3 and 4 weeks. Having never been there I'm not sure where to go. Some time will be spent at the beginning of the trip in Thailand (a couple of days in Bangkok and then a couple of days at the end at the beach to wind down the trip). Otherwise I am trying to decide between countries. I am very much aware I may be rushing too much but I also know that I will not get back to SEA for a long time so need to find a balance. Thinking about the fol ...

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